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  1. In my senior year i had a class on cultural anthropology. I found it quite fascinating. What sticks in my mind are readings we had on the Native American tribes of the Great Plains. Of course it couldn’t top mathematics. 😁
  2. We have an impressive list of scientists and engineers in this forum! Since i may have started this: i have a BS in mathematics from University of New Hampshire, 1965 PhD in mathematics from Brandeis University, 1972 spent most of my career in cryptography and computer security. spent 2 years sort of retired as a visiting professor of Computer Science at George Washington University. fully retired since 2006. other than building models i draw and paint (pastels mostly) and research my family’s history. Turns out i am descended from 2 Mayflower families. (Hopkins and Brewster). Also discovered a couple of ship captains in the great great … great grandfathers.
  3. This comment makes we wonder how many of our fellow ship modelers are in the sciences or engineering. I have a PhD degree in mathematics.
  4. Almost 2 months and i am still working on the whale boats. It is like have 7 individual sold hull kits
  5. Not sure why i even said “slow”. Perhaps subconsciously because I probably don’t have enough years left to finish all my projects😃
  6. Without the United States in my cue, I’ve gone back to the whale boats. making slow progress.
  7. If you are referring to the deck houses, i got the scribed sheets at model expo i think. 1/32 scribing
  8. Error creep has reach the point where i am stopping the build. I have ordered a new copy of the kit from JSC. Once I receive the new copy I will restart the build log from the beginning.
  9. I don’t understand the question. The boats are made from laser part parts that are stacked together. One then has to carve them to shape. I made a template for the bow and stern shape based in the plans.
  10. There are many things wrong with the build and the errors accumulate. I am learning as i go along. I did use some CA to stiffen some very thin pieces a trick i learned from reading Dan Vadas build logs. Something is certainly needed to stiffen the decks. It seems to me that trying to spread CA over that large an area would be a messy job and could cause more problems than it solves. Gluing folded tabs on corners and edges leads to problems also. I think one needs to score and fold inside the line by the thickness of the card otherwise the dimension increases by 2 times the card thickness. I may try this on the next few cabins. Overall this kit is a learning experience.
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