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  1. EricWilliamMarshall, Yes Daughter is just fine, locked down. Thanks for the thought. Thank You shipman for your kind comments. BobW
  2. Thank You Guys for Your thoughts. One has to move on. Work on the model helps. Thank You BobW
  3. Thanks everyone. It's hard. I keep looking in all in all His favorite 'spots'. BobW
  4. Part 7 Well, It's been awhile since the last update. The holidays were very busy. And my buddy Max, a Min Pin, Pasted after 14 and a half years from congested heart failure. This is a laser Headstone I had made for His Grave. It's only 5" x 7" on black granite. He will be missed. Here is a shot of the canopy and the instrument canvas hood at right. This hood was a sun shield that could be folded forward for a better view of the instrument panel. This a starboard view with the canopy installed. He
  5. Landlubber Mike, I scratch built a deck edge 40mm twin Bofors mount of the USS Monterey CVL 26 in 1/35 scale and used photo etch tie downs. A plastic 'U' channel was used for the tie downs and I milled wood the same height to make the deck even. The tie downs were painted the same as the deck. The color is 'U. S. Navy WWII Flight Deck Stain 21' from White Ensign Colourcoats. Search the web, they are still around. Here is a link to some of my build. Here is a reference photo. Hope this helps, BobW
  6. Part 6 This is the oil coolers that go beneath the nacelles on each boom. Here are the parts of the right boom. Both halves, the oil coolers, and the main gear well. The steel ball weight is in place. This is a crop of the tail fin showing the antenna anchor made from a sewing needle that has been ground flat and CA'ed into a filed slot. Over all shot with booms and elevator on. These parts just 'click' together. I have never worked on a model that fits this well. Rear view, this baby is se
  7. Thanks Lou, and Thanks for the 'LIKES'. Popeye, Yes, it will be painted. The wing roots were a heavy wear area. Not much chipping but the ground crew would be fueling, filling oil tank, and working on the engines. The plan is to paint with yellow zinc primer followed by RAF dark green. This will be weathered and then very gently sanded to show wear rather then chipping. The leading edges of the wings in photos show streaking wear and some chipping. The remainder around the engine access panels will be treated with chipping fluid on the
  8. Part 5 Here the front view of the center pod with the cockpit installed. The rear view. From the left. And from the right. These are the turbo-superchargers, painted with Alclad II Lacquer Steel and Jet Exhaust. Mixed at three to one. The same parts with a weathering of AK Acrylic Rust Effect colors. I know it looks rough, but after drying for a day, some work with a stiff brush they will look much better. Here they are being test fit. Bare Metal Foil has been added to the lea
  9. Roger, I think it was up. Also he took His Wife up for a spin. BobW
  10. Popeye, I make them as I go along. They are held together with double stick 3M tape. They can be used over and over, changing them to fit. Some are scrape boxwood, and also 1/4" plywood from a hobby shop. Charles, I read the The Lost Squadron years ago. The newish book Aces High by Bill Yenne (ISBN 978-0-425-23230-9), is a bio of both Dick Bong and Tommy McGuire. It covers their war history and their race to be the top scorer. Gen, Kenny let Bong freelance for the the last year, while McGuire was tied down as CO of 431st FS. McGuire was also grounded while Bong
  11. Part 4 Thanks for the 'LIKES', and the great comments. This is the bottom of the nose section with the 1/2" chrome steel ball as nose weight. Held in place with white glue so it dose not rattle around. Shown is the main spar that sets the dihedral. It has the nose gear bay attached. Notice the bulge that protrudes into the cockpit floor, This is for the nose wheel when retracted. Here Here is the belly pan with the spar and nose gear bay attached. The ball weight also is seen. This is a test fit of the top and bottom of the
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