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  1. Hi BetaDave, as senior officer I’m entitled to cabin with dayroom and office together , so my workshop is actually table of my office. Don’t get me wrong I found enough place for work as I don’t have any power tools except Proxxon micromont dye grinder. I can actually go to ship workshop and use small late machine which is quite handy , only issue are vibration during sailing time
  2. Aya mate , it is a good way to kill the time , but supply are scers and if you nead something I have to bring with me .No fancy wood here This is my Building Log: Please visit all coments sugestions are very welcome
  3. Thanks , Thunder , and SpyGlass , yes I can see that error which I made by not sending forjoijnt and my all gun port BH is moved by 2.75 mm aft. I was wandering how is so much left at the stern Facia of BH ? I just sand excess wood so the aft facia can fir accordingly. As SpyGlass pointed i will most probably had issue later in the build with rigging of the masts , as main rigs will be slightly moved astern .I hope that this 2.75 mm will not expand how the build is progressing. Definitely I have to be more carful, but as I don’t have much of work while on board the ship most of the day I spend building. Seems I become addicted. This is work progress since yesterday. First planking going well even better as I was expected. I’m using PWA glue and most probably due to dry atmosphere on board the ship my glue is drying very fast so moving forward is good. Hope not to make more mistake. To be quite honest I still didn’t figure it out how to do planking and how to reduce width of the planks One more time thanks Thunder , and SpyGlass specially on photos as wise man say one photos speak thousand words . I apology for not uploading more pictures as internet on board is not quite good as at home
  4. Hi SpyGlass, Thanks, much appreciate your advice .Sorry for asking but is the "jigsaw joint" connection of the Bulwarks at ship bow ? When I was assembling the Bulwarks ,couldn’t find the measure distance from top of the Bulwarks to adjunct ships ribs. I was looking through forum pictures and approximatively adjusted the high of the Bulwarks toward ships ribs. I couldn’t find any measurement on the drawings and also on Fly assembly manuals is not stated.
  5. Result after usage of electrical bender after soaking with wet paper. It don’t not looks nice but bend , but is good as first plank match it very well. Cross over from the Bulwarks to planks doesn’t not looks pretty , but later sanding should give me a good base for second planking . Fingers cross First Plank so fare so good
  6. After plenty of soaking and bending the Bulwarks by the means of pins , I decide to use heater bender. It turn out fine and I get nice bent downwards
  7. Continuing with Bulwarks. Prior montage soaked in water for 30 min and let it dry on the model to get shape. Afterwards was easy for assembling. Curved only longitudinal lateral will do once bulwarks is on place hoping for the best Mixture of the sawdust and glue for filling up gap between fore and aft Bulwarks ( no wood putty on board the ship ). I hope that bond should be good enough till second planking
  8. Well friends here is my HMS Fly wooden build log. As I started some 20 days ago and didn’t thought that I will make the log. Looking for the help on line I come to MSW and us it as the guide line for my build. For those who don’t know me I’m building this model while serving on board the ship during my contract. I was thinking it will be a good time killer. Tools are not an issue but except the material in the kit no other resources available till next time when return to ship so I have to be very precise not overspending. Only material I brought with me is blocks of balsa wood. I chose this model as it was highly rated among modellers and drawing are quite precise and money wise it is not so expensive. So far I was able to complete basic skeleton of the ship , as well as planked decks , now I moving to planking for which i think it will be a quite challenge. Brought couple of books on the topic which was quite helpful but majority of things I pick up from various modellers at the MSW. I would much appreciate your comments and suggestion, as this whole project will be a quite interesting and adventures
  9. Hi Mark, Yes I have been working for past 20 days 3-4 hrs a day. Majority of tips and tricks I find on the forum so it was very helpful
  10. Thanks David, errors are there to learn from
  11. Thanks Mark , kindly hope it will turnout fine
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