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  1. In between selling our current house and buying a new smaller place, not much is happening in the shipyard. And I expect that progress will be very slow over the next few months. I’m afraid I may have to sell off some of my stash because of lack of room in our new home. 😬. Anyway, I did manage to get the mizzenmast in place.
  2. I thought it would sell quickly on this forum. After all where would you find so many modelers? I will be happy if someone builds it and has fun. Anyway, I do have someone interested and I need to check on postage.
  3. Does someone want the Spray for the price of postage? I have more kits that I can build in what is left of my lifetime and i already have built a Skipjack, so this ship is a bit of a duplicate. Ron Gove aka Papa
  4. The kit seems to be of excellent quality, and your work is exemplary . Beautiful model.
  5. This might not be the right spot, but for those interested in modeling Spitfires, Netflix has an excellent documentary on this wonderful aircraft. Titled “Spitfire, The Plane That Saved The World” it has some great shots of existing Spitfires flying over the English Countryside as well as historical war footage. A 100 year old lady who flew over 1000 aircraft from the factories to the RAF got to meet one of the Spits she delivered in 1944, that is still flying
  6. Just for information, I jury rigged my own box and shipped to Florida to a good home. Final cost $63 plus some (a lot) of packing tape and bubble wrap
  7. I decided to step the masts to test the angle of the shrouds before getting back to the various roofs. Just a tad more sanding on the mizzenmast to get the square section to the required dimensions.
  8. Thanks. I’ve never been successful with an air brush. I probably need a good instructor; but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
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