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  1. Thanks for the comments and 'LIKES". Mark, I found it on a drawing from this site: https://aircorpslibrary.com/ The first month is free. I joined and was able to print quite a few drawings for only 5 bucks a month. They have all the major fighters and bombers of WWII. One can quit at any time. Never have seen a site like it. BobW
  2. Part 3 This is the floor and bulkheads. The black tube snaking over the oval hole is a pilot's relief tube. It would be just under the seat with in easy reach. The exit was a small metal tube under the fuse. The green curled tube is the pilot's oxygen supply. Port side of the cockpit tub. The engines control stand has two levers for the Throttle, Richness, Props angle, and Props feathering. This is the starboard side showing Radio Tuners and their wiring. The lever at the top under the wire to the control column is the flap control.
  3. Canute, Yes, the kit comes with three chrome steel 1/2" balls. One for the nose and two for the engines. I'll show how they are 'trapped' when I get there. BobW
  4. Part 2 I am using a 'Eduard Brassin" P-38 G Resin and Photo etch Cockpit set. This is the floor with a forward bulkhead and aft one. The oval opening in the floor is for the front wheel when it is retracted. The cockpit is a tub with no frame work protruding in. Wheel bay is it's own tub. This is the port sidewall. The round object near the center is the cover for the hand crank mechanism to roll the side canopy up & down just like a car. Side canopy windows were always closed during flight because if down would cause tail buffeting.
  5. Thanks for the "Likes" Canute, I've seen the mounted PUDGY V ( L model ) many times, only about an hour's drive from home. My Dad and I would go to the annual air show. McGuire Died in a borrowed P-38 L, He was fearful that a silver PUDGY V would scare off any targets. The guess is it was scraped in theater. BobW
  6. Part 1 This is a build of Tamiya's new P-38H-5. The kit is the second P-38 released this year. First was the P-38F/G back at the beginning of the year. I have one of those that I was going to modify into a G model. When this kit was announced in March I put in a pre-order. It didn't show up until the middle of August. I have wanted a early model of the Lighting for a very long time, Just love the sleek lines. When Lockheed moved the Inter-Coolers from the leading edges of the wings to the lower nacelle in the J and L models it spoiled the smooth lin
  7. Thanks everyone for the comments. Matthias, The figure is a casting of a RR Engineer in 1/20.3 ( 15mm) scale. Just there for looks. BobW
  8. Finished It's been some time since the last update. I have had a very busy summer with storms and then doctor visits. Below are the final photos showing the oars, boat hook and the base. Thanks for Looking in, BobW
  9. When I was kid in the 50's, my dad who was a Naval WWII and Korea Vet, acquired some anti-slip stick-on strips. He used them on the cellar steps which were painted 2x10's. They were a black color with what looked like glass beads imbeded. At the right angle the had a sparkle effect. These strips lasted 40 years that I know of. He was one that always went to surplus sales at the Philly Navy Yard, came home with all kinds of what my mom thought was junk. BobW
  10. Part 17 I've pretty much finished with the rigging. Here are a few shots of my progress. Next up, the base board. The flag. I decided to make a 'Admiral of the White' Flag just to have a different look. I made it a little long on the heel side to wrap around the toggle line I made. This starboard side is not a good view, but the toggle can be seen on the vacant halyard. This shot shows the toggles. Shrouds, Deadeyes, and Lanyards. Stern view. The figure is from a 1:20.3 scale railroad maker, I know he
  11. Eric, thanks for Your thoughts. BobG, my daughter dose not have Covid-19. She had heart damage from radiation treatment for Hodgkin's when she was 16. Had to have a aortic valve replaced with a metal one in September. She spent 60 days in U of Penn because of complications. Then she had a stomach bleed which meant another week in hospital. It's been a long haul. BobW
  12. Thanks everyone for the 'Likes'. Greg, My daughter is much improved, I speak with Her quite often. She is toughing this covid-19 alone in Her Townhouse. The youngest son is with His father, because He's afraid of transmittance, since he was up at Rutgers. He was just starting spring break when the lock down hit. And the oldest is in Pa. working for Comcast from home. BobG, My guess is they slacked off the sheet to move it around the Tiller when tacking. I don't think this was a one man sailor. Too much to handle alone. Thanks BobW
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