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  1. I don't know. The last time I used Glue Stick, I didn't have to remove it.
  2. For individual parts, I have just used Elmers Glue Stick. But it might not be practical for a large area. Just another thought, why wouldn't plane old flour and water work? Or wouldn't the white paste we would use in school work? RussR
  3. Thank you Messis and Derek and others for the comments and others for the "👍". The model is in our family room. This is my biggest problem, "where do I put it after it is finished". I will probably end up giving them away to make room for more. The fun part is building them. This is my second build and hope not my best. I made many errors on it but hope the next will be better. RussR
  4. I finished the case today. Here is a couple of shots. Thank you all for the "Likes" and comments. Next build will be the Chaperon Stern Wheel Steamer.
  5. Y.T. I think 0.004 of an inch is as good as one could expect. One could have that much variance in the grit of the paper. Besides, we aren't building parts for the Space Shuttle. RussR
  6. Christa, If you ask a dozen different people you will get a dozen different opinions. My 1st was a AL 1805 Swift Pilot. It was one of the early ones without the sails. I bought it on Ebay for $40. I ended up throwing it away. But I learned about framing (keeping everything square), planking, tapering masts, painting, rigging and more. For me it was a cheap education. You can't learn how to swim reading a book. I had to just jump in and learn as you go. I just recently saw a documentary about the late TV painter Bob Ross. He said everyone has the ability to paint. All one needs is a strong desire to be successful. My only advice is don't jump in over your head and buy a great big three masted fully rigged ship. You may find out, this isn't for you. RussR
  7. I am still waiting on the glass for my Hermione build. So in the meantime I thought I would do some of the preliminary task before my Chaperon build. I have both the Chaperon and Armed Virginia Sloop by MS and waffled between which one to start. The Chaperon won out because there is fewer built and I have Kurt Van Dahm's excellent CD "Building Chaperon" and the many build logs here on MSW. I may sell the AVS because my wants will probably change before Chaperon is built. This will be my 1st build log and will try to make many updates and photos but can't make promises. I just don't want to get to deep into it until the Hermione case is completed. Here is a few pics of the kit as received without the paperwork. I did put the small parts into the plastic box that came with my Hermione kit.
  8. I also enjoyed the build, but I think it could have been better if it had be at least 1/64 scale. I also think we obsess over a lot of details that most people don't care about. I guess that is the OCD in us. Your workmanship is already better than mine. The camera makes mine look better than it is. RussR
  9. Just keep up the good work, you will get there. Yours looks great so far. I finished my Hermione the 22nd of this month. I built mine straight out of the box with no mods. RussR
  10. Thanks Y.T. This is a single planked hull. I guess one could say the second planking is the fill and paint. Thank Peter I don't know what "mainbrace is". For now my focus is on the case for my model and and where to put it now that it is finished . My next build will be either the Model Shipways Chaperon or Armed Virginia Sloop Until next time. RussR
  11. I am now building a glass case for it . But I have to wait on the glass. The locale glass shop was out of 1/8" glass. My take away from this experience is: Don't ever build a model that only has a CD for instructions. Don't build anything smaller than 1/50 scale. Don't build anything longer than 36 inches. I only have a 9 ft by 9 ft space. I could be wrong, but I think MESSIS' and mine is the only completed Hermione on MSW. That is it for now. RussR

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