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  1. When I was kid in the 50's, my dad who was a Naval WWII and Korea Vet, acquired some anti-slip stick-on strips. He used them on the cellar steps which were painted 2x10's. They were a black color with what looked like glass beads imbeded. At the right angle the had a sparkle effect. These strips lasted 40 years that I know of. He was one that always went to surplus sales at the Philly Navy Yard, came home with all kinds of what my mom thought was junk. BobW
  2. oneslim


  3. Part 17 I've pretty much finished with the rigging. Here are a few shots of my progress. Next up, the base board. The flag. I decided to make a 'Admiral of the White' Flag just to have a different look. I made it a little long on the heel side to wrap around the toggle line I made. This starboard side is not a good view, but the toggle can be seen on the vacant halyard. This shot shows the toggles. Shrouds, Deadeyes, and Lanyards. Stern view. The figure is from a 1:20.3 scale railroad maker, I know he is a little oversized. Looks good anyway. His head seems to be looking where it should. More to Come BobW
  4. Eric, thanks for Your thoughts. BobG, my daughter dose not have Covid-19. She had heart damage from radiation treatment for Hodgkin's when she was 16. Had to have a aortic valve replaced with a metal one in September. She spent 60 days in U of Penn because of complications. Then she had a stomach bleed which meant another week in hospital. It's been a long haul. BobW
  5. Thanks everyone for the 'Likes'. Greg, My daughter is much improved, I speak with Her quite often. She is toughing this covid-19 alone in Her Townhouse. The youngest son is with His father, because He's afraid of transmittance, since he was up at Rutgers. He was just starting spring break when the lock down hit. And the oldest is in Pa. working for Comcast from home. BobG, My guess is they slacked off the sheet to move it around the Tiller when tacking. I don't think this was a one man sailor. Too much to handle alone. Thanks BobW
  6. Part 16 Well the Head Sails, Foresail and Jib, have been rigged. This image is from Eighteenth-Century Rigs & Rigging, Karl Heinz Marquardt. It shows an rigged Longboat with the sails set. Shown are a number of Items such as: 1. The Boom Sheet Tackle is before the Tiller. 2. A Single Purchase Tackle Halyard at the throat of the Gaff Boom. 3. The run of the Sheets for the Head Sails. 4. A Halyard for the Main Sail to haul it to the boom end. 5. A single Shroud. This image is from The Arming & Fitting of English Ships of War, Brian Lavery . It shows a Mid-18th Century Longboat. Items shown are: 1. The Boom Sheet under the Tiller. 2. The topping Lift has a Single Purchase Tackle. 3. A Single Purchase Tackle Halyard at the throat of the Gaff Boom. 4. The Backstays are close to the Shrouds. This is an overall view of the starboard side. A starboard fore quarter view. A port fore quarter view. A port aft quarter view showing that the Backstays have been shifted forward by one thwart. The Mast Head, getting very busy. Much of this rigging has been changed. If One looks closely the hooks are moussed. I have added two belaying pins. One forward for the Jib Outhaul. Another just in front of the mast for the Gaff Boom Halyard. There is much to do inside. Including Coils, Grapple, Shrouds, and Oars. More to Come BobW
  7. Part 15 I know it's been some time since the last update. The Main Sail has given me trouble but, I have it lashed up and set. This one is the second version, and it does have a couple of 'pin' holes. This is a shot of the Bolt Rope being attached to the with Fluid Matte Medium that is cut 50/50 with IPA. The tape used is Drafting Tape from Walmart, it does not stick very hard to the Slikspan sail. This shows the Bolt Rope attached and the Reef Points mounted. A over hand knot is used and then each has a small drop of the Matte Medium applied to secure it. Here is the Main Sail set. I just have been unable to remove some wrinkles. A slightly different view. The Shrouds and the Fore Stay will be up next. The top of the mast. I have changed some of the rigging with the sails mounted. The tackle for the boom lift should handle the weight of the sail. More to come. BobW
  8. Dan, This very sad news. I don't post much, been around since 2007. Mainly I absorb as much as I can. I always read Your posts, have learned from almost every one. Your build of the Swan Class was a real education for me. You will be much missed. I hope they can ease Your pain. BobW

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