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  1. Evening, Hope everyone is well. Very little work on Niagara recently. Been sick as a witch the past few days. I've lived of mugs of hot tea for the past 5 days. Really came on last Thursday, went to work on Friday......was promptly sent home!! Think I was on the clock for less than an hour. Have not been that sick in 10+ years. More a fever than a flu. Since I work in medicine, with patient contact, it's required that I get a flu shot. If it was a flu it would have been worse and longer. Any whoo….. Feeling better, and thought I would update. All of below was done 2 weekends ago. Hope to be back building soon.....the "building itch" has returned and I feel so behind! I stropped and mounted the Bullseyes on the Bowsprit for the shrouds. I was wrapping the Bullseyes, when it dawned on me I don't need the clothes pin. I do have a "3rd hand"! Forgot all about it. It really does help. The Bullseyes were wrapped separately then "tied" together strategically so it cant be seen well. This maintained the Bullseyes in there final locations well. A little CA glue really helped too! All black rope is .025 from Syren. I'll use the same size rope for the actual Bowsprit shrouds. The Lanyards will be .018 tan rope. As some may have noticed, Syren no longer makes black rope. Before they sold out I was able to get an order in that should finish the Niagara with plenty of extra for screw ups. The Bullseyes were bought from Model Expo. The instructions have you drill out 1/8th Deadeyes to make Bullseyes. That was a comedy! I must have ruined 20 trying a dozen different ways to do it. They just flaked apart, might have been dried out the way they crumbled. Coating in CA glue before drilling didn't help. They should just include the Bullseyes with the kit. Tom E
  2. Impressive. What a beautiful aircraft. You make it look so easy. It's a build like this that's gets the "plastic itch" in my brain going! Looking forward to your next project. Tom E
  3. Nope, That reds not me, well at least not yet! I hate to admit, but I would have to say on most of my builds I've gotten myself. Really opened up my thumb last April! No stiches but you'd think I spilt spaghetti sauce! Band-Aids are always well stocked. Tom E
  4. I have a habit of wearing a sweatshirt in my Shipyard. I don't know how many times I've hooked something with the sleeve and sent it flying. Thank goodness we all have a lot of glue around! Tom E
  5. Evening, Just a small update on the James Cannon. Most of my weekend was spent with my Niagara. There's a lot of painting! I started the 2 Cheeks and Elevator Screw/Housing. Below, the cheeks have only the white primer, and the first layer of black on the edges. The Elevator Screw was easy. A few coats of black and I glued it to the main body. I started to spruce up the Main Axle. I assure, It didn't start out that shiny! Lots of sanding, and a faux wood grain to the metal that you don't want to completely remove. It will get a bath, dry, then a coat of primer. Tom E
  6. The Masters of Miniature Show. I love this annual display! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful pics. This show is impressive, been many times over the years. A "must see" for any ship modeler. But that's just this humble builders opinion! Tom E
  7. That's truly fantastic work. You've also built a build log that others will read for years, and should. It's that good. I'm already following your MO! Tom E
  8. Congratulations Christos! That is an impressive ship. Wonderful addition to your increasing collection of ships. Any thoughts on your next project? Tom E
  9. Evening, Good day at work today, tomorrow is Friday, feelin good heading into the weekend. Time for an update. I'm basically done with the Capstan, just needs some touch up's. Still staying with the darker color scheme. I like it......it just needed something.....extra. Way in the back of my head an idea said to wrap some brass around the edges. Just to give it a little shine. Don't know why, just thought it would look good. It'll probably just blend into the deck to the casual observer. Took a good length of extra strip brass and pre formed it around the edge first then glued. A little wobbly, but not bad. Then the top edge got its brass. I think it looks good. Really defines the edge of the Capstan. I may omit the star on top. I've tried hand painting it, stencil, straight edges.....everything and it looks horrible. Tom E
  10. Thanks Popeye! It's my first cannon as well. It's fun to build something different, mix up the scenery a bit! I do love ship building, but this new "non-ship" section is cool. There's a lot of techniques done here that translate into ship modeling, at least I think so. Tom E
  11. Evening, Well...here we go! When I first started this I was going to pre paint everything prior to gluing. That changed on the very first few steps. I am using a 5-minute epoxy for the first 3 main pieces, The left and right Trails and the Tow Bar/Skid. Not quite sure what would happen when pre-painting, then applying the epoxy afterwards if it would screw up the bond. In the end, the 3 pieces went together, then I'll paint. They fit relatively easy. Plenty of sanding and trimming extra metal. All where washed and dried overnight before gluing together. They went to paint afterwards. These pics are after the first coat, I tend to do three. I REALLY need to invest in an airbrush set up. There's a lot of touch up to be done where the white and black paint meet. Tom E
  12. Evening, Thought I would throw my hat into the "Non-Ship Categorized Build" section. This looks like fun! As much as I love ship modelling, I do dabble in other things. WW1 aircraft are a passion. I have the ME Curtiss Jenny in my stash, which may be started sooner than later! This is my first cannon. The obligatory box shots. Well packed kit of a few pounds. Cast parts that you would expect. They will need some clean up. All rope will be replaced with Syren rope. The chain I'll blacken with Birchwood/Casey. The way the parts list is organized, one can label the packages with ease. The one thing, The instructions are fine, read them and you'll do well. But it looks like its been photo copied a million times and the diagram has faded. Its workable and shouldn't pose a problem. Tom E
  13. That engine is insane J! Well done! I swear, I can smell gas right now...….smells like victory! Tom E
  14. Thanks Sea Hoss, Niagara is a great kit. It has it's drawbacks, but , most kits do. Yet, it's manageable. Being my first large build, it's made me learn things, yet it's forgiving. I've noticed, and other Niagara builds have as well, they give you a lot of extra wood, more than usual. That helps. I have the MS Constitution in my stash, the odd thing, I chose Niagara first. I though it would be quicker! I've been watching your Picket boat. That's a nice ship, great build. Tom E
  15. Evening, Very quiet weekend here in New Hampshire. It's been awesome!! Cleaned the house, went to the market....all done early on Saturday. Sunday has been a lazy Sunday! I've lived off the left over donuts from this morning all day long....it's been great! There has been some work done in the Shipyard. I installed the first of many Cleats on the Bulwarks. Just one, mostly as a walk thru for the rest of them. Using an old Model Master Wood paint for the color. I really need to focus more on outfitting the deck. The deck furniture is almost done. With the Saloon Skylight officially done, the Capstan off getting its paint, time to start the Companionway. Never built anything like this before! I decided to keep it simple as towards reinforcements on the inside. This thing has an opening in it, I have to account for that. Most of my reinforcements goes up and under the roof. You can see it just under the roof below. That's where my opening ends. Now I need to think a bit on the sliding contraption on top. At this scale that's seems difficult. I'll figure it out. Had to include the below pic. Sometimes you cant beat the view from the Shipyard. Beautiful late winters morning, really starting to feel the angle of the sun. Feels great! Spring does eventually come! Stay warm, Tom E

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