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  1. Bob, That sure is a sweet build. Are You going to use Chuck's base? BobW
  2. Part 15 I know it's been some time since the last update. The Main Sail has given me trouble but, I have it lashed up and set. This one is the second version, and it does have a couple of 'pin' holes. This is a shot of the Bolt Rope being attached to the with Fluid Matte Medium that is cut 50/50 with IPA. The tape used is Drafting Tape from Walmart, it does not stick very hard to the Slikspan sail. This shows the Bolt Rope attached and the Reef Points mounted. A over hand knot is used and then each has a small drop of the Matte Medium applied to secure it. Here is the Main Sail set. I just have been unable to remove some wrinkles. A slightly different view. The Shrouds and the Fore Stay will be up next. The top of the mast. I have changed some of the rigging with the sails mounted. The tackle for the boom lift should handle the weight of the sail. More to come. BobW
  3. Dan, This very sad news. I don't post much, been around since 2007. Mainly I absorb as much as I can. I always read Your posts, have learned from almost every one. Your build of the Swan Class was a real education for me. You will be much missed. I hope they can ease Your pain. BobW
  4. BobG, Thanks for the kind remarks. Cape May is not so frigid this year, no snow or cold snaps this year, I live about 30 miles north west and go down a few times every year. All the Best BobW
  5. Part 14 Wow, I haven't posted since September 19, 2019. I've had very little shop time. My Daughter is being treated for a serious medical problem. She is a divorced mother of two adult boys that are out on there own, so It has fallen to me to be the care giver. When she was 16 in 1988 she was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin's disease. She was cured with radiation treatments that lasted six months. The treatment damaged the heart and lungs. She had open heart surgery to replace the Aortic Heart Valve with a metal mechanical device. That was on Sept. 26, and was very successful. The trouble started three days later when edema set in which caused her kidneys to become stressed. This then led to full dialysis for more than a week. The heart developed a heart block which required a Pacemaker to be implanted. After 60 days in University of Pennsylvania Hospital she came home two days before Thanksgiving. The following week she started to vomit blood and had to be rushed to the local Hospital for surgery to repair a bleeder in the stomach. This was caused by a high level of Coumadin the in the blood, this is the only drug that works with a metal replacement valve to keep it open. Her level must be checked three times a week. Things are now back to almost normal, but it will be at least six more months. On to the Longboat. Here is some of the iron work in preparation of rigging. This is a small jig to shape the deadeyes. The pins were inserted in the dowel to hold the deadeyes while turning to sand them. This just shows the size. A 3/8" dowel and a 3/8" depression in a scrape of ply. The pins hold the deadeye while it is turned on the plastic backed sanding film. Here are the before and after. This is a frame for stretching the silkspan for the main sail. The inside opening is 15.5 X 15.5 inches. The brown paper packing tape is applied to a wet sheet of silkspan to stretch the material. Here the sail plan is taped to a cutting board, then covered with wax paper. Then the silkspan, which has been coated with 10 washes, is then mounted over the plan. Next the seams are inked on with a drafting pen. The ink is a thicker wash of the same acrylic paint used to coat the sail, unbleached white and a small amount of neutral grey. The seams have been added. It was done with two passes because the drafting pen could not be opened to the correct width. the first passes must be dry before adding the second pass. The doublings, edge seams, and the reef bands have been added with acrylic matt medium. That it for now, hope to be back soon. Bob W
  6. Hi jrsiii50, I have a complete build log Here: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=76455&hilit=40mm%2F56+Twin+Bofors Everything that I used is in the build log. Best of luck with Your build. I will follow along if You post a blog of the build. You may have to 'Cut and Paste' the link above. The Best Bob W
  7. Greg, They are Aviation fuel lines. They would be pumped out and filled with CO2 when general quarters was sounded. Hope this helps, BobW
  8. Alex, They are called "sponsons". https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sponson?src=search-dict-hed BobW

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