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  1. I think I am at the point where I need suggestions as to be best way to do my fairing. Never having done anything like this type of modeling before, what is the best way to go about this?
  2. Today was a good day for working on my Winnie! The weather here was cool and the sky overcast. Only a few more bulkheads to cut out and fit to the bulkhead form. Started getting her setup for fairing her out.
  3. I got to work on the bulkheads this morning before it got hot. It is now 94 degrees, I am sure glad it is fall season now. 🙄 She is starting to fill in and now a little over half of the bulkheads are cut out and fitted on the bulkhead form.
  4. Working on cutting out bulkheads, fitting them to the bulkhead form, squaring them on the form and then gluing the bulkheads in place. I have had some bathroom plumbing repairs that I had to work on and it is still very hot here, so work on Winnie has been a bit slow.
  5. Completed the construction of my Build Board for my Winnie. Now, on to cutting out and fitting the remainder of my bulkheads on my WEN scroll saw.
  6. I finished my Bulkhead Form and my next step is to construct the Build Board. I have all the wood and parts needed but it is so very hot in the garage this afternoon , 102 degrees, here in Mississippi. I hope to do some table saw work in the morning!
  7. Getting close to setting up the false keel on a base board. Not sure what size board to mount the false keel onto? Suggestions please!
  8. Guess I'm just cheep at heart ~ The $5.00+ per each 1/4" 2'x2' Home Depot plywood. Since it will be planked over anyway, I just went cheep for the False Keel & Bulkheads. I did go through the bin and picked out the best looking plywood pieces.
  9. I got to work some more on my Winnie this morning. I have been dry fitting my bulkheads to the false keels as I cut them out. I have not glued anything at this point just checked the fit of the sections as I cut them out.
  10. Getting ready to build my brackets and stand to support my Winnie as a construct her and have a few questions. What size is the wood base the model is build on in this early stage? What is the size of the wooden strips used between each bracket? Are the wood strips glued or screwed in place? What size screws are needed for the six (6) brackets? Thanks as always for the help!
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