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  1. I have found that I can buy models faster than I can finish them. I wasn't able to pass up a "good deal". Then I realised, there will always be a "good deal". I have since sold all of my stash. Someone else got a "good deal". I have to keep my focus on one thing at a time but I do sub assemblies while waiting for parts or glue/paint to dry.
  2. L'Harmione 1/89 scale - Artesania Latina Kit It won't be long now until it is finished.
  3. I use to work for an electric utility and I had to work off of large D size drawings. Sometimes I would take them to a office supply like Office Depot and get them reduced. It didn't cost but about $5.00 a sheet. Russ
  4. For me the best way is to clamp several planks together and use a No. 2 pencil on the plank edges (one side only). You don't want to over do it. Same for making T-Nails. I ve seen some models that looked like it had the measles.🙂
  5. Doris, You are probably in the top 1% of the true artisans on the site (in my opinion). I for one can only hope to aspire to your level of work. Thank you for bring us along. Russ
  6. I am currently building the AL Hermione and have to agree with everyone else. My main issue with this kit is the "stinking" PDF instructions. There is a lot of "by guess and by golly". To do your rigging you are given a low resolution image to go by. This will be my 1st and last AL build. I only have eight more sails to go and that will be the last of AL for me.
  7. If you are a beginner like me. You may be interested in this YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW3NE69flcGe--VV9kiicjw/playlists Unlike most, this guy takes you from start to finish with his many builds. RussR
  8. Jeff, I started my Hermione July 9 last year. This is my 1st larger model. And have made a lot of errors with it. I have been temped to make kindling wood out of it. I am now in the process installing the yards and sails and hope to have it finished by the end of next month. I have learned that I can buy'm faster than I can build them RussR
  9. I am happy your situation is improving. I think I would continue work on your Hermione may be a better choice. You already have two unfinished kits. Do you really need another? ☺️
  10. I agree. Seems like a lot of our build logs get "muddied up" with mostly "good job" and "thank you" post. This makes it hard to follow along. When a simple "like" would have been good enough. This isn't necessarily a dig, just my opinion. My opinion only. And you know what they say about opinions.
  11. With all this great advice, you are probably more confused than you were when you started. The HM CUTTER SHERBOURNE (CALDERCRAFT 1:64) would be a great choice.
  12. I see that we have over 32,000 members. It would be interesting to know of the 32,000 how many has visited MSW in the last year? And of those how many has made at least 1 post in the last year? I don't know if these statistics are keep or not. It isn't important, I was just curious. I for one post rarely but visit everyday.
  13. Another thing to consider is what ever you choose it has to hold your interest (wouldn't want something that you get bored with). The HM CUTTER SHERBOURNE (CALDERCRAFT 1:64) wouldn't be a bad choice. It has a reasonable scale, not terribly expensive, has all the elements you are looking for. For me a better choice for a 1st build would be something like a AL 1805 Pilot Boat. One can be had for less than $75.00. And if you screw it up your not out a lot of money but you will have learned a lot. Heck, you may find out model ship building isn't for you. If you ask a dozen people, you'll get a dozen different opinions. Do what makes you happy.
  14. RussR

    Teak veneer

    Here in Oklahoma and Texas, USA there is a store called Woodcraft they sell Teak Veneer. I am sorry this dosen't do you any good. https://www.woodcraft.com/products/teak-veneer-2-x-8-10-mil

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