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  1. How many little soldiers have you painted for this diorama so far? What will the final count be?
  2. Fantastic detail at such a small scale! Or was it actually built by a team of very tiny elven shipwrights?
  3. Very nice work. Clean and sharp- looks like a full size boat. And what a neat work area😬
  4. I like your rope coiling jig. Will have to try that when i get to that point. I had tapped brads into a block of wood but it was very clumsy. I am learning that taking time to make a good jig for repetitive tasks is always a good idea.
  5. I broke a bow sprit on a model, I think it was my AL Harvey model. Glue and wrapping with heavy black thread made it look fine. An “at sea jury rig”. 🙂
  6. She continues to look better and better, John, as she nears completion. I miss working on my models. But we are in a condo in Myrtle Beach until the new house is finished. On the up side, we got our first COVID vaccinations.
  7. Love the aging on the wood. It looks like a real boat.
  8. Looking great John. I expect it will be April or May before I can get back to my Morgan. Everything is all packed up and we’ll be moving out in a couple of weeks. But in some ways it’s been nice to take a break from modeling. ron
  9. Very nice. Lovely patina on the copper.
  10. Nice work. Looks like a well used tug.
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