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  1. Evening, Quiet night, thought I would update from this weekends activities. I have tried to build a Binnacle, but it was a comedy of errors and ended up slicing my thumb. Not bad, but enough of a hint from the Universe to move on! Since the beginning I've been trying just to follow the plans. I know there not very accurate but I'm learning with this kit. Hopefully in future builds, with some added experience, I can add some nice touches. I continued piecing the Main Topmast Crosstrees together. Really kept an eye on the alignment. The Futtock Shroud holes were drilled prior to gluing. Brass strips were added. Chocks have been installed. These will get a good sanding to bring down there size and a nice smooth edge for Shrouds. As of tonight, It has a coating of Primer and will dry for a few days. The masking tape finally came off of the Bootstrap. Not bad for my first one! It's a bit wonky, but I can work with it. Touch ups will certainly help. I used Tamiya masking tape. Not one piece of black paint was pulled up. Worked really well. The Main Rail is slowly being painted. In the below pic, you may see where I've had to start. Looking at the Cannon ports, the top portion of the ports specifically, the underneath needs to be painted first. I think I'll get better results If I paint the underneath and edges first, then the top of the rail. Thanks for watching! Tom E
  2. Jim, Impressive ship, really looks great! I see the Mary Taylor sneaking into my stash of models. I've never tried a Bluejacket kit, but, the results do speak for themselves. Looking forward to your next project. Tom E
  3. Evening, Since this most recent heat wave has finally broken, one can actually turn on an oven, cook dinner, and not heat the house up! Being that it is a nice comfortable day, and maybe I'm pushing it, but a nice roast turkey, potatoes and stuffing for a proper Sunday meal. The house smells wonderful! 🦃 While all is cooking, time for an update. I've gotten some great work done this weekend. Since I cut the openings for the Cat heads, time to get the Main rail painted. I started by priming the entire rail, this will dry for a few days. I'm going with a black Main rail. Being my first build, and If I had the foresight, I would have liked to have stained the rail. But It was covered in glue streaks and paint. So a good sanding then primed. The black should cover blemishes. The Catheads have there Eyebolts. These may look big/clunky, but I'm going with strength and functionality. Looks like they may have a fair amount of strain on them when rigged with bullseyes and rope. I've also started building the Main Topmast Crosstrees. Fragile, but pretty straight forward. I was hoping to get the entire Top Mast done and primed before the end of the weekend. But being zealous in my sanding I snapped one of the Crosstrees. Not all the way thru but I could see where it cracked. Placed a drop of Thin CA to soak into the crack and will let this sit. No paint this weekend. Tom E
  4. Evening, Thanks Gary, really enjoying your Niagara! Really coming along nicely. I saw how you had trouble with the masts and not enough room for all the ropes at the cross trees. It has me re-thinking what I have so far, but I think I have it figured out. Started looking at the Anchors. Kind of a side project while other things have my main focus. I'm going to replace the Britannia stock with wood. Looks so much better. The metal pieces will need a clean up. I also made cuts for the Catheads. I was insane keeping these things aligned. Measured, measured then re-measured, constantly checking alignment with a small ruler. Wish I had pics of it, quite the process! The Catheads received a good sanding, and all appropriate holes for the hardware were drilled. Was REAL careful with those Sheaves at the head. Slightest curve to the drill bit and you could come out anywhere! They were then shaped to hug the Bulwarks at the Main rail. They were then stained an Early American. Same stain as most of the deck furniture and parts of the Bowsprit. I should have the eyebolts and brass bars installed shortly. The brass bars I'm going to blacken with Birchwood-Casey. Tom E
  5. Thanks Jack, The Crow and Moose are just plastic knick-knacks given to me by an Ex-Admiral. They've been with me for years now. I keep them as my Shipyard mascots I guess. Tom E
  6. Evening, Hope everyone is weathering this summertime heat. Recently I decided to put all my sub-assemblies on deck and see where I am. Not something I've done since before I started building the deck furniture. Must say I'm pleasantly surprised, although I do wish I could spend more time on her. I must admit, I may have been spurred on by all the wonderful Niagara builds that are ongoing right now! Seeing there progress is Inspiring. Excuse the scotch tape holding some of the masts. Absolutely nothing has been glued in place. I see some furniture is backwards. My bad! Work does slowly continue. The Main Rail has been primed and will be painted black. The Catheads are shaped, then stained the same shade as the deck furniture. I'll update that in the near future. Tom E
  7. Tom E

    my new little buddy

    Friendly little guy! Sometimes wildlife can astound. Never think you'll be hand feeding a wild duck. Tom E
  8. Thanks Denis, Thanks everyone for the likes and looks! Appreciate the kind words. I really like that Idea about a modern Howitzer. That would make a great display. I've been really interested in trying a plastic project. Wonder if there are "upgrade" kits for artillery models. The Jenny should be up and going late summer/fall. I want to put some good time in on my Niagara. She's feelin a little neglected! Tom E
  9. Thanks Gents! Appreciate the kind words. Steve, would love to have that cannon in the back yard. Sure would keep the neighbors away! My first love will always be ship building. Niagara being my main build right now. But sometimes I can get burned out, and almost always have a second project near by. I'm leaning towards the Curtiss Jenny. Tom E
  10. Evening, Well, I'm gonna put the wraps on this project. The James Cannon is done. Really nice kit. If you put the time in, a nice piece emerges. I see myself building another cannon kit. Would actually like to see a few cannon built. That would make for a nice display. I was going to do some rock walls around the cannon but proved to be difficult and I couldn't find any good rocks that looked in scale. Maybe for another build. Thanks for watching! Tom E
  11. Gary, Your Niagara is beautiful. Even thru that "rats nest" you describe, its really looks great. Tom E
  12. Evening, Hope everyone is staying cool during this latest heat wave. Since I'm stuck inside in the air conditioning, thought I would do some painting. Really wanted to check the Boot Strap off the to do list. Want to get it done before I paint the Main rail. I'm going real simple, and have one strip painted dark green. Maybe not the most scientific method, but should work. Any large errors can be cleaned up. Not really looking for a perfect boot strap. Looking for symmetry on both sides. It may look a little ragged, but should clean up. A few coats will be necessary. In the end, It may be a bit lower than I wanted it, but I can live with it. Had to include the below pic. Every once in a while I'll go to the New Hampshire State Liquor store. Stock up. The prices are insane! The below 2 bottles in total was only $35. The rum alone would be $20 or more in other states. Every time I walk out of there, I feel like I've robbed the place. Stay Cool! Tom E

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