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  1. Thank You Chuck and Gary for your kind words. The kit is a real gem and very pleasant to build. Thanks to all the 'Likes'. The garboard is in place. As you can see, before to begin the planking, the hull has been lined and tick marks have been reported on each frame. Finally, I decided to simulate the treenails at this step. It's easier to position them now.
  2. Thanks to all the likes. I finished to fair the hull. I can begin to plank the hull.
  3. Nice demonstration. Instructive and detailed. Thanks Chuck. I will also adopt this technique. Just to buy this little iron travel 😉
  4. Thanks to all the likes. All the frames were now glued. Just take your time and perform several dry tests before performing the real step. I fixed the bases temporarily at the table to facilitate the task, Time to fair carefully the hull.
  5. Welcome to MSW You will learn a lot of tips through the different build logs. A wonderful forum !
  6. Thanks to all the 'Likes'. I test the five single part frames. A great kit from Syren. Everything goes perfectly and the instructions are again a model of pedagogy. Thanks Chuck for your wonderful work !
  7. Thanks for all people who follow this build. I just simulated the bolts using 25 lb. black monofilament and added the transom. As always with Syren Ship, just follow the instructions and all fits perfectly.
  8. As I finish the Queen Anne Barge, it's time to begin to build the Medway longboat. It is again a real pleasure to work on a kit of this quality 😀
  9. The oars are almost complete I just need to add the thin tape around the tip of the blade. The Flags have also been added. I think the flag at the bow need more folds... I just have to finish the carvings...
  10. Building the Winchelsea is in my projects but not right now. I'm currently finishing the Queen Anne Barge and have the Medway longboat in the starting blocks 😊 I do not have the necessary tools (no scroll saw, table saw or mill) for the moment. I will probably wait on the plywood bulkhead set as the purchase of a scroll saw is currently not planned. I would also use the laser cut parts.
  11. Thank you to all the 'Likes'. I finish to built the lower mast and top mast. I replace the metal cast hoops from the kit by the mini-kit from Syren Ship. The 5 mm cleats also come from Syren. I just simulate the nails with some black colored wire (0.32 mm) Mast mounting test. The mast cap casting must be burnished. The fid passed through the rectangular slot prevents the topmast slipping through the top. I will now work on the bowsprit and jibboom.
  12. Thank you for the answer 😀. So I will secure the oars in their thole pins with glue and a help of a little pin made with thin wire.
  13. As for my Queen Anne Barge I think to put the oars in position of use, I would like to know if I must tie the oars to the oar locks. I found a wonderful example on this site that shows that the oars are attached to the thole pins (on a armed longboat). Is it the same for a ceremonial barge like the Queen Anne Barge ? If yes, how to attach the oars to the thole pins (type of knots) ? Thanks in advance for your help.

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