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  1. Hopeful all are well and thanks for reading this post. I am looking for a discussion to discover insights on best practices for having a workshop space inside a room of a home. It seems dust control, produced by sanding or in-home dust marring an in-progress model, especially the rigging ropes, is a top concern for the model itself and for others who live in the home, dealing with the smells, wood sanding dust, etc, etc. One solution I noted was to turn on the dust vac, attaching the suction hose near the model, while sanding to suck up wood particles, so they would not further add to dust. T
  2. I am a newbie, and I have questions about the Amati Riva Aquarama, relating to its radio controlling when its time to take it for a spin. What kind of radio remote control allows for controlling the Amati transmission kit of the Aquarama? Recommendations on which controller to buy would be appreciated, as the Aquarama is my first RC project, so I am, also, looking for best practices and insights. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for everyone’s feedback/help @Jaager Looks a little better. Thanks. Is that a higher resolution scanned image from the book or just a photo from a phone? I’ll try, too. Thanks.
  4. Glad to be of help @Bob Cleek Am I asking too much to make the numbers visible or does anyone have an idea to what magnification I would need?
  5. Thanks for everyone’s help. I tried a 12x magnification with no luck. What magnification would I need to be able to read? Recommendations are appreciated Clarifying that the 12x was through an IPhone zoom on the camera, 3x through a magnifying glass.
  6. I received my new copy, today, of, The Rigging Of Ships: In The Days Of The Spritsail Topmast, 1600-1720, Anderson, R.C. I noticed on the 24 picture plates, in the front section of the book, there are numbered rigging keys for certain ships, where the picture plate rigging is to be numbered, with a description of the part. Unfortunately the numbers don’t appear on the picture plates, so the rigging key descriptions are not of much use. Does anyone else have the same problem with their copy of the book? For example: Plate 21, Dutch Rigging Plan of about 1700. Turn page to
  7. @trippwj thank you for the details. It would be great if you could post what you have, pages 1-45. I will, also, send you a PM with my email address. Thanks.
  8. @toms10 That is a wonderful find and very useful. Thank you. Still looking for the 1620-1625 version from the SNR, and your version, also, makes an excellent knowledge companion.
  9. I understand that there exists a PDF copy of this available: A treatise on shipbuilding: And a treatise on rigging, written about 1620-1625. London: Society for Nautical Research. Salisbury, W., & Anderson, R. C. (1958). If anyone has it available, I would greatly appreciate a copy. Thanks.
  10. @Ages Of Sail @AgesOfSail Try contacting Jason or Lily at Ages of Sail in San Lorenzo, California. I am pretty sure they will have a solution for you.
  11. Thanks all for your commendable recommendations. I have recently purchased a few of the regarded titles, used, from Ebay, and in the meantime I am finishing up Mastini’s book. And to thunk I think, a “purchase” was how one bought and sold on Tallship. @allanyed I am curious, as this craft is still new to me, would you provide details on/about: “Also consider acquiring a few appropriate original contracts from the same time period once you have selected a ship to build. The following is a portion of page one of an 8 page contract for two fifty gun English ships i
  12. Hi Allen: thanks for offering and your time, but I was able to, very recently, purchase the 480 fittings kit, which includes the parts list.
  13. Are these 2 books the same content? Thanks 1. Seventeenth Century Rigging by R.C.Anderson 2. The Rigging Of Ships: In The Days Of The Spritsail Topmast, 1600-1720, Anderson, R.C. thanks.
  14. I have compiled a list of books that I think would make excellent resources on rigging period ships, and I would like to decrease the list size from 12 to the top 4 or 5 absolute, must-have books, before I purchase. My focus is on modeling 17th Century ships. What would be the top 4 or 5 must have books on rigging? Thanks for recommendations. The Rigging Of Ships: In The Days Of The Spritsail Topmast, 1600-1720, Anderson, R.C. The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War, 1625-1860 by James Lees Eighteenth-Century Rigs & Rigging by Karl Heinz Marquardt The
  15. Are VHT and Billings the same company? This topic made me wonder why one of my propose fittings kits purchases from Billings has a VHT sticker. The ship kit the fittings kit is for is the Jylland, No. 465? I am beginning to wonder if those fittings will work with the Jylland, No 465, because of it being VHT branded.
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