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  1. Thank you to the people who follow this build. Installation of bulkheads. And here all the difference in quality and precision of the kits produced by Syren appears. When I remember it took me over a week of work to prepare and test the bulkheads setup on my Armed Virginia Sloop. With the Cheerful, in ten minutes, the bulkheads blank test was done and I was able to start gluing them. I had fun with my children's legos again. 😄 They won't hold it against me. They are now adults and have other interests. Finally, I prepared a working
  2. Thank you Glenn and Michael for your support and thank you to all the 'Likes'. I glued the keel on the false keel. I work on a glass plate in order to have a flat surface. Finally I simulated the treenails using Minwax wood putty. Next step : the bulkheads
  3. Thank you Chuck and Glenn for your kind comments and thank you to all the 'Likes'. Glenn, this is 'Wood Project Source' in New Jersey, USA. I ordered all the necessary wood as early as January 2018, just a few months before the company unfortunately ceased operations. Installation of the rabbet strip. I shape it using the laser board. Gluing of the 2 segments The keel elements are ready for installation. This will be the next step.
  4. Superb Cutter! Your Cheerful is beautiful. I will follow your next build with attention.
  5. Superb! My God it's beautiful! The attention to precise and meticulous detail is absolutely fantastic.
  6. Wonderful work Alex! And how fortunate to be able to work with such talented artisans.
  7. Superb work. Always perfectly clean and precise. And I still admire the work on the harmony of the different wood species.
  8. Superb work. The winch is really beautiful and looks great on deck. As usual, this log is a pleasure to follow 😀
  9. Having completed the AVS, I can finally start this new and long awaited project. Indeed, it's been two years now that the kit has been waiting for. I really wanted to finish my work on the Virginia in order to gain some experience. I chose this project because it is an example of the best in the world of model shipbuilding. The kit is of the highest quality and the instruction manual is a model of perfection. Moreover, I have many logs on this site and they are all very informative. I will try to show myself up to the height. When I bought the kit from Syren, I i
  10. I am saddened to hear this bad news. But you have found the strength to offer him this magnificent model and I am sure he is very proud of your courage. What better mark of love than this splendid vessel.
  11. Thank you Steve. I liked the base you performed on your longboat so much that I used it as a model. Your longboat is truly a superb model !
  12. Thank you all. I really was able to learn a lot during this build. Bob, I will continue my work on the Medway longboat and especially start my next project which will be the magnificent Cheerful cutter. Glenn, I completely share your opinion on the AVS. It is really a very good model to start in this hobby.
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