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  1. Duck Brand Poster Putty. It is used for mounting posters on a wall. Can be ordered on Amazon. Just roll it into a rope and place it on the model. Then add masking tape to the putty to mask the the lighter color. It leaves no residue. https://www.amazon.com/Duck-Poster-Putty-Wht-2oz/dp/B07L7W5KST/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1BWGC4QIB6IST&dchild=1&keywords=poster+putty+for+walls+removable+non+marking&qid=1613361128&sprefix=Poster+putty%2Caps%2C153&sr=8-6 BobW
  2. I'm so sorry for the loss of Your beloved cat. I know the hole in Judy and Your hearts. I lost my dog Max the Sunday before Christmas. He died in my arms too. My Condolences, BobW
  3. Javlin, Thanks for Your comments. The foil should hold up as I sand through the Green Zinc Chromate Primer and the RAF Dark Green. BobW
  4. Down here in South Jersey we call them LadderBack woodpeckers. BobW
  5. Thank You Dave for Your kind thoughts. Everyone thanks for the 'LIKES". The Bare metal foil is for wing roots where there was heavy wear from the ground crew walking. The plan is to use a very fine sandpaper and carefully go down through the paint to show the metal. Where the Alclad II is coated, a chipping fluid will be applied and a toothpick used to 'chip' the bolt heads and panel lines. BobW
  6. Part 8 This is a small update, been busy with with doctors. Our annual check ups all are due for both of us in the New Year. Here is a shot of the gear legs. They are brass for Eduard. Soaked in a vinegar bath, then primed with Alclad II black gloss. This was followed with polished aluminum on the recoil leg and dualminum on the strut leg. These are the wheel and tire combos, made of resin from Eduard. Sprayed with AK rubber black and then brushed with AK airfield dust. This overall shot shows a coat of Alclad II a
  7. EricWilliamMarshall, Yes Daughter is just fine, locked down. Thanks for the thought. Thank You shipman for your kind comments. BobW
  8. Thank You Guys for Your thoughts. One has to move on. Work on the model helps. Thank You BobW
  9. Thanks everyone. It's hard. I keep looking in all in all His favorite 'spots'. BobW
  10. Part 7 Well, It's been awhile since the last update. The holidays were very busy. And my buddy Max, a Min Pin, Pasted after 14 and a half years from congested heart failure. This is a laser Headstone I had made for His Grave. It's only 5" x 7" on black granite. He will be missed. Here is a shot of the canopy and the instrument canvas hood at right. This hood was a sun shield that could be folded forward for a better view of the instrument panel. This a starboard view with the canopy installed. He
  11. Landlubber Mike, I scratch built a deck edge 40mm twin Bofors mount of the USS Monterey CVL 26 in 1/35 scale and used photo etch tie downs. A plastic 'U' channel was used for the tie downs and I milled wood the same height to make the deck even. The tie downs were painted the same as the deck. The color is 'U. S. Navy WWII Flight Deck Stain 21' from White Ensign Colourcoats. Search the web, they are still around. Here is a link to some of my build. Here is a reference photo. Hope this helps, BobW
  12. Part 6 This is the oil coolers that go beneath the nacelles on each boom. Here are the parts of the right boom. Both halves, the oil coolers, and the main gear well. The steel ball weight is in place. This is a crop of the tail fin showing the antenna anchor made from a sewing needle that has been ground flat and CA'ed into a filed slot. Over all shot with booms and elevator on. These parts just 'click' together. I have never worked on a model that fits this well. Rear view, this baby is se
  13. Thanks Lou, and Thanks for the 'LIKES'. Popeye, Yes, it will be painted. The wing roots were a heavy wear area. Not much chipping but the ground crew would be fueling, filling oil tank, and working on the engines. The plan is to paint with yellow zinc primer followed by RAF dark green. This will be weathered and then very gently sanded to show wear rather then chipping. The leading edges of the wings in photos show streaking wear and some chipping. The remainder around the engine access panels will be treated with chipping fluid on the
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