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  1. Just received my calendars on Monday. These are pretty sharp lookin!! Very happy with the purchase! Huzzah to the NRG! Really great idea. Tom E
  2. Evening, A quiet night at home, not really in the mood for building, so an update is in order. It's official, The Cannon/Carronade are all done, rigged and installed. Except for the rope coils, those beasts are next!! A symmetrical look. I was trying not to have cannon sticking out farther than the next. Minus the natural curve of the sides, not too shabby. A good flow. I never thought when I started this project I would get this far with it! I may not be the fastes
  3. Just took two more off your hands. One for the house, one for the office. Absolutely great idea! These will look awesome. Thanks, Tom E
  4. Hello, I've seen many of these "which brand is better" strings, never thought I might have something to add. With that said, Over this past winter I was in the same position. Wanted to invest in something good, but yielding as I am a total rookie at this. I made the leap and bought a Harder & Steenbeck. Little bit of an investment, but once you get a feel for it, learn it, it really is a fine brush. I comes with a fine and extra fine needle and two different sized paint cups. As for the compressor, it's from Model Expo. Not high end, but surp
  5. Wonderful ship Christos, Really enjoying how your wrapping history itself thru Homers descriptions with your ship. Feels like its coming to life right from the ancient scripts. Beautiful work. Tom E
  6. Thanks fellas, I appreciate the kind words! Thanks to all the folks who hit that like button, much appreciated as well! Hopefully, the build should become a bit quicker moving forward. With summer time fun ending, there should be a lot more time for Niagara. With most of the repetition of the cannons behind me, should get a lot more exciting as well. Nothing more fun than watching a model that's currently in a hundred different little pieces come together. I forget sometimes that everything is truly built, just need to install.
  7. Evening, Well well, It has been a long time since I last updated the build! Sheesh...as weird as the year 2020 has been, it's been a pretty good summer considering. Lately, all the locally grown produce is every where!!! Patrick, I do plan on leaving the pins there natural brass color. I know it's not historical, call it modelers choice. But, I think It adds a little "glint" to the interior of the ship. I like it. Hopefully brighten up a rather darker color scheme I've gone with for the entire ship. The last four sleds for the carronade h
  8. Evening, Hope everyone is well. It has been a while since I last posted. Some building has happened, yet seems more "summertime fun" has happened as well. It's been too nice to be inside this year. The fly-fishing was fantastic this spring, but cooled down quickly the dryer and hotter It got. The Largemouth Bass fishing has been OK, but they seem sluggish as well. It's like the dog days of summer are early this year. Anywho..... On the really unbearably hot weekends, I head to an air conditioned model shop. The cannon continue. Th
  9. Evening, Absolutely beautiful summer day in New Hampshire today, too bad I was In work all day. Came home from work and finally mowed the lawn. Recent heat wave held me off that chore. With that done, heating up some left over Chinese food......I think Niagara needs an update. The carronade continue. Ten of the twenty cannon are in. The sleds for the next three carronade have been installed as well. I usually just do a couple at a time. The pace is really up to how quickly I can strop the blocks
  10. Evening, I do believe the Mitchell needs an update. There has been some progress, but during the summer months, even with quarantines........it's hard to stay off the back deck with a cold one!!! Any who...... I've started the front nose section. Since I'm building her as the Jaunty Jo version there are 5 machine guns in the nose. Four of these guns will be updated with resin guns. Clearly the kit supplied gun is on the left. These resin guns will look good after a coat of paint. Probably just stick with a flat black here.
  11. Edward, Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. I never dreamed I would make it this far with this project. Not the fastest builder, but I'm getting there. Thanks to all the folks for clicking that "like" button! Darrell, I just took a look at that entry. Your results are awesome! I just realized it was "the puddle of glue" that I was missing. I would take a length of rope, soak it in a 50/50 mix, then wring it out when I removed it. It was nothing but a sticky mess that never stuck together. Even if I did let it dry overnight, it would e
  12. Evening folks, Hope everyone is well. Niagara is sorely overdue for an update. Progress has been made but slow and repetitive work. Mostly stropping blocks for the cannon rigging. As a side note, The Boarding ladder is done! Continuing on with the carronade. While blocks are being stropped, I usually get the sled installed first. It is anchored to the deck with a small dab of CA. Also off deck, the carronades are being prepped with the breach rope. With the sleds secured, I can figure
  13. Thanks OC, I can guarantee that I would have seen that and figured I screwed it up somehow. Tom E
  14. Evening, Not much of an update, but should encourage me to get the weekend chores done early so I can play with new stuff! Never used decal solutions before. Bought these from MicroMark. A five bottle set for about $24.00. I plan on trying these on some un-used decals to practice with. Reading the directions, seems pretty straight forward. As a side note...… It's been a good Friday! Splurged on some deep dish pizza direct from Chicago. Everything in my town is New York style. Good pizza, but sometimes you need a pizza where one slice fills you u
  15. That's awesome CDW! Should be a fine week. Maybe some weather mid week, but that's a ways off. Little bit of Florida tonight. Hot and steamy. Well hot and steamy for this pale New Englander! Where are you going to visit? I hear Hampton Beach area is somewhat open. Limited capacity I imagine. But I'm pretty sure the restaurants should be open with outdoor dining. June is a fine month for fried clams, lobster and some chowdah outside by the beach. Up north, things seem to be a bit more relaxed. Tom E
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