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  1. hello,again, After more reading from the lavery/hunt book,I think I have found out a little bit more about the rigging of hms surprise, and she was rebuilt manny times incl. the rigging. In the book "the frigate surprise" it says: For this was wartime,when the incessant pressure for any performance advantage over the enemy led to constant development and change, in the ships rigging, as in its construction and armament. Surprise rigged in 1795 was not the same as Surprise rigged in 1805.nor in 1815. There is also a reconstruction of the rigging by geof hunt in the book,and it is without the crowfeet so far as I can see. And now,what to do,use hunts reconstruction as a guide,maybe from 1802,or use the rigg from 1796 with crowfeet.maybe a difficult decision,what to do,I dont know yet what is best? rgds helge,norway
  2. thanks again,I see manny model kits and scratch build of hms surprise use crowfeet,and maybe she used this before as the french "Unite" and not after rebuild in Plymouth 1798.Try to do some more research. thanks again,helge,norway
  3. one more drawing plan topp.pdf
  4. sorry forget the scemast topp.pdftches
  5. hello,thanks,here come the drawings I make, if I understand correct there is the 1802 drawing that is for the hms surprise? rgds helge,norway
  6. hello everybody,I am doing some scratch building of " hms surprise",and I just work with the masting top and spares. And it is here I am on thin ice. I have read the " frigate hms surprise by lavery and hunt. They said and I quote; After her refit in Plymouth in 1798. We are on much safer ground here, even if we do not know everything we want. There are two plans, which can be compared with those of her sister ship "La Tourturelle" ,also captured by the royal navy and refitted in Plymouth. We have details of her armament from this period, and of her mast and yards from 1802, - we cannot be certain that these are the same ones fitted in 1798, but it seems likely. (quote end) I have also read the book The masting and rigging of english ship at war (james Lee),and there are two drawings from steels mast making,one from 1794 36 gun ship with crowfeet on the top,and one plan from 1802-1815. If I understand correct ,it is the1802 plan that I want, and it is without crowfeet on the top,. I see other scratch builders of hms surprise use crowfeet on the top. What is correct. In the 1802 plan there is a little different acording to the crosstree, it was making a little stronger,and this changes was in 1802 acording to the book. So have anny one some comment to this, I will welcome it very much. rgds Helge Saether,norway
  7. hello,I live in oslo,small world,I have some books about rigging to,and I find a little difficult to calculate the mast hight of diana, scale 1:64. I am planing to do some scratch build of hms surprise (ex untite,french frigate),I have the orginal drawings, and I was thinking to use the diana masting/rigging plan, with some modifications,dianas masts is a little bitt high for my build I think. I wil just use the plans as a guide. I have a lot of books to,so if anyone have some plans or some input/info it wil help. And I will try to read a little bit more about rigging of 1700/1800 centry ship models. thanks Helge,oslo,norway
  8. hello,Is there annyone who knows where I can get the masting/rigging plan for caldercraft hms Diana,buying or download from the web? Or anny other plans that will fit the hms diana scale1:64 rgds Helge,norway
  9. hello,Is there some one ho knows where to buy fittings for scratsh builds.I have building plans for " tourturelle",sister ship of hms surprise ( ex. l.unite I belive.. Scale 1:48 1:64 1:75 something like this. Post about fittings is welcome. rgds Helge,norway
  10. Hello, Yes is wood, I know,just want to it tobe a smoot and slick surfase, 1700-1850, they used tar I belive. My friend family have and old boat from that time, ( restored) and they used tar. (boild tar)
  11. hello,has annyone used or have expirence with using automotive filler/primer on the hull before painting? rgds Helge,norway
  12. thank you,I will take a look. Sizes,maybe 1-1.5x 4, 1- 1.5x5 mm,have to calculate a little bit first. Helge,norway
  13. Hello all friends,does anny one know where to buy holly wood stripes in europe,uk,us or other places.I have looked manny places,but cant find annything,so if there are anny one who can help me with this,I will be glad. rgds Helge,norway
  14. Thanks to you all for the welcome,I have 3 builds going on, ( cutty sark (artesania), hms victory, and titanic (not started) the cutty sark is the rigging left. I will trie to present some photo of the " cutty" build in the future. thanks again Helge,norway
  15. thanks for the replay acording to oak,I think the kit is provided with maple for decking,and I will take a look at the "holly" option,and thanks again. rgds Helge,oslo,norway
  16. Hello all builders I am new on this forum and my building experience is not so good,but I can make some with my hands,så I tied the difficult one, (Vctory). I have build some models before. I am sorry for my bad inglish. I have some quoestion acording to deckplanking. Has some one used oak strips for deck planking. I have some 1x5mm oak I want to use for my build,and I dont know if this is a little to vide for the 1:72 scale victory,and the suported planks is 1x4,maybe the 1x5 oak will be a little big for this scale,anny coments is welcome. PS. the oak strip to the right I have rub inn a little charcoal and then sanded gently and warnished it. have a nice evening all,Helge

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