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  1. OC, your build is looking spectacular and I think you brought to the project the same can do spirit that our fathers and grand fathers brought to the fight! Stay safe. Best , Ed
  2. Totally agree with the others great job and an excellent tutorial (as always) dumb question what type of metal is used? Best, Ed
  3. This is quite the adventure, looking forward to the results, sure they will turn out excellent Best, Ed
  4. O C the model is coming along great, it will be a real tribute to your Dad, I would not worry about a few flaws in the paint, I think they will be hardly noticeable when done and I'm sure after a few missions she would have had a few scratches and dents. Keep up the good work, Best, Ed
  5. Beautiful work as always, question, do you have a set of rigging plans for Oneida, if not what sources are you using as a guide? Best, Ed
  6. OC , thank you for sharing this great story, started me to think of my father , he was a final inspector in Stratford Ct on the Corsair met my mother there, Thanks again Best, Ed
  7. Ron, is it your intention to fully rig it, I know way back when you indicated that lack of space might prevent you from rigging it but maybe with the new home you have more room would really like to see her fully rigged perhaps a new course "The fully rigged model ship" Best, Ed
  8. Ron ,so happy to see your great build continue, I look forward to many new lessons from you, almost like a course in How To Build a Model Ship Best Ed
  9. Jesselee, you might want to check out Chuck's method of making flags from tissue paper, I believe he explains it in his log on the Cheerful but if you do a search you will find that many have used that method, by the way, followed you build from the beginning great job and thanks for all the tips along the way Best, Ed
  10. Ron, you sure are a busy man, guess it keeps you out of trouble, I enjoy your posts always informative Ed
  11. Ron, I think the idea of a hinged platform for the motor will work just fine, I have a vintage Inca table saw that has that set up the weight of the motor holds it down, it does have a treaded rod with a wing nut and washers to hold it tight, but I hardly ever remember to check it , when I do, it needs to be tightened but the saw works well without it being secured the weight of the motor holds it down , motor is a 1-1/2 HP Dayton. Shop is really coming along, I wish I had that much space Ed
  12. if you go to the NRG home page under articles there is a article Simple Hall Planking that has a section on fairing the hull, also if you use the search feature using fairing as the search word there are numerous articles and just a reminder the NRG just released a project Half Hull Planking Project by none other than Toni, who was the first to respond to your inquiry, just got mine last Friday and highly recommend it, Good Luck you will definitely find the information you need Ed
  13. Just ordered via Paypal, I believe this is a great service to those of us less experienced in the hobby, and quite in the dark on planking Thanks again, Ed
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