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  1. Thank You Justin, Brian, Captain_Hook and all the 'Likes' I know that one of my swivel-gun supports is slightly off-center from the two shrouds. But that does not prevent laying the swivel-gun. It's just that he can turn less to one side. It is probably the case of half a millimeter ... I still hesitate to move it ... I finished laying the forestay and the jibstay. For the mouse, I used the method described in Brian's excellent build-log Syren's Serv-o-matic is really practical and efficient. And so easy to use. Another purchase t
  2. Very nice work. Precise and clean. It will be a very beautiful little ship model !
  3. Thank you to all the 'Likes'. Rigging continues. The shrouds are done and rigged. Next step: rig the ratlines. I really like this phase of building. The model is really starting to become a replica of a ship.
  4. Very interested by the two following books : HMN Swan Class 1767-1780 Vol. 1 by Antscherl ISBN 0-B755772-1-2. - $20.00 HMN Swan Class 1767-1780 Vol 2 by Antscherl ISBN 0-9755772-3-9 - $20.00 Shipping costs to Switzerland
  5. Wonderful work as usual. Weathering techniques are really mastered ! Can't wait to see the final result !
  6. Thank you to all the 'Likes'. The boom topping lift, the gaff throat halliard and the gaff peak halliards are now finished. I also added the spreader yard horse. Time to install the shrouds...
  7. Thank you Bob for your kind words and thank you to all the 'Likes'. I take out my brushes with a little trepidation ...
  8. As maple seems to have won unanimous support, it is therefore this species of wood that will be used. Legos blocks and a piece of wood slipped into the gap provided to receive the keel ensure perfect symmetry of the two pieces. A photocopy of the plan is used to aid in the placement of pieces on the base. The extra keel copy is used to properly align the two pieces when gluing. The base is finished. More than to apply one last layer of teak oil. Provisional test of placement. It's time to start working on painting friezes.
  9. Last moment to make my choice. I prepared the pieces in the 2 types of wood. First version with pear wood Second version with american maple (same wood as the deck) and I still don't know which one to choose ...
  10. I find the version with the single-sheet cellulose more subtle ... Always a real pleasure to follow the progress of this log !
  11. Yes, the decision is not easy. Finally, as there are only 6 pieces to cut, I will prepare the two sets and make my decision with the longboat in situation... I would repost two photos once the supports are ready.
  12. Holly is too light. For me pear is too similar to the hull. My heart swings between the cedar and the boxwood. But perhaps, with AYC the contrast will be too pronounced ? Boxwood seems to me to be the right choice. But that's only my opinion...
  13. Thank you Bob for your opinion. To help me in my choice, I quickly cut out an example of the future structure (some pine scrap wood) and positioned the longboat in the background. In the first photo, a maple piece is placed between the base and the longboat while in the second photo it is a pear wood. It seems to reinforce my first idea of a better contrast if I use pear wood.
  14. Thank you Gary for your kind words. Your work is a reference for me and motivates me enormously. Thank you to all the 'Likes'. I want to finalize the base for my longboat. I will try to reproduce part of a ship's deck. It will not be a faithful reproduction but rather an inspiration. First, I draw the laying plane in order to determine the length of the different segments. All the planks are then cut. My new Byrnes table saw really makes my job easier 😁 I simulate the caulking using the black plastic sheet found at the back of the folders to store pa
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