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  1. Back after the Thanksgiving holidays. Thanks for all the comments. For ccoyle. here are a few shots of the Catspaw Dinghy Now back to shaping the hull. Still lots of work to do to get those bulwarks 11/32" deep from 4/32".
  2. This is my first build log and third model. The first model was Bluejacket's 1889 Quoddy Boat "Yankee Hero" - Scale: 3/8"=1; LOA: 14 7/8" Height 14". The kit consisted of a solid hull, precut parts for the deck house, paint, tools, and detailed instructions plus modeling techniques and tips. It was a first rate introduction into modeling. My second model was Wooden Boat School's Catspaw Dinghy - Scale: 1 1/2"=1' LOA: 19" Breadth: 7". I had purchased the kit some time ago. Upon opening it I discovered there were no pre-cut parts, only a box full of model sized "lumber". I did not ha
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