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  1. Dave Your Bluenose detail looks so clean and well done. I have just started viewing you building log today. The metal work is inspiring. I'm building the We're Here by Bluejacket. It is kind of a 1/8 scale version of the Bluenose. As of today I am starting to do the metal work on the spars. Please keep up your fine work Jan
  2. Jack I have been watching you progress on the Bluenose. You are really quit a craftsman. Being new to model building I am working on the We're Here by Bluejacket. It is very similar to the Bluenose. My question is what kind and brand of primer did you use on the hull. I really appreciate the step by step detail photos and text you share. Jan
  3. Thank for you for taking the time to help a new model maker.
  4. Bogeygolpher Thanks for you two suggestions. I just came back form a Naples Ship Modelers meeting and unanimously agreed to you first technique. You have been a great help. I will soon start a building log, when learning what buttons to push. Just remember never smile at a crocodile. Jan
  5. Bogeygolpher When I am working on the We're Here I focus the attention from the ship to the golf course in the back yard and the alligator swimming by. My wife and don't play golf, but we do call the alligator CRUISER. With all that my lines don't quite come out straight but I am having fun. I have be thinking along your line of using 1/16 tape for the water line. I am not sure if the ship wright authorities will through me in with Cruiser. Thank some much for you suggestion. Jan
  6. J. Maitri Thank for the information. You have answered many questions I have had. I just looked at your Bounty Jolly Boat. Your photos and the way you documented the sequence of the problems and there solutions show a real educational teaching skill. Jan
  7. Druxey thank for the suggestion I will remember that. It seems that most builder suggest using Tamiya Tape. Today I went to 3 different hardware stores and there are lot brands of masking tape. I am having a hard time finding Tamiya tape. Will I find it at a hardware store or where? Jan
  8. Bare Hook and Jay thanks for the information. Now to find some Tamiya Tape. Jan
  9. My name is Jan, and new to MSW. So here it goes, just hope I an pressing the right buttons. Currently building the "We're Here" form Bluejacket. This is the second ship, with the first being The Grand Bank Dory, again from Bluejacket. I bought the paint kit which contains the Floquil paints. Just finished painting the hull using the black and box car red paint. I am about ready to work on the water line 1/16 inch wide white stripe. Does any one have suggestions on the best way to do this? Jan
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