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  1. I haven’t had much time lately but have managed to get the booms for the nets built, definitely a bit fiddly splitting and closing the chain links. The fabric supplied for the nets is a kind of plastic mesh which doesn’t sit right, too stiff so I’m going to try using midge net and a piece of “voile” net used for curtains and see which looks best. The nets are to be sewn together from two half’s, so am going to have to call in the ladies here as this west of Scotland guy is ashamed to admit this skill has never been learnt. Can fix the brakes on the car though, “horses for courses“ I suppose.
  2. Here’s a couple of pics of a little progress; I couldn’t figure out the third line down from mast top to bow, it is a shorter line ending in a block with two lines down to another block attached to a length of chain to the bow. So I have rigged it by fixing one end of the moving line to the upper block then down to the lower one, back up round upper block and down to the post and tied off. No idea whether this is correct or not. If anyone knows what this arrangement is for, I’d love to know. I have also done the radio wires between the two masts using bait elastic (for securing bait for a
  3. Hi Louie, yes come on in and share the pain! I have another question regarding the rigging, but I need to take some pics first. Stand by, PC
  4. Thanks, yes anstruther is well worth a visit, I went over with my son who was looking for design ideas for some work he was doing. Depending how the old tub turns out I could definitely be tempted to try another one.
  5. Ok, have started build log, hopefully this will spur me on to completion.
  6. Ok , here we are, as will be noted from my introduction post this is a very old model that has been resurrected so the model was started long before digital cameras, home computers and the internet came to being. Therefor this log will only comprise of the rigging, nets and finish. This is the first wooden ship model I have attempted so there will be mistakes. The hull and deckhouse were already built, although not joined, and since restarting it the lower hull has been painted, the masts built up most deck fittings positioned and presently I am doing the standing rigging ( how do you guys/gal
  7. Thanks for the reply’s, yes Scotland’s good for cycling, used to commute 13 miles hail,rain and snow, great for keeping the fat off. Great about the black ball answer, now I can sleep tonight! I might start a build log for the remaining work on the boat. Cheers Paul
  8. Hi fellow modellers. I normally build little plastic tanks, until the covid lockdown here in Scotland when not being able to buy anything to make, my attention moved onto the old krabencutter. A girlfriend bought me this model nearly 40 years ago, I started it and built up the keel and ribs (easy bits), then I drifted off, too many distractions, probably the said girlfriend. My father then “offered” to help out with it and he did the planking, it lay for many years until my divorce from the said girlfriend/wife when I found myself back home for a couple of months and picked it up a
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