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  1. This is my first model ship build after the Elizabethan Galleon, which was a simple 1st ship build. This is my first build which requires planking and much more. Here are all the parts cut out and laid out on the blue prints. I had my local Staples make a copy of the blueprints so that I could cut them up and abuse them without destroying the originals. FIrst drew the Bearding Lines, using the blueprint section that I cut-out and laid on top of the Center Keel. I then drew the vertical lines for the Bulkheads so that when I go to fit them
  2. Yes, I have been following some. Thanks everyone for the welcome.
  3. Thanks everyone, I re-uploaded the pictures, I shrank their size down to 1024. they were about 4x that size originally. Thanks for the tips on tools.
  4. Hello all. My name is Kevin. I have been reading around the forums for a few weeks but haven't introduced myself. I am new to modeling though I have some wood working experience. I have a small garage wood shop where I do projects from time to time. My latest project is a workbench, it is 6' and made of laminated 2"x 6" that I hand planed from ruff sawed yellow pine and walnut. I hope to finish that project by the end of the month. I can post pictures if there is interest. For my first attempt at model ship building I went with the Elizabethan Galleon from Amati. I'll pos
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