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  1. The blocks and the tackle ropes are done. All the components come from Syren Ship : 3mm hooks, 1/8 single and double blocks and .012" ropes. I use the method described by Bernard Froelich in his excellent book 'L'art du modélisme' for prepare the blocks : I first pass the brown rope through the hook and tie a single knot, then I glue it all at the top of a block with a micro drop of CA. I pass the rope on each side of the block and tie the rope with a single knot at the bottom of the block. I apply some white glue diluted to fix this single knot. When everything is dry, I cut the ends of the rope and add a micro drop of white diluted glue. At this scale the single knot at the bottom of the block mimics quite well the splice. Now time to assemble the blocks. I found this excellent design that show the process to follow. There is no more to...
  2. Thanks for the video. Very educative and I learn a lot of techniques. Patrick, The videos can be watched with subtitles. By default their are in Russian language but if you activate the automatic translation, you can choose french subtitles. It's still a pretty rough translation but it did help me understand the process. It is necessary to activate the subtitles at the level of the setting of the video then to select the automatic translation in the desired language. That's still the google translation 😉
  3. Superb job ! Precise and clean ! I like the choice and the warm shade of wood species. Magnifico ! Do you upgrade the wood or user the one provided by Marisstella ?
  4. Thanks CaptainHook and Dave. That's exactly the answer to the question I was asking myself : do I have to do the tackle and the rope coil with only one length of rope or separate the process in two parts. It seemed me easier to make a separate rope coil but all the pictures posted in the different build logs show me one long rope lying on the deck waiting to be rolled 😉 I will follow your valuable advice and use your method. Thanks for your help and thanks to all the 'Likes'. I'm just waiting on an order of some Syren ropes 😊
  5. Thanks to all for looking on my build. The breech lines of the 6 cannons are finished. I upgrade to some Syren ropes and I have not regretted it. I have build a little jig to be regular in my work. For the installation of the breeching ropes, I was inspired by the wonderful work of Beef Wellington on his HMS Jason build log. Time to try to make the gun tackles and their rope coils.
  6. I really like this ship ! The building is beautiful and precise. Glad you could get back to the shipyard. Bravissimo.
  7. Thank you Dave and all the 'Likes' The pedestals for the swivel cannons are done Time to discover a new job : rigging process of the cannons. I will begin with the breech lines...
  8. The timberheads and cleats on the cap rail are painted. I hesitate on the finish to adopt for the cleats on the bulwarks. I saw three possibilities used in the different build logs : keep the natural color of the wood (current situation), paint them in red or paint them black. The logic would seem to lean towards red... I still have to make the eight pedestals for the swivel cannons. This will be my next step.
  9. Finally, the last six cleats have been added on the top of the cap rail. Again, a photocopy of the cap rail plan was used to determine their positions.
  10. The catheads have been added. I used a photocopy of the cap rail plan to accurately determine the position of the timberheads. I followed the advice given by Chuck in his build log of the HMS Winchelsea: a little square from a 3 mm strip was glued on top of the timber to "simulate" a nice carved detail and then sanded thinner. All the cleats comes from Syren Ship Model.
  11. Thanks to all the 'Likes'. As I was rather focused on my queen Anne Barge, the advance is rather modest. I have added some small details on the deck equipment. The boom crutches have been glued. The cleats comes from Syren Ship Model : 5mm boxwood cleats.
  12. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work. Beautiful ship model ! 😊 Looking forward to following your next build log .
  13. The Queen Anne cypher was separated from his backing piece (one night in the alcohol bath) and glued. I worked on the rudder. I followed the instructions strictly. Ah ! this manual ! What a pleasure ! I also added micro bolts of 0.4 mm. The tiller was simply carved from a 1/16" x 1/16" cherry strip using a sharp #11 xacto blade. After painting, the two pieces was glued. Time to work on the two flags... and continuing to carve...
  14. She is beautiful ! I really like having put the oars in place and the baseboard is pleasing. Stunning work !
  15. Thank you for your kind words and the Likes. Chuck, not too difficult with a kit of this quality and more that motivates to work well. 😉 Just to not rush. Michael, yes, it's really nice to be able to learn about carving with great starting carving blanks. I did not plan to carve all the seven pieces, but I'm still going to try to do it. It's so pleasant and the carving blanks are so beautiful !

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