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  1. As beeing said here, very common amongst 1/350 and 1/700 modellers. Also among WWI airplane modellers. I think its there where it originated. Has been used for a rather long time now, and I have known about these products for at least 10 years. Never heard ONE single negative thing about them. Very simple to use, If there is a slight slack in your rigging, you simply use heat and it immediately tightens. I would suggest the same product from the company "Uschi Van der Rosten", who has been around for some time now. "Mig" tends to copy (try to) what others have already come up with.......they might ofc still be good. You can easily find builds using this kind of rigging that has been built at leats 10 years ago. Kind regards
  2. Congratualations Mike! One more shipwright to the family. Great :) Nice progress on the ship. As always. KUTGW Kind regards
  3. Finally! Four stacks They really gave me a hard time. The photoetch for them was a bit too much. But then again: I set up WAY too high goals for me with this build. Having built my last model in prehistoric times (35 years ago, no photoetch, no aftermarket at all, only Humbrol enamels, only glue in a tube etc.) I should have understood that this was WAY to much for my skillset. Anyway...moving on
  4. Welcome! (Välkommen ;) This is as you said yourself a very nice and friendly place to hang out. Best ever I would say. The amount of help you can get here is just fantastic. I suggest you start with the Santa Maria, as she has much less rigging than all the others (appart from the Snowberry which is a totally different beast from all the others, almost no rigging but very detailed). Cheers!
  5. The Birthday Party - Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five
  6. In Sweden we say: "There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers". Dont know if that one is international? Cheers
  7. On FleaBay they seem to be sold BY Master Korabel...
  8. Seems to be a little manufacturer sold by Master Korabel... Might be ok...But Im no expert on this Kind regards
  9. Welcome on board :) You will love this place. Lycka till ;)
  10. Looking wonderful :) Instructions only in spanish? Thanks for sharing this! Cheers
  11. Welcome to heaven! I am also in Linköping :) Have the same background as you I would say. ie: Im a returning modeller. Cheers!
  12. Hi there Good luck with your new project Patience is the first thing you need. That can not be bought though I would say a bender could be nice to have, but you can come a long way with simply a small steel ruler and a razor blade for bending PE. Remember it should always be done on a hard surface, like maybe a tile or a small piece of glass. CA works fine. Another option is the acrylic Hobby glue from Gator Grip. It is a bit more forgiving and gives more time for placing/building your PE parts. Bigger PE parts can be placed with tiny amounts of CA to hold it in place, and then glued more solidly in place with for example the above mentioned glue. Any sharp hobbyknife would be ok, as long as the blade is small. There are special PE cutters, but I would say you can come a long way with simply a knife. Remember cutting PE should also be made on a hard surface (to awoid unwanted bending). Cheers!
  13. Wonderful idea :) Love it. Is this the 1/350 or the 1/200? Cant really tell from the pictures... Kind regards

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