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  1. Great admirer of your work ! It's always so beautiful !
  2. Superb work. You really made a great job on this particular model. So clean and so precise. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thank you for your kind words. Ron, it is probably not necessary to tint it. I dye it in the final color to make sure that we will not see the joint once the final color is applied. It is also easier for me to control the finish of the sanding.
  4. This version of the Armed Virginia Sloop is absolutely fantastic. What a wonderful job. A gem ! Thank you for these detailed photos.
  5. Thank you to all the 'Likes'. The knee is now in place at the bow. As the laser cut knee did not perfectly match the bow of my longboat, it may be interesting that I detail how I mounted the knee. A first possibility would have been to completely recreate a new knee. But I was not sure if I could reproduce the curve as perfectly as that the part supplied in the kit. Luckily, as the piece is very fragile, Chuck provided a few pieces just in case one broke. So I glue at each end, a piece of the second copy provided. I then sand the ends until I get the shape that perfectly matches the bow of my longboat. I glue the knee and prepare a mixture of wood filler and red acrylic paint. It only remains to sand perfectly. With this method, I was able to use the original part and be assured that the curve is perfect. It's time to take out my brushes.
  6. Thanks to all for your kind words. I really appreciate. The inboard sheer strake has been added. These are 4 pre-cut planks 1/32" thick and 5/32" wide. I made a cardboard copy of the bow section to be sure not to bend the wrong end or the wrong way 😁 The 2 bow sections were then preformed by briefly dipping them in hot water and then shaped on the model with clamps. I waited until the parts were dry. Be careful to use small scraps of wood between the clamps and the sheer strake so that the wood is not marked. You will notice that I already painted in red the lower edge of the inboard sheer strake before gluing it in order to avoid to paint this part later and in order to have a clean finish. Once glued, I carefully filled the small gaps with red tinted filler. Finally I sanded the top of the cap rail and inboard sheer strake smooth.
  7. You do remarkable work on this model, so clean and precise. I really like the finish applied to the wood. Can't wait to find out more.
  8. Thanks to all the 'Likes'. The cap rail has been reduced to a width of 5/32". I started with the outer edge. Then using a compass open at 5/32" I drew a line following the outer edge. I finally sanded the inside edge to this line. I still have to finalize the fairing inboard and the interior needs to be cleaned a little.
  9. Superb model and a very detailed and informative build log. This cutter Alert is really awesome ! Glad you shared this lovely work.
  10. Superb work on this longboat. It is true that the rigging immediately gives another dimension to the model. Your rigging is precise and will be an example for me to follow. Thanks for sharing !
  11. Glad to see you are working on this barge. It is really a very high quality kit with an excellent design. In addition, the assembly manual is precise and very didactic. I'm sure you are going to have a lot of fun working on this model 😉 Happy to be able to follow your build log !
  12. Outstanding work. Really a very high quality model. Many thanks for sharing your work !
  13. Bob, Thank you for your nice comments. The Medway longboat is really a high quality kit ! Yes, the Mikhail chisels are really fantastic and are very useful to me because I currently have neither a table saw nor a milling machine. For the diamond mini file I prefer them to the regular files. They must come if my memories are good from Modelexpo.
  14. Thank you for all the 'Likes' The bolsters are done. I used the magnificent Mikhail wood micro chisels. I'm lucky to have been able to acquire a set and it is a purchase that I do not regret. I also stuck sandpaper on wooden sticks of different diameters. I have allowed myself to not follow exactly the form provided by the plan and I have given to my bolsters a more personal touch. It took a long time and I had a good day to shape these two pieces. It's time to reduce the width of the caprail.
  15. So precise and clean ! 🙂 It seems so simple with your explanations and yet it requires a high level of execution quality. What a wonderful job ! Thank you for sharing your build with us !

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