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  1. Part 3 Lining out after faring down to no char on the frames. I'm using 1/8" artist tape, could not find 1/16". The reference point is the top edge. Stern view. Port side aft. Fore view. I used chuck's templates to mark the bow and stern at the ends of the run. Looking aft. Port garboard strake installed and "nailed", using 10Lb. mono that is 0.26mm diameter and a 0.56mm drill bit. Both garboards "nailed" in. Also showing the spool of 10Lb. mono line used, got it on Amazon. More Later Bob W
  2. Part 2 The keel has been coated with Wipe On Poly and glued to the frames. Then it was protected with blue painters tape. The stern was stabilized with a clamp and two guides glued to the base. The transom dose not move while fairing. Getting close, still more work to do on fairing. Almost there, a little more on the transom. View of the bow. More Latter Bob W
  3. Thanks Chuck. Jeff, I used a fresh bottle of Elmer's Rubber Cement, just the smallest amount with a tooth pick. They just about fall off. Any residue is erased with off with a white eraser. Sorry to hear about Your longboat. Hope You get back on track soon. Bob W
  4. Hello Everyone, I would to join this build group of fellow Medway Longboat builders. I have put my 1:48 scale Longboat on hold so as to better understand the spiling process since the strakes are pre-cut. I had some difficulty with small gaps with light showing through. Following are photos of my build. The build board and keel parts laid out. I have marked the slots in the build board because I got tired of counting them. Had to use tape to hold the guides in, they were loose and would fall out. Keel and stern post ready to join. Stem and Keel. False Keel parts had 1/32" scrape added when attaching to the keel to center them for the rabbit. The long piece glued to the keel. Attaching the Floors to the Top Timbers. Test fitting the frames and Keel. Head on view. Over all as she now stands. More to come. Bob W
  5. Travers Tool has 0-80 left hand taps and dies. They have the least expensive quality I have found. LH 0-80 tap: https://www.travers.com/4-flute-left-hand-high-speed-steel-taps/p/14-520-080/ LH 0-80 die:https://www.travers.com/search.aspx?keyword=Left+hand+die+0-80 I have used these to make functioning turnbuckles for the under frame truss rods in 1:20 scale for my Narrow Gauge cars Bob W
  6. Thanks for the likes, Stern view from above. Bow view from above. Bow on view. Side view laying out the bands. Spiling of the first strakes. The first band completed, Bow view. Stern view of the first band completed. Starboard side with the stern post fitted. More to come, Bob W
  7. Hello Everyone, I've had this kit for some time and decided that it will be a good short term project. Also, I purchased the boxwood upgrade from "Crown Timberyard". Crown Timberyard includes 1/32" x 1/8" boxwood for laying the hull strakes. I had some difficulty bending these to shape, so started spiling from a 1/32" sheet of boxwood. It's so much easer to lay the strakes once one spilies. Following are photos of my progress. False Keel added to a boxwood keel. Port side view. Stern View after faring. Port side view. Back in the build board. Build Board with level lines to sight bulkheads, with strips added to the tops of bulkheads and a block to hold the boat. More to come. Bob W
  8. Richmond, I replaced the 4ft fluorescents in my work shop with these: http://www.leevalley.com/en/Hardware/page.aspx?p=76395&cat=53&ap=1 I love them, 3800 lumens at 3000K. Three are hooked up end to end, solid 12ft run. The rest are wired together so one wall switch turns them on or off. They are a bit pricey, but I don't think I'll ever have to replace them. Also, I bought them when they were first offered at $33.00 each. Bob W
  9. CDW, Have you used HGW decals before? I had some Plywood squares for a project. They are very fragile. Fell apart in very small pieces when wet. Had to get some Testors Decal Bonding Spray, (No. 9200), and give them three coats so they would hold up. , Hope This Helps Bob W
  10. Hi Jim, I think what You are looking for is 'Stitching Photos Together' . CS6 has that capability and many photo editing programs do also. The camera is stationary, but rotated latterly in the horizontal plane. Focus can be changed and the photos are 'stitched together' into one wide angle shot. I'm enclosing a shot that was hand held, and made up of 5 photos, I made in the Grand Tetons . There is some distortion, but I think the camera could be moved latterly and still be stitched. Check online for photo stitching. Bob W
  11. The end of photos for workshop homework. First and last photos are working on stern window stops. Photos 2 & 3 show the completed workshop project homework. Bob W

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