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  1. Thanks all, I thought I might be able to mark the hood ends, and the edge of each plank by starting at the top with a properly placed sheer plank and work down - how accurate it works out im not sure. Naturally id not at all fasten the planks as I realize it must be planked from the garboard up....but cant see why i cant locate the lap lines this way - still its messy. Im actually very tempted to just locate the garboard as best it fits neither too high ort too low on the stem and stern rabbets and wing it.
  2. Hi all, Im building a kit of the Dusek kit of the Le Cerf which has clinker planking from below the gunwales to the keel. This is supplied in precut 1.5mm plywood which is planked over a smooth layer of planking for its double planked essentially. My question is - given that the planking must start from the garboard strake and proceed upwards, for over 20 planks per side - how do I ensure the planking lays on overlapped in such a way so as not to 'run-out' when reaching the sheer strakes? By this i mean the planking is meant to have hood ends which lie flat against the
  3. Great job, hope I can get close to the standard you have set for my Le Cerf (which im building from he Dusek kit)!
  4. Hi all, Regretting not taking more pics during the build process but heres my finished Virginia. Started this as a first model with the aim to learn as much as possible. All up its been a very pleasurable 7 month project and has given me a basic grounding in the various aspects of model ship building. Prior to this i had built several RC model racing yachts, and in the distance past several small full size craft, still it this contained many steep learning curves. Unlike others, I found the kit to be of all good quality timber, while the rigging process had me ordering more blocks
  5. Hi All, Im building an AL 1:41 Virginia and am heading towards the rigging stage. Can someone recommend a twine to seize shrouds and serve splices etc. Ive heard 3/0 nylon fly line is suitable but have never seen anything remotely similar. Many thanks in advance, Ill get to posting some pics in the next few days.
  6. Hi im new to scale model ship building but have a background in rc yachts which ive build from scratch. Currently working on an AL Virginia kit...
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