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  1. Amazing, I wonder if they were prepared to do that kind of heavy maintenance at sea or did they cary spares like that to have on hand for after they limped into a shipyard? Long ago as a C-130 First Mechanic we carried spare parts but nothing that would require special lifts or cranes. I can only imagine looking at that piston the size and weight of the engine head! Even simply changing the piston on a car is a big job so I am guessing if they carried this as a spare it would be for use in a maintenance facility or am I wrong?
  2. I admire your tenacity sir! I take my hat off to you. It makes me scold myself for my inner whining when I consider my rework troubles and repairs I need to do and keep putting off in order to move forward on my POB II.
  3. I just returned myself after a long absence. It has been really refreshing to get back into the swing and I am please to find that MSW is the same fantastic supportive forum it has always been. Happy Holidays and welcome back! Cheers
  4. Every time I think wow thats amazing what more could you possibly add, you continue to astound me with taking it to even higher level. The mechanics look great!
  5. First off Mery Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! A little progress in the shipyard. I have cut out all the laser cut pieces. Notice the kit even includes laser cut pieces for spacers between the bulkheads to stiffen prior to fairing. Nice touch! This could of been scratch made but its nice that these are included. I have attached a better photo. After I posted my first I noticed I should have flipped the pieces over to the clean side. It would have made a much more attractive photo. Sorry Toni. I guess that's why I am not a professional photographer or work in marketing 😁
  6. Thanks Gary for the explanation. It is looking good I think the cherry deck and rail sound like they will look really nice.
  7. Thanks Nic I had not thought of either of those solutions. I will keep fairing the hull for now and make the keel pieces and see then how it fits. Then I will have a better idea of the actual fit and I can decide which of your solutions seems best. Thanks for your guidance. Mark
  8. Hi Mark your work is always an inspiration. I don't mean to go to far off topic if I am please let me know but your health problems with the sanding got me thinking I should be waring a mask too. I asked a friend of mine who does fine woodworking his thoughts. He told me reactions to the dust can be the result of allergies to certain kinds of wood as others have mentioned above but he said the real danger and most issues come from the sandpaper itself due to micro silica. I never considered that or that in extreme cases it could lead to Silicosis according to my friend. So I am glad you mentioned this. I thought I would bring this up to share with others who like me may be reading MSW or your log and have been too hard headed to ware one. Looks like I need to go shopping.
  9. This is a fascinating build log. I really appreciate the research and history you have done and posted as well as watching the ship itself come to life. It is very educational for me.
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