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  1. More on the pilot house. We have been wondering at the engine controls and have gone to several evolutions. This final one is this. It came relatively easy to build. I took a dowel and made a lengthwise cut in half. I sliced the half round like pepperoni and carved two grooves. The levers were made from map push pins and I selected Red (port) for gear and Green (starboard) for throttle. This was the result: The instruments were made using and online picture that I printed reduced to the 1/32 scale. The same with the compass rose. I installed the supplied wheel ju
  2. Brian: Today I started to follow your built and I am overwhelm by you attention to detail and the history lesson that your build has. I am on page three of your build and will keep reading and learning from you. You have developed some really interesting techniques hat I will certainly applied to my own builds. Kudos to you. Ras
  3. Eamon: You are obviously EU and I stand corrected. A Scottish vessel should have the green on the right and red on the left. We, "yankees", have the opposite. I found that out one day in Rotterdam when we were entering the river with a green marker on the right. I almost fainted thinking that we will be run aground. BTW, in the US, we have the intercostal waterway which I frequently boat on. There, the red is to the land side while the green is to the ocean side. This make it very confusing to people not used to it. And then, if you leave the intercostal you must go back to "
  4. A little more progress. I tried to do the roof covering the same way I did my Patricia steam launch. This was to cover the roof with cloth to imitate tarps. I did this with the cloth provided by Amati for the sails, but, it seems that that the edges tend to unravel. I brushed some Elmers glue and will see tomorrow how it went. The big progress was in my pilot house. I built the helm as per my sketch but did not drop the top to make room for the throttle and the gear. I think it may look better to have these controls closer to the helmsman hands. Who knows? Basically,
  5. Little progress. I dry fitted the ladder and the aft companionway and you can hardly see the ladder. When I install the door, which is already fabricated, the ladder will be invisible. So much Effort! I have also been working on the pilothouse and I am pleased with the results. I placed one my figures inside and it sure look tight. These pilot houses were mainly designed to protect the helmsman from the weather. Be it as it may, the figure is actually to scale 1/30 which translate in a guy 6'-6" tall. I bought these figures in Fra
  6. The hull planking and painting is finished. However I still need to attach the gunnel rail. Starting work on the pilot house. You may be able to see some of my booboos but I think that, for a poor man's boat (the fisherman), they give some reality to the ship. And then the pilot house. I am working on a layout for the controls of the ship following the work of Big Dan. Thanks for watching, I am having a ball.
  7. Well the hull painting is done. First the bottom Then, the top I was going to start the hull painting with the fat white waterline, but I found a little difference between the port and starboard rub strakes. This was due to the asymmetry of my planking. I plan now on a slimmer line made with chart tape. Have also been doing the preliminary work on the pilot house. We will cover this later.
  8. Beautiful job Steven. I have a couple of questions. First: what did you use to round off the hull. An english wheel perhaps? OR did you made a wood mandrel to hammer at? Second: how thick is the meta you used. I am asking because I would love to to do the same ship in metal. I am from Cuba and the USS Maine is part of our history.
  9. In the last week I have completed the planking of the Fifie. Had some trouble with the fairing of the frames and the tapering of the planks. At Chris's suggestion I have bought NRG's tutorial for hull planking. I now have the kit and it is going to be fun to learn the old ways. Here is the last plank Planking done Filled, sand and primed The priming brings in some additional booboos. Some will be filled and sanded but I will have to live with the others. So is life. Besides these boats used to be made in poor shipyards and they were for poor fisher
  10. Chris: Thanks for the tutorial. I am on it. I will start a log for the build. Thanks again
  11. Chris: I just started reading your "Introduction to card models" and was surprised to learn that this kind of modeling started in mid 20th century. That may me think that the first model I ever made, in 1939, was B17 bomber and, except for the stringers (1/16") that were balsa, the whole model was paper/cardboard. I am following your advise and I have downloaded the Perry civil war paddle gunboat. Maybe this is not the easy one but, I will learn and its free.
  12. Popeye: I am one that bumped into your M&M log. What a build. I love it. Sometimes we take everything so seriously and it is good to take some time for a laugh. My only comment is that your M&M people will have a lot of trouble going to the head. Good work
  13. Just read you reply to me Chris and I will take you advise. Sorry about the confusion on my posting but I went directly to tell Dan about my purchase. Should have read yours first. Thanks for the advise. Wilco
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