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  1. A year anniversary in the making of the Victory. 90% complete.
  2. Completed the main mast this evening with exception of some of the lines temporarily omitted so as not to interfere with the detail work on the mizzen mast tomorrow. I'll add those lines when yards, sails, and lines are added.
  3. David56... Glad to hear things are on more of a positive path for you and your family. As for your new build log, I'll be on the lookout for it. After building Mantua's Victory, I too would have been tempted to build the Caldercraft version of the Victory after your Mantua version was destroyed by a house fire. I was more motivated by price and didn't realize at the time the kit had changed as much at it has, in particular to the the stern cabins. I think the Caldercraft version looks better from the builds I have seen. I think you might be happier with the new choice if you didn't mind payin
  4. Moving right along with furling sails and adding the rigging on just the bowsprit and foremast. Moving to the mainmast tomorrow.
  5. Taking a break on installing ratlines and moved to adding furled sails using silkspan. I like the looser look on the furled sails and to me it may not be correct, but has a better presentation of the model's sails.
  6. While waiting for missing parts to arrive from model ship venders, I managed to build/mount all three masts. Warning: For those who may order a Mantua/Panart HMS Victory 738 kit, I was missing 70 each 7mm single blocks, 11 each 7mm double blocks, the wrong size belaying pins. Pins were to short to extend below the belaying rack holders to tie ropes on each one. Some may say you should have done an inventory of pieces supplied. Problem the kit they currently sell today is the same kit sold years ago and the instructions show pictures of stuff they don't even cover. All of the accessori
  7. Getting better making sliksapn sails. Many will say that the furled sails are too loose. You're right but, I wanted to expose more of the sails in a furled position than a sail rolled up in a tight mass. To this novice, I think it looks better for the overall presentation of the model.
  8. Took Tom Lauria's advice and used silkspan for the sails instead of the lightest weight muslin the local fabric store carried. I think this one looks less bulky and when wet, it was much easier to fold and tie to the yard. I believe I will use silkspan on all of my furled sails.
  9. UPDATE: conversed via email with Tom Lauria about one of his posted videos. He made a suggestion of using silkspan for the furled sails instead of the heavier weight fabric I used in the above picture. I took his advice and and removed the furled sails and waiting for silkspan material to arrive in the mail Monday. Let's see the difference.
  10. On my very first model, I put sails on it that were fully deployed. This time, I decided to put sails on the Vic but have them furled. This is my first attempt to add them to a ship furled. I didn't want to hide all of the rigging. I tried this a couple of times and didn't like the sails so tight against the yards and ended up with is pictured below. I wanted the sails to be a little loose to show some of the sail.
  11. Working on the bow and found an easier way to thread the rigging around the bowsprit. Didn't have a needle long enough to thread the rigging around the the bowsprit but ended up gluing the thread to a thin piece of wood and used it as the needle. Sure made it much easier.
  12. If you know your plan on adding sails to a tall ship (HMS Victory), when should you do it... After the mast is complete and installed on the ship or as you are building the mast and before installing on the ship?
  13. Thanks Kevin. I've had that build log earmarked to view. Only got half way through.... large build log. BUT... great information towards the end. Thanks for your comments.
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