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  1. Thank You Gentlemen for the wonderful comments and the Likes. BobW
  2. Thanks everyone for the comments and likes. Matt D, I used Bare Metal Foil on the wings, ( in a early Post ). Then sprayed a coat of AK Chipping Fluid, followed by the color. After a few days i used a sharpened tooth pick to scratch off the color. BobW
  3. Part 11 Here is the bottom after a coat of Alclad II Lacquer Klear Kote matt. The weathering was applied before the Klear Kote. Wheels were added along with the radio antenna. Starboard Bottom wheels and boarding ladder. Aft view of the weathering streaking back on the booms from the turbo-superchargers. The heat quickly damaged the paint. The effect was a freehand airbrushing of tan followed by a light dusting of buff. Then the heavy staining was applied powders using a brush, followed by Klear Kote. Port quarter view. Focus stack of the business end. Cockpit. Turbo-superchargers. Antenna mount. Starboard Prop. Starboard side. Port side. More to Come BobW
  4. Thanks Guys for the comments and 'Likes'. Popeye, the turbos were only painted at that time. They may be the last parts added. Now the bird is only held together with double sided tape. BobW
  5. Part 10 I've been applying decals, 169 of them in all. A good portion of them were so small that they measured less than 1/16th of an inch. Every panel on this bird has a data decal. Here is a little jig I made to line-up the prop markings. This is a overhead view. She is still in gloss coat for the decals to set down. The bottom view, one can just make out the data blurbs in the small removable panels. Port side view. "PUDGY" was McGuire's wife's nickname. This is "PUDGY III', Roman numerals were not applied until 'PUDGY IV" which was a P-38 J. Starboard view, the white decal on the nose side under the windshield lists the ground crew. More to Come BobW
  6. Egilman, I have no personal experience with sea shipping of aircraft. My info came from the "Aircorps Library". They have the manual from Lockheed dated September 1944 titled: "Preparation of Aircraft for Overseas Shipment". This manual only mentions a waterproof paper. Thanks for the info on just how it worked. https://aircorpslibrary.com/ Many Thanks, BobW
  7. Thanks Egilman. Part 9a Here are two shots I missed posting last night. This shows the 'Poster Putty' used to mask a feather edge of the RAF Dark Green over the RAF Medium Gray. Masking tape was added to give full coverage. The white tape is to simulate the sealing tape applied to the panel seams for sea shipment. A water proof paper was applied to all seams of all panels to keep out the sea air while on deck of the transport. A 'Par-Al- Ketone was painted over the tape to seal the edges of it. The sun and weather caused the ketone to damage the paint and left a dark stain where it was used. The wings and tail parts were not effected because they were removed and sealed in wooden crates. Here is a shot of Dick Bong in a early P-38 G, it shows the staining. More to Come, BobW
  8. Part 9 It's been quite a long time since the lat update. I have worked on "Pudgy III" whenever I could grab an hour or two. Life has just been getting in the way. Here is a shot of the lay out for painting the tail markings. Tommy McGuire was Squadron Exec at this time period. These markings were in red with white border. They consisted of red with white border top and bottom of the rudders and the bands on the booms. The zinc chromate yellow was my attempt to show paint worn off down to the primer. This was a failure, the top coat bonded to the primer, and I was reluctant to use solvent. Another view. Here she is with the base coat of RAF Dark Green. Six parts of this color to which one part flat white and two parts of yellow were added to 'fade' the RAF Dark Green. This is a mask that creates a blotted pattern. RAF Dark Green straight was used. Starboard wing blotched. It shows much better in person. Port wing. A shot with a gloss coat of Lacquer in prep for decals. Also a 'Panel Liner' for green camo was used first. Bottom with a "Panel Liner' for grey. This is the color pattern I was trying to match. More to Come BobW
  9. Duck Brand Poster Putty. It is used for mounting posters on a wall. Can be ordered on Amazon. Just roll it into a rope and place it on the model. Then add masking tape to the putty to mask the the lighter color. It leaves no residue. https://www.amazon.com/Duck-Poster-Putty-Wht-2oz/dp/B07L7W5KST/ref=sr_1_6?crid=1BWGC4QIB6IST&dchild=1&keywords=poster+putty+for+walls+removable+non+marking&qid=1613361128&sprefix=Poster+putty%2Caps%2C153&sr=8-6 BobW
  10. I'm so sorry for the loss of Your beloved cat. I know the hole in Judy and Your hearts. I lost my dog Max the Sunday before Christmas. He died in my arms too. My Condolences, BobW
  11. Javlin, Thanks for Your comments. The foil should hold up as I sand through the Green Zinc Chromate Primer and the RAF Dark Green. BobW
  12. Down here in South Jersey we call them LadderBack woodpeckers. BobW
  13. Thank You Dave for Your kind thoughts. Everyone thanks for the 'LIKES". The Bare metal foil is for wing roots where there was heavy wear from the ground crew walking. The plan is to use a very fine sandpaper and carefully go down through the paint to show the metal. Where the Alclad II is coated, a chipping fluid will be applied and a toothpick used to 'chip' the bolt heads and panel lines. BobW
  14. Part 8 This is a small update, been busy with with doctors. Our annual check ups all are due for both of us in the New Year. Here is a shot of the gear legs. They are brass for Eduard. Soaked in a vinegar bath, then primed with Alclad II black gloss. This was followed with polished aluminum on the recoil leg and dualminum on the strut leg. These are the wheel and tire combos, made of resin from Eduard. Sprayed with AK rubber black and then brushed with AK airfield dust. This overall shot shows a coat of Alclad II airframe aluminum and a top coat of clear gloss. This will be a base for chipping. More to Come BobW
  15. EricWilliamMarshall, Yes Daughter is just fine, locked down. Thanks for the thought. Thank You shipman for your kind comments. BobW
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