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  1. Hi All, As a second project im looking at the AL Le Renard. Can anyone give me some information as to the historical accuracy and kit quality + anything else. i have just complete an AL Virginia and while it was a good first project the historical accuracy side of things regarding accuracy to a real ship was, in my opinion virtually non-existent and as such am looking for a kit that is a true closer representation of a historical ship. As such im slightly hesitant to order this kit until i know its a bit better on the mentioned fronts than the Virginia. I particularly want to build a sloop of this scale such as this. I know that Soclaine does a kit of this vessel so if anyone can share information or experiences on this kit id be appreciative. Many thanks in Advance,
  2. Hi all, I have just finished an AL Virginia and am looking into the next project. The kits im most interested in are the Artesenia Latina 1:50 Le Renard and the Dusek Le Cerf, has anyone got experience with these models. Im looking for something of medium scale and with some but not square rigger amounts of rigging, im also looking for something more historically, ideally with a known history as the AL Virginia failed disappointingly in this. Finally im after a good quality kit and one thats a bit of a challenge. Particularly, having just finished an Artesenia Latina kit, and was let down by its accuracy (its not even a representation of a type in my opinion) im a bit tentative about doing another kit from them unless their Le Renard is noticably better on the historical accuracy front. If its more of the same I experienced with the Virginia im not really interested. The Dusek is well documented as having a good kit and a good quality however the price is also over twice the AL Le Renard. If anyone can suggest other kits of around 750 mm long (including all spars), historically reasonably accurate, with a reasonable amount of rigging work but not too much as im still new at this let me know it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help on this.
  3. Hi all, Regretting not taking more pics during the build process but heres my finished Virginia. Started this as a first model with the aim to learn as much as possible. All up its been a very pleasurable 7 month project and has given me a basic grounding in the various aspects of model ship building. Prior to this i had built several RC model racing yachts, and in the distance past several small full size craft, still it this contained many steep learning curves. Unlike others, I found the kit to be of all good quality timber, while the rigging process had me ordering more blocks and dead eyes, the latter of which were of poorer quality than the rest of the kit. Again unlike others ive read about, I had no trouble with the documentation for the hull build. Its a bit sparse in some areas but those holes were usually filled by research online and the fact that there are quiet a few build logs for his kit. The rigging guide (if you can call single sheet that) on the other hand was rubbish. The rigging while the most daunting part for me was something i really enjoyed, and when a few million hours of procrastination finally transformed into doing something. Attached are some pics, if i can find more ill post them. As for a next build? a le Renard or Le Cerf...a bit bigger overall and these types I find very attractive.
  4. Hi All, Im building an AL 1:41 Virginia and am heading towards the rigging stage. Can someone recommend a twine to seize shrouds and serve splices etc. Ive heard 3/0 nylon fly line is suitable but have never seen anything remotely similar. Many thanks in advance, Ill get to posting some pics in the next few days.
  5. Hi im new to scale model ship building but have a background in rc yachts which ive build from scratch. Currently working on an AL Virginia kit...

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