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  1. Evening, Been a while since I updated, Honestly, It's been all me! It's springtime in New England and the fishing has been good. Very wet this spring, river levels are up and cold and the trout are loving it! Plus, my beloved Boston Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Finals!!!! The build continues! The Pittons have been painted and installed. Poles will hang from these. These curly things were tricky. Once the glue was placed you had to hold these things so they wouldn't move/flop off. I probably used too much glue, its shiny in the below pic. It will get a coat of black. But should prove a solid bond. The wheels get another coat. The wheels are catching up to the "brightness" of the main body. One coat at a time! I started the Cannon finally! I went to town on this thing, cutting, trimming, sanding......etc...... A good couple of hours it took! A whole bunch of coffee and doughnuts! In the end, it's looking much better in person. Below it has its primer coat and does it no justice. Still has its rough areas, but presentable. We'll have a better view of it once it has it's black paint. Go Bruins! Tom E
  2. Evening, Thought the James Cannon could use an update. Over the past work week I've started thinking about how to display/mount it. I was at Michaels recently and found some things I can make a display for the cannon. First, a slab of basswood for a base. Then found some beads that will simulate cannon balls, after a good painting. Figure I'll make a stacked triangle of cannon shot. I checked the size of the beads to the size of the cannon and they fit perfectly. Almost like they were made for it! The rocks I bought to simulate an old New England style rock wall somewhere behind the cannon, I'm still chewing on that one. I just couldn't resist putting it together to see what It will look like. I really need to start the cannon! I think she's cleaning up nicely. I may stain the basswood base. The white of the cannon gets kind of washed out by the basswood. Maybe a dark stain, I have a Red Oak stain already.....Hmmmmmm…. The below pic is what has me re-thinking a rock wall. The entire cannon fills up a fair amount of the base. Cannon shot will be stacked somewhere near by. Tom E
  3. Gary, I agree with Christos. That's an amazing spreadsheet! It's nice to see everything neat and organized. I especially like how it's separated between the Fore, Main mast and Bowsprit....nice touch! Trying to interpret the plans, and hoping, that I accounted for everything was already in my head. Many thanks! Tom E
  4. Gary, That sounds interesting, I'd like to see that. Thanks, Tom E
  5. Morning, Kinda quiet in the house, thought James needed an update. I attached the Axle to the main body then the Center and Side Shackles went on. It's a soft metal so it's easily shaped to the contour. A bucket will hang from the hook. More small pieces are on. The Spike Swivel and Socket were next. On the Starboard side, a Linstock and Spike Ring are installed. Port side is a Spike Ring and Hook Plate. Tom E
  6. Evening, Hope everyone is well. All the chores are done, the house is clean and quiet. Off to the Shipyard I went. Bonus......Full Metal Jacket is on tv tonight, uncut! One of my top 5 favorite movies. Nothing better than finding a great movie while building. Steve, I really like that idea about a Compass. I think that would look really nice. I'm going to research that and see what I can come up with. We'll see what actually comes out in the end! I've started the 2 Hearts for the Bowsprit. These are laser cut parts and needed a good sanding. I slowly sanded out the groves on the side, these things are fragile. I'm assuming its "par for the course" to snap these things a few times! Luckily this glue stripe should be covered by rope. They were stained the same color as the deck furniture. I also started mounting Deadeyes to the Tops. Took a few times before I actually strung one with a respectable loop underneath. Then, below, I realized my Deadeyes where upside down! The two eyes should be on top. So I got plenty of practice with these. With the Deadeyes in the right position, It's starting to come together. The Skylight is almost done being painted. Bars in the windows will be next, and maybe a Compass?.....Thank You Steve. Tom E
  7. Evening, Quiet in the house right now, every one is off doing there thing. Time for an update! Its been a lot of painting, then paint some more. Admittedly, I've been putting a fair amount of time on my Niagara build. Any who...….. The James Cannon continues. It's been mostly painting the wheels. Everything got a coat of Primer and left alone for a week. Then I alternated between Black and White paint. At least 3 coats of each. The small square bits on the inside of the wheels represent bolts. These will be painted last. Nothing is attached to the Main Axle. But with some color on the wheels, it feels like it's coming together. Several more coats to go, especially with the white. Tom E
  8. Evening, Been a while since I updated. The build does continue! The Captains Skylight is just about done. After this, its one more small hatch under the Tiller and the furniture will be done. I remember starting the furniture and being all worried about how to approach it. It was more difficult in my head than in reality. All of the furniture started with a box then internal supports. Then built up the sides. I don't go all the way up the supports, but within reason. What's good about making the sides a bit tall, you can just sand it down to the right height. Everything gets a good sanding. The pencil marks are my center marks. I don't try to get to fancy with the curve (camphor?) to the roof. I generally just sand in a gentle slope while sanding. From the pencil marks working out, the roof goes on. Like the deck, I like to pay attention to the grain of the wood. I try for good definition and uniformity as it will be stained.....I try. The roof is trimmed to appropriate size. The windows have been marked. My "window cutting" abilities have improved! One more final sanding and it's off to paint. Go Bruins! Tom E
  9. Mike, Every time I look at the plans, I see new items. It never ends! But I think I have a plan. Most can be put in before hand, that's no problem. Probably the only ones I wont put in until I rig it are the eyebolts for the Royal Backstays. If I'm wrong in placing those, the end product would be uneven, too far away or to close. Tom E
  10. Evening, Hope everyone is having a nice Easter. I'm on the road all day tomorrow for Dinner with the family. So an update tonight! The Cheeks were installed. Both sides. I couldn't help myself. Nothing glued together below, just wanted to see what it looks like. Once the wheels get there black band and a good coat of white, should really come to life. Some small pieces need to be painted and installed on the main frame. Haven't even started on the Cannon yet. It's going to need a lot of work. Tom E
  11. Evening, Quiet Saturday night, cup of Tea in hand...time for an update. I've had limited building this past week. The old Sciatic nerve decided to pay visit. Hurt like a bugger! But went to work all week! ?!?!?? Finished the Companionway. I think It came out well. I stayed with my darker color scheme. Should look good when it all comes together...….somewhere in the future! A thought, with my darker color scheme throughout the build, what should I do for the Main rail? Paint or stain, I'm thinking stain it the same color as the deck furniture, or, it will just get painted black. No buff! Added some bars to the inside as well. I have the Port side fitted with its Cleats. Using an old bottle of Model Master Wood paint for color. They do get a sanding. The Starboard side will get it's cleats sometime this weekend, hopefully. I figure after cleats I'll start identifying where eyebolts go next. There are a few in the Waterway. Some eyebolts I wont put in until much later in the build. Once the tiny bits are in I want to shift to the Catheads and Channels. Tom E
  12. Ron, That has to be one of the best tutorials I've seen so far on airbrushing. Really liked his talk about compressors. I haven't bought anything yet, but it has me re-thinking what I was thinking of buying. I was going way to big for a compressor! He explains it in layman's terms and no BS. Thanks! Tom E
  13. Ken, That's just plain water for a rinse. I'm not clever enough to think of Vinegar for a good cleaning. But I'm definitely going to use that one on a future build, it makes sense. Denis, When I ordered the Cannon I was looking at the "upgrade" wheel set but never pulled the trigger on buying them. I thought they looked pretty good. If I build another cannon, I'll definitely upgrade the wheels. Tom E
  14. Evening, Hope everyone is well. It's been a slow go on builds lately. It's been short bursts of building that don't last long. It's a bad back/nerve thing. Hard to sit at the table for long times. Anywho….. The James cannon does continue! Instead of adding the cheeks to the main piece, thought I would add some small pieces before hand. Added the Trail grabs. These are both port and starboard. Easy enough. I also started prepping the wheels. As you can see below, they need just a touch of clean up! There was so much here, I put it in the metal recycling bin instead of the trash. It was quite a bit. Hind sight, ME sells wooden "upgrade" sets on the wheels. A good bath and rinse. It took a lot of sanding/carving, but they cleaned up nicely. Then a coat of primer to start the painting process. Tom E
  15. Evening, Hope everyone is well. Had a nice quiet weekend with some building done. But more importantly...…….taxes are done, signed, and accepted! I did several things over the weekend, but I did a lot for the Companionway. The paint scheme is coming together, and the roof has its stain. The small bits for the slider are cut. The ends will get painted black. All glued in. They seem to have a curve downward, but there straight to the roof. Shouldn't pose a problem. I will "plug" the ends of the 2 bits for the slider with tiny scrap pieces of wood glued in, then painted. I also stained the piece that will eventually become the slider. Same stain as the roof itself. This will eventually get cut and sanded to shape. Then some bars in the windows. I also started laying out the Coamings for the Captains Quarters. It starts with a box. Tom E

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