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  1. Hello Christos, Thank you for the kind words! I am currently 49, with no underlying conditions, so it was more frustrating than anything. I missed a week of work....did I really "miss" work? Well, maybe financially, but, I'm a saver when it comes to finances. Save it for a rainy day. To be honest, I did spend a fair amount of time working on Niagara. Speaking of, Niagara needs an update. I've started to wrap my mind around the Hammock rails. Using kit supplied brass strip, I essentially pre formed the stanchions. Using a s
  2. Well, The vaccines are out there. On New Years Eve, after my shift at work, received my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. I do work in medicine, but felt kinda guilty getting it when there are so many folks who need it more than me. But, as the nurse gave me the shot she said "get your vaccine so you can keep going into work to help people"......and that I shall!!! I have to admit, there was a momentary sense of surrealism. A momentary feeling that this plague is moving forward, when it seems we take so many steps back. Done be afrai
  3. Morning, Been a while since I updated Niagara. Since my covid test finally came back negative, it's been back to work for me! Did have a nice break at Christmas, and with no family plans this year, I had a lot of time to build. The deck furniture continues. Everything from the Main hatch forward has been installed. It was when I was fiddling around with the Main Fife rail, I realized there are a few eyebolts in the deck that needed to be installed. Both pinrails now have eyebolts. They may be a bit big,
  4. Evening, Thought I'd add my two cents to this past Noreastah'!!! We got whacked!!!! A good old fashioned dumping!!!!! I measured 36" in a flat area in my back yard. South of me in Cornish, NH has 46". Croydon NH wins with 48". Haven't seen snows like that in decades. This was the first storm that stopped me from getting to work in 15+ years. Tried three times. Even my usually steady as a rock Subaru had trouble. At one point in time it was snowing at a rate of 5-6" per hour. Below is my neighbors car, it's supposed to be blue. Mascoma lake is somewh
  5. Evening, Well, still waiting on covid testing from Monday, I've lost a week of work just because of a back log of tests. Sheeeesh, what a year! When you don't have much else to do while in quarantine, to the Shipyard I go! The Gammoning is on. A little tricky. Have to be especially diligent when bringing the rope up from the bottom while wrapping it around. If you didn't hold it in place long enough where I had laid some glue, it had a tendency to roll out of place. Luckily I saw what was happening early.
  6. Morning, Well, still waiting on my test results. Until then, have to isolate. That clears up a lot of time for building! Feeling much better from the initial illness that drove me to get tested. Felt like a really bad hangover. Anywho.....marching on.... Starting to bring together the ships bell. I left the two outside pieces purposely longer, and will adjust the length once ready to be installed. You can see where I'm going with this. The Bowsprit bits are in. For some odd reason, I roughe
  7. Thanks Gentlemen! So far, feels like a flu. Aches, cough, sniffles, fatigue, no appetite. Lots of chicken soup and fluids. Being in healthcare they kinda freak out these days when you say you don't feel well. I was kinda "escorted" to the front door, and told to get a test and stay away until I get the results. Which sounds like 2-5 days right now. Tom E
  8. Evening, Well, this was unforeseen, may have a bit of time on my hands for building. Was not feeling well, work sent me to get a covid test, and cant go back to work until I get the results. Oh well........lets keep building. The Bowsprit, Catheads and rear Davits are all permanently installed. She's looking good now! The model has expanded in length and need to be mindful so not to snap off a Bowsprit! Its amazing how installing one piece changes the dynamic of working on and around this ship. Hopefully there will b
  9. Evening, It's finally Friday, work week is behind me, first snow storm coming in for tomorrow night, the cupboards are stocked..... I see a lot of modelling in my future! Small update for tonight. The rope coils are done! The cannon/carronade are finally done! There are still the Quoins, but to be truthful I kinda like the look of the carronade without them. I don't know, I'm still chewing on that. The coils may not be perfect, but not too bad for my very first time making them. I did want a used, just coiled up look. I feel
  10. Evening, Thought Niagara needed an update. Plus, I just don't have the heart to watch the news tonight and feel like keeping the tv off. With all Thanksgiving plans cancelled and just staying home this year, I should have a good four days in the Shipyard. Very much looking forward to that!!! Hope I have enough coffee & creamer. The rope coils are almost done! Just have to install the last few. I'm getting a better "look" to these coils as I wrap more. The loose ends of the rope will eventually get trimmed.
  11. Evening, Hope everyone is well and safe during these crazy times. So glad every chance I get, when I can bunker down in my Shipyard and ignore the world for a few hours. Thanks Christos! As always, a pleasure to have you look in on my humble build. Thanks to all those folks hitting that "like" button as well! A mini update for tonight. I attached some Bullseyes to the Catheads. Supposedly these can be made by boring out kit supplied Deadeyes , per the instructions. I should have filmed that attempt! Any type of force from drilling
  12. Evening, Hope everyone is well. Niagara is sorely overdue for an update. Although I haven't been online a lot recently, I have been building. The Tiller has been permanently installed. I pre rigged the ropes before gluing into the deck. The eyebolts in the deck for the tiller are a bit oversized on purpose. The rigging for the Spanker Boom has a block attached later on. With all of these lines every where....looks like a drunk spider had a great night! They do tighten up nicely.
  13. Just received my calendars on Monday. These are pretty sharp lookin!! Very happy with the purchase! Huzzah to the NRG! Really great idea. Tom E
  14. Evening, A quiet night at home, not really in the mood for building, so an update is in order. It's official, The Cannon/Carronade are all done, rigged and installed. Except for the rope coils, those beasts are next!! A symmetrical look. I was trying not to have cannon sticking out farther than the next. Minus the natural curve of the sides, not too shabby. A good flow. I never thought when I started this project I would get this far with it! I may not be the fastes
  15. Just took two more off your hands. One for the house, one for the office. Absolutely great idea! These will look awesome. Thanks, Tom E
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