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  1. Of course one has to read all the description and look at all of the pictures and ask questions plus check the sellers feedback score. If I can see the bulkheads and the keel plus unopened accessories I am good to go. Like I said, if I didn't have something else going I would have bought it for 25% retail. I have bought and sold model kits on Ebay and never had a problem.
  2. I just had an offer from a Ebay seller for a new Corel SM21 Misticque 1750 1:50 for $150. https://www.ebay.com/itm/294164707845?ul_noapp=true If I didn't have so much on my plate I would buy it. I am reasonably sure that the sell would take that from any buyer. The current price on Modelexpo is $600. I have no connection to this sale at all. Russ
  3. This is a photo of the Constitution during one of her restorations. If you were to try to duplicate the nails at 1/78, they wouldn't even be seen anyway.
  4. When I did my Hermione, I ended up cutting the cap off with a razor saw and adjusted the stem to fit. Now that I look at the completed model I can't tell I did anything. Most of the flaws that I use to fret over, I can't even remember. Most viewers myself included won't be able to pick your flaws out. Because the rest of the model will over shadows the nit picky flaws. Of course we all want to build the best we can. As far as time consuming. I do this for the fun of it and not for a source of aggravation. And this gives my pea brain something to do. You are doing a great job and I look forward to more. RussR
  5. Thank You, Richard. It was an enjoyable but challenging build. The only negative was, the instructions was more of a guide than instructions. But, that seem to be typical of kit manufactures. RussR
  6. I thought that the mast need a block instead of an eye bolt. And I didn't like where the two lines terminated. So, I added the block and made a cleat for the mast to tie the lines off. Some random shots of the finished model And finally an overall shot of the finished model. I think I'll take a brake before I start my next project. It will be either the 1/350 plastic Titanic or the BB 1/75 Vasa.
  7. continued from the previous post. This a forward shot of the canon installed. Top of the fabricated mast. I had to drill and cut the slot for the pulleys. The red piece at the top was turned on a used Proxxon Lathe that I recently bought. This is the completed Yard Arm (the center part anyway). Rope coil jig that I made. Couple of the rope coils installed. Here I am cutting out hull cradle out of some #1 pine. I had one of the stablizers(?) in the wrong place and had to move and repaint. Interior shots of the finished model. I made the base out of plain old #1 pine with four coats of Minwax Wipe On Polly with a light sanding between coats. I ordered the name plate on Ebay. I think he did a good job. To be continued in the next post.
  8. I have completed the Armed Launch and will post the few photo that I took along the way. This was an older kit. There wasn't any laser cut parts and had to be cut with a scroll saw. This is the transom decoration pieces that had to be cutout and shaped. I took a brake and put up some shelves to put some of my tools on. I got tired of having to dig in a closet or floor for a tool. I eventually add another shelf under this one. Couple of the barrels that came with the kit. The one on the left I sanded the prefinish off so it could take the stain. Panart probably buys them like this. I also painted the bands black not shown. This is a shot of one of the tubes that had to be fabricated. The construction was straight forward. A pedestal like thing was made and you had to glue cut planks around it. Another shot of the same The blocks on the right is what the blocks looked like out of the kit. The ones on the left is what they looked like after I reworked them. I don't have a block sanding drum. So I had to do them by hand. Then I stained them in Minwax Golden Oak. Here I am making the sail. I just glue the rope on to the sail with Tacky Glue and rolled it on. I also had to cut the sail down because it looked to bulky on the Yard Arm. Here I am installing the canon and the associated rigging. This is the tiller with the rigging installed. This is ten photos, so I will continue with the next post.
  9. Yes, I have and have bookmarked most of them for future reference. They will be a great help as well as the links provide by Backer. Before I start I need to put up some more shelves in my work shop (spare bedroom). And I am recovering from "lazyitis". 🙂 Some days I have to kick myself in the a$$ to do something. RussR
  10. Thanks look like great resources for my built. I am sure I will utilize them a great deal. I don't want this to be another model without regard to the real ship. RussR
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