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  1. Thank you for your kind comments and for all the 'Likes'. Vossiewulf, help I got and I still have some. Just read the beautiful build logs found in this forum and you will always find a solution. 😉 Your log on the Lady Nelson is an example in this area and I'm attentive to it. Great source of inspiration and motivation. 😊 Pat, Chuck did a great job on this kit and this greatly facilitates the job. I finished laying the paper friezes. I just built quickly some jigs using the inner shape of the panels. A small hole, a toothpick, a little sanding stroke once the assembly done and we have a help to cut the rounded shapes of the friezes and to ensure they are well in place once glued. Time to work on the last details at the bow. I take this opportunity to wish happy Easter to everyone !
  2. Thanks to all who follow the progress of my build. Since yesterday was Holy Friday and I was on leave, I was able to advance on the laying of the boxwood panels. For the 20 small side panels, no particular problem, they position themselves on top of the thwarts. At the stern, I photocopied the plan and cut out the useful parts to precisely determine the position of the panels. A piece of wood of the right height quickly shaped will help to install the panels. Time to add the paper friezes.
  3. Thanks Chuck and all the 'Likes'. Chuck, Your Barge is a real dream to build. All the elements fits perfectly and Your instruction manual is clear and precise ! An example to follow 😉 I finished my last big stage of painting. But before doing it, I glued all the thole pins. I don't like to glue painted elements... Do not be surprised by the space between the two inside planking : as the future boxwood panels will be positioned on top of the thwarts, this small gap will finally hidden by them. I also placed the seal between the two parts of the lower molding at the future emplacement of a resin casting. Just hope that my calculations are correct... I was a little afraid of the border between the cap rail and the upper molding. But after a little sanding using a fine-grit sandpaper I'm pretty satisfied with the final result.
  4. A little update on my build log. I finished the inside planking. For the shorter curved piece at the bow, I replicated it on a cardboard so I could cut it to the right length. I then curve it in shape and before gluing it I marked its height wit a compass. I finally sanded it to the right width using an emery board before gluing. All the spaces are filled with wood filler and sanded smooth. I'm ready for the last stage of painting...
  5. Superb work. She becomes beautiful with the ornaments in place.
  6. Beautiful progress ! Glad to be able to follow this excellent work. That motivates me 😉
  7. Thanks for the 'Likes' Beckmann, I will probably leave the panels and the ornaments in natural wood. But I have not really decided yet. CaptainSteve I forgot this step. 😐 In fact, in the instruction manual, we only talk about this piece when we pose the flag. I hope it will be not too difficult.
  8. Three months already... As I'm rather focused on my Armed Virginia Sloop, progress on the Queen barge is rather slow 😉 But I continue to advance when I get tired from the A.V.S build. So I worked on the thwarts. I first prepared all the pieces and made a test fit. Each piece was then numbered when I disassembled them for painting. I pasted them on a double sided tape so I can paint all the thwarts together. I then glued the pieces one after the other. I will now finish the inside planking. Always so much pleasure with this build. Just that the advancement is not as fast as I would like...
  9. Small advance of this week-end. The elm tree pumps are done. The metal reinforcement band is simulated using some black card stock strips. Now it's really time to work on the catheads...
  10. Thanks to all the 'Likes' and to all the people who follow my log. This week I work on the galley stack. I was not fully satisfied with the galley stack provided in the kit and with the way to mount it. So I decided to build a new copy from brass tubes. The base consists of a porthole found in my parts inventory and of a small section of a brass tube. The galley stack consists of two segments of brass tube glued together. I also replaced the simple square of walnut by a pad deck a little more detailed. A fitting test to see how that looks. I build a little jig in order to mount the galley in a correct angle. The space between the base of the galley and the tube is filled with a little epoxy paste (magic-sculpt) The smoke pipe is blackened before being glued to the deck pad. Small rivets are finally added. I'm now working on the elm tree pumps.
  11. Thanks Captain hook, your build log on the AVS is for me a great source of inspiration and an example to follow 😉 CaptainSteve, a big Thanks for Your kind words. But I have a secret. I have the best mentor I can find : the modelshipworld forum ! 😊 This provides the best advice and methods. Just follow the work of people like Chuck, Rustyj, Dubz, Stuntflyer, Gahm,... and so many others who are for me the best teachers. And there we realize that the room for improvement is still large ! I follow also your work on the Queen barge with great interest 😉
  12. Thanks to all the 'Likes' I have worked on the riding bitts this week. It will be located just in front of the mast. The riding bitts as described in the instruction manual did not really like me. I found a more detailed version in the excellent monograph from the 'Editions Gérard Delacroix' on the small vessel 'Le Rochefort'. So I took inspiration from this plan to add some more details. A test fit with the riding bitts in place (not glued) just to see. The pin rails are a little to thick 🙁 It's really small to work... I'll try to do better next time 😉 Now I'm working on the galley smoke stack.
  13. Superbe ! Quelle précision ! et merci de partager votre merveilleux travail !
  14. Thanks Gary for your encouragement and thanks to all the 'Likes'. The ship's wheel is finished and the tiller line has been added. The wheel was suspended at a jig and the rope coated with a mixture of white glue diluted with water. It will be easier to pass the end of the rope in the two holes drilled in the deck. The two quarterdeck ladders have been added Very happy to see some parts of the deck furniture definitely finished.

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