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    Currently working on model of Brig Eagle of 1814. Future projects include a scratch-build that I drew up myself and maybe returning to my model of Yacht Mary.

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  1. Looking good there, buddy. I am sure that your Master Shipwright will be very impressed about the deck and construction so far. Some sanding, some time, and one helluva miracle later.....................................a great ship!! Brian D.
  2. As I continue to slowly make progress with my building jig top-piece, I have a survey for those of you more experienced model builders than me. Like ChadB on here, I am planning to make my model with the winged transom pieces in the stern as most real ships styled back then. Using the plans by RobnBill (Bill Edgin), the deck transom is 3/16" thick and he shows no other wing transoms in his plans. Should I use the same thickness for the rest of the transom wings or go more with the same thickness of the other hull ribs, which measure 3/8" thick double-layered? Thanks so much for the input in advance. Brian D.
  3. Micro-marks has blades available, a little smaller than the 4in diameter you are looking for, but I have had good success with this company and they have reputable products. https://www.micromark.com/mini-powertool/power-tools-accessories/saw-blades-cut-off-wheels/table-chop-saw-blades Brian D
  4. Beautiful job done on that model ship, sir. Very nice detail and looks very well put together and accurate. You deserve to be proud of her outcome. Brian D.
  5. My first model ship was the Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack. Looking over the pictures and instructions and pieces, its almost exactly identical in a large amount to the kit by Midwest, which is what I built. Midwest has made better instructions with good illustrations, and most of the pieces all came on laser-etched basswood and Balsa boards. Keep up the good work on this kit. Brian D.
  6. Hello everyone, just a small update. I think that I have better straighten out the deadwood for Brig Eagle after triple-clamped it to a spare piece I have of half-inch ply. I will have to keep it clamped down for a while longer, but I think it looks better. Will have to provide a picture of this later. I am continuing to slow make progress on the building board for this project. After carefully cutting by handsaws a section of desired size, I proceeded to glue a spare copy of the top-view of all frames onto both top piece and bottom piece of the build jig. A while back someone in the condo complex I live in was throwing away a piece of wood that was 1.5x1.5x72 inches that I helped myself to use for this project. I carefully cut pieces off to the right height needed and then sliced in half using hand saw and bandsaw. Having a bandsaw can be super helpful but also have quirks. Today I started to carefully cut out the middle sections of the upper board of building jig only to have the blade twist and slide right off the wheels. Also bought a jigsaw from Home Depot which helped some as an alternative but still cuts too rough in comparison to bandsaw.
  7. Going into a vacation on a high-note like this is even better. Take a deserved break now you now can start hard out the gate upon returning. Have a great time with your family and safe travels.
  8. I have been fascinated about the A-10 for a while now, a very unique aircraft. Am working on two builds of the two-seater night and all-weather versions of this aircraft in two different scales.
  9. Greg and Druxey, thank you for providing more details about this. I did not realize that the dales were removeable, but agree that they would be a tripping hazard in a already confined space. Brian D.
  10. Mike, your model continues to be an amazement to follow and you give great teaching. Great work on here and keep it up. I have one question involving the chain pumps. Looking at the book Cross-Section Man-of-War, the book shows wooden chutes (apparently named dales) that would transport water from the pumps out the side of the ship. However, these chutes (dales) would be extremely close to some cannons. Neither you nor Mr. Passaro have shown these thus far. Would these be accurate? Brian D.
  11. Hi Yves. This has been a fun project to follow and you have been doing a great job of printing and building this ship. I hope the corvette blows up that U-boat! lol. Brian
  12. I am envious of how clean and precise your work always is, especially your keels and the deadwood. You, sir, are worthy of the title Maestro 🙇‍♂️
  13. Nicely made Brodie stove. Wish I could get a copy of this design. Great job on this model ship. Brian
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