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  1. Hi,Helge from Norway,I am interested in the wood/strip package HMS Winchelsea,and the shipping cost to Norway. rgds Helge,Norway.MSV member.
  2. Yes ,bulkheads ,keel,stem,stern post,quarter galleries,stern galleries,bowrails,rudder, gunnport pattern,(inner and outer),gunndeck,quarterdeck (toppdeck) etc. No need the exact locations of chainplates. I have papir drawings that is veary clear,the only problem is that the drawings are in the uk for the moment,with a designer company that will give me a quote,I have also an contact with another member that can help me. I have to see what I will do.Can you estimate some cost. The photos is downloaded from nmm website,and I dont know if you can use these photos if I give you the mesurements? helge,norway
  3. ok,here are some photos of the drawings I buy at nmm in london,and sorry for the late replay. helge
  4. yes I have some photo of the drawing,I buy from nmm in london,sorry for the late replay. helge
  5. hello,can somebody transfer a paper work drawing of a 1700-1800 frigate to a cad program for cutting parts for me. Cost? rgds Helge,norway
  6. Hello everybody,I have a question about thread for makeing ropes. I have some Amann serafil polyester thread in different sizes. And my question is: can I use this thread for makeing ropes? I think this thread is similar to gutermann mara. rgds Helge,norway
  7. hi,yes I was thinking the same,because you have the wheelstand that cover most of the broken spokes at the bottom near the deck. thanks. somthing like this helge broken spokes.pdf
  8. ok,thanks for the replay,the broken one is plastick,and the other one is brass,I will see what to do,thanks again. helge
  9. hello everybody,I have one rudder/wheel that two spokes are broken in 1:48 scale about 30mm spoke to spoke. My question is ,can I use a wheel in 1:64 scale that I have, about 27mm,spoke to spoke,the difference is about 2.5-3mm. I think it is not look so bad. Open for comments. The build is not started yet,just collecting different timber etc. rgds Helge,norway
  10. hello,again, After more reading from the lavery/hunt book,I think I have found out a little bit more about the rigging of hms surprise, and she was rebuilt manny times incl. the rigging. In the book "the frigate surprise" it says: For this was wartime,when the incessant pressure for any performance advantage over the enemy led to constant development and change, in the ships rigging, as in its construction and armament. Surprise rigged in 1795 was not the same as Surprise rigged in 1805.nor in 1815. There is also a reconstruction of the rigging by geof hunt in the book,and it is without the crowfeet so far as I can see. And now,what to do,use hunts reconstruction as a guide,maybe from 1802,or use the rigg from 1796 with crowfeet.maybe a difficult decision,what to do,I dont know yet what is best? rgds helge,norway
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