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  1. Lawrence, beautiful work as usual, at what point do you expect to cut the frame from the jig? Ed
  2. if you go to the NRG home page under articles there is a article Simple Hall Planking that has a section on fairing the hull, also if you use the search feature using fairing as the search word there are numerous articles and just a reminder the NRG just released a project Half Hull Planking Project by none other than Toni, who was the first to respond to your inquiry, just got mine last Friday and highly recommend it, Good Luck you will definitely find the information you need Ed
  3. Just ordered via Paypal, I believe this is a great service to those of us less experienced in the hobby, and quite in the dark on planking Thanks again, Ed
  4. I now only work in 1:48 mainly due to my age (72) and eyesight, I find the larger size much easier to handle, and you can add more detail, downside is at this scale you will mostly find smaller type ships and the selection is rather limited I am currently working on the Lively and have the Halifax on hand for my next build both from the Lumberyard Ed
  5. there should be a brass rod included in the kit 1/32" x 6" for use as the axels, the triangular piece the butt of the cannon rests on is the quoin no material is supplied for that piece and must be fabricated by the builder, very small piece, you could omit it and the casual observer would never miss it Ed
  6. Ron, thank you for the info and the pictures, you really laid out all the options Ed
  7. Ron, when you receive it could you post a picture of it and your evaluation, I am also in the market for a model saw but the Barnes is out of my budget not so much the money but at my age not sure that I can justify the purchase Ed
  8. ages of sale, a sponsor of this site carries the line perhaps they can help, just click on their logo Ed
  9. Very nice job, I am currently building the same ship, and also have just started the planking, I will follow along for tips and info on the planking as I do have many questions, Ed
  10. Hi, I am new to model ship building, I recently retired, after being semi retired for 5 years (worked almost as many hours semi retired) but now I have time, I am working on the MS Rattlesnake, and have the MS Morgan on the shelf, I plan to modify or kit bash, also plan for the short term to paint. I can see that it will be necessary to have a supply of wood on hand, looking for suggestions on what thicknesses are the most common and also suggestions on quantities. I have a vintage Inca #159 model table saw, certainly not a Barnes, but it is fairly accurate. Thanks for suggestions and comments. This is a great site, I cannot believe the amount of information available. Ed
  11. WOW, what a layout, how many years do you have invested in the project, the model ship is also a great work, Many Thanks for sharing from one Stratfordite (?) to another Ed
  12. I am sure these little set backs are frustrating, but the finished product is what is important , it will be a real work of art when all is said and done, great workmanship as always. Ed
  13. It looks like you are going to put the new workbench to good use, waiting to see the results Ed
  14. that is a beautiful piece of furniture, almost too nice to use as a work bench, I am sure you are much neater, less accident prone, and more careful than I am , enjoy Ed

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