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  1. Thanks Jesse, That's Model Expo paint. The Niagara paint set they sell. This bottle is probably more water than paint buy now. Incredibly thick in the beginning, needs lots of water to thin it out. I've been using the same bottle over a year now, just keep adding water. Just need an extra coat or two. Tom E
  2. Evening, Quiet night at home, Bruins game on TV, time for an update. Gary, I have seen that method with the square stock. I did ponder on that approach but stuck with the kit dowels. I lucked out, they were relatively straight. Very little warp. Although, shaping has been deliberate and a slog so far. Trying not to remove too much at once. Should have some pics soon. Other things have been worked on while shaping Yards. Been doing a lot of painting lately. Mostly black. I did install the Starboard side Channels. Not too shabby! They curve pleasantly with the curve of the Main Rail...…..for the most part With these in place, I can temporarily install the Main or Foremast. Then start marking where the Deadeyes and support chains go. After the Deadeyes are located and rigged, just prior to installation, the Channels and Main Rail will get there last coat of black paint. The Port side Channels should be installed by tomorrow. Support bars underneath need to be added. There will be a keeper strip of wood at the end of each Channel. Tom E
  3. Evening, Hope everyone is well and busy in their Shipyards. There's a chill in the air, must be Fall. Probably the best time to build, I think. I really knuckled down and started the Rudder. The outside/hull of the ship is basically done. Some paint touch ups and I'll be ready to install said rudder. I think I learned the below trick from the 18th Century Longboat kit. Drill some basic holes for small bits of wire. Then wrap the brass piece around the wood. Gives it a nice footprint for the glue. Sand it back into shape, get rid of the glue tracks, and its ready for primer, then black paint. Looks like one of them tall fellas on Easter Island!?!? but that could just be me! In the below pic, several things going on. Rudder has its coat of primer. The Tiller I stained the same shade as the deck Furniture. The piece on the far right is improvisation. The rear end of my ship is not steep enough to fit the Rudder stock and go thru the body of the ship. Instead the Rudder will be glued in a natural angle below, but wont go all the way up thru to the deck. It cant. The round wood stock will be glued in the rudder hole in the deck. The Tiller will be attached to this piece. "Appearing" to be connected to the rudder below. I may add a piece of wire inside "connecting" the rudder to the post. Its the best fix I've come up with for said problem. I have started the Main and Fore Course Yards. Essentially tease the Yards out of the dowels. The dowels supplied were quite good. Very little warp, and what is there I can work with. They'll look waited down if I do it just right. I have no lathe. Mostly by hand. Just sandpaper and a mini Dremel, which actually helps quite a bit. Once the basic length is there, mark the smaller landmarks, like where the Octagon shape is. Then start shaping. If your not paying attention they can get wonky, but so far so good. Tom E
  4. JS, Great build, really enjoying it. Lord knows when I'll ever get to my Connie kit. I have the MS version as well in my stash. I just wanted to chime in about your eye post surgery. I work with eye surgeons, have been for 15+ years. Not an MD, I'm what's called a COA. You would have met a guy like me when you first met with your surgeon, well prior to surgery. Probably did a full eye exam with you before hand. Eyes heal at there own pace, which can be kind of slow. If your surgeon has you doing a regimen of post-op eye drops, (some surgeons do some don't), follow that schedule to the letter. If it gets itchy, which means its healing, keep those hands out of there! Try not too scratch it. Tom E
  5. Jeffrey, I agree with you about the pins. So rarely use them myself. I just cant stand seeing holes. Even planking a hull that will eventually be painted, I wont use them. Unless absolutely necessary, which does pop up once in a while. I'm a clamp guy. Use them on almost everything. From big plastic clamps to small surgical hemostats, cant have enough. I'm assuming the Toe rail needs to go where the deck edge and side of the hull meet. Strategically placed rubber bands work equally as well. Great looking ship, enjoying the build. Tom E
  6. Evening, Hope everyone is well. Work does continue on the Niagara. Not as much as I like though. Been busy with friends and family. Fall in Northern New England tends to attract visitors! In between road trips, I started working on the Channels. Started with the Fore Starboard Channel. I used some Tamiya making tape to mark off where they will be installed. This saved me from constantly checking and re-checking the plans. Inner edge from one piece of tape to the other inner edge. I also installed some wire for added strength when it is finally installed. The final wire pieces will be trimmed. The Channels will first be installed as one unit. Then, Using some rope acting as a shroud, I want to mark where the Deadeyes should be. I want to see where they lay before I start making divots for the wire stropping. Make sure they have a pleasing angle and don't lay in front of a cannon. Once the Deadeyes are installed. The Keeper strip will be installed. Holes were marked and drilled for the wire pieces. Should add some strength to it......hopefully!!!!! I REALLY don't want these pulling out when finally rigged. Was on a roll and started the Aft Starboard Channel as well. They were generally shaped to the curve of the ship. Then shaped further to match the curve of the ships rail. Tom E
  7. What did I do today?...…….had an awesome day! Timing is everything when it comes to the "Leaf Peeping" time of the year in New England. If you go early enough, there are no crowds, none. It was perfect! There is some color in the trees, but not as much in a few more weeks, but enough. Today, we made a trip to the Von Trapp Beer Hall and Brewery in Stowe Vermont. Yes, the same Von Trapp family from The Sound of Music. They settled up here decades ago. Had an awesome lunch! Afterwards we headed to the "Toll Road" of the Stowe Mt Ski Resort. It's a road that you can drive up the mountain. Just shy from the top. New Hampshire may be called "The Granite State", but more granite is taken from Vermont than New Hampshire. Today was unusually warm, so there was a haze over the mountains all day. It was 15 degrees cooler at the top of the mountain than at the base. Felt great! If you look at the below map, If you can make it out. There's a yellow dotted line on the very left edge, near the white ski trails. That's the Toll Road. It doesn't go all the way around the mountain, it ends at the first peak in the middle of the map. The Fall colors are out there, but it's still early. In a few weeks, this entire valley will be all red, orange and yellow. The below pic is looking down the entrance of a Double Black Diamond ski trail, experts only! My knees hurt just looking down it. They must still be looking for skiers from last winter!!!!! Bought my self one souvenir from the Von Trapp Beer Hall. I cant wait to see how many beers this can hold! Das Boot! Prost! Tom E
  8. Thank you for the kind words gentlemen. No pics yet, but I started the Channels today. Harder in my head than in practice. May have the Starboard side done this weekend. Christos, That rope is from Syren Ship Model Co. The stuff is amazing. I've dealt with rope unwrapping after you cut it, but not this product. There is some unwrap, but if I need to sharpen up an edge, I use CA as well. Tom E
  9. Morning, Hot cup of coffee in hand, the house is quiet, thought I'd share an update. Well, the below pic should look familiar to all builders. That horrible snapping noise as you know your putting too much pressure on a piece. I was lucky tho! I was able to kind of "wrap" the wood stock around the metal shank. with some CA glue it firmed up nicely. In the below pic, the left anchor, just below the ring you can see where the 2 pieces meet. Not too bad, I can live with it. When I hang it, I'll keep that seam out of sight. I used some 24G wire to form the rings. I dabbled with the idea of wrapping the rings with a Tan rope. I decided to stick with a black rope for the rings. A little lumpy, but acceptable. I'm going to lightly brush some black paint to calm down some of the shine. Not much, but just enough. I'm calling these done. I cant believe that I've been on this build for two years!!!!!! Never did I think I would keep at it. The below is a little walk thru history. Two years ago. One year ago. Present. I may not be the fastest builder, but I like what I see so far. Thanks for watching! Tom E
  10. I only broke one! But luckily it was the very first one and I learned that lesson quick. Was real careful with the rest. Knowing my luck, I figure I'll snap one when rigging. Tom E
  11. Evening, On the couch, cold drink on the end table, Red Sox playing the Yankees at Fenway on the tube. Thought I'd share an update. Gary, I took a look at the tip you gave. Your right, It's a few steps before I get there, but I see what you mean. With the wire it should give the piece some "backbone" and limit the twist. I should be starting Yards soon. I started the Main TG/Royal Mast. I start by marking off certain features then start shaping. If you look at the plans, I mark the date of when I started a certain piece. Don't know why, Just do. But, Sadly, It's taken a year from when I started the Fore TG/Royal to when I started the Main TG/Royal. Little bit of a snails pace here!!!! Oh well, no rush. Generally start to cut in certain features, then continue to slowly shape/sand. Having no belt sander, lathe, or the like, It's all by hand. Always checking the fit with the Main Top Mast. She's still a bit rough, but will slowly smooth out into its final shape. I now have a full compliment of masts! Little bit of a milestone in my head. The board for the masts should prove invaluable when I start rigging. Thanks for watching! Tom E
  12. Evening, Thought I would update. A lot of painting going on recently. Thought I would focus on the Anchors while other things dry. A while back I decided to use wood for the anchors. The metal ones from the kit can be used, but I just didn't like the look. Anchors were primed, the wood was stained. I kept the stain the same color as the deck furniture and Catheads. Its called "Early American" and is just a tick darker then the stain used on the deck. Hopefully provide a pleasing contrast. Starting to come together. I've seen this trick else where. Used card stock for the straps on the wood. Wouldn't even call it "card stock".....I took a chunk from a manila folder. They were "painted" black with a Sharpie. A tiny smear of CA glue and they easily attached. I was surprised to see little to no soak thru from the CA glue. Each strip was slowly worked around then trimmed where they met. The Sharpie black works really well with the stain of the wood. I'm really happy with the way the "card stock" trick worked. This was my first attempt at using it. There not quite finished, but below you can start to see where I'm going with them. They need to be attached, then a ring for the top. I've seen others wrap the wire ring with rope. I plan on doing the same, it's a nice touch. What's a good gauge wire for the ring? Long holiday weekend coming up, and I have absolutely no plans. I see the normal chores getting done early, and some serious time in the Shipyard! Tom E
  13. Evening, A quiet night at home, Red Sox on the TV, time for an update. The Catheads were finished off with the brass rods. These were blackened with Birchwood-Casey. They were such a good fit, I used no glue. If they slip later on, I'll add a dab of CA. The eyebolts are glued in. I may add the Bullseyes to the 3 eyebolts facing the Bowsprit before installing, just feels logical. The Main Topmast was primed. After the Main Topmast, all that's left is the Main Topgallant/Royal mast to build. Then the Yards will be started after that. While the Yards are being built, I hope to be at a stage where I'm mounting Cannon and furniture to the deck. Rigging after that?!?!?!?!? 😨 After a good dry, It has it's coat of buff. As much as I'm trying to stay away from the Buff paint, I'm still using it for the masts. In my little mind, I was thinking if they were dark colored masts, the rigging will just blend right in and be hard to see. The very top and bottom will still be black. I started shaping the Mooring Chocks. These weren't too bad, but a good pair of reading glasses were needed! These will be painted black. The Main Rail also had it's first coat of black. With successive coats, the paint "lines" coming from the underneath should get covered. Tom E

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