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  1. I am scratch building theBluenose, the plans call for the Dory’s to be made from cardboard, I wasn’t happy with the results and would like to make them in wood, anybody’s ideas would be appreciated
  2. I am in Ontario, Canada, and I have a lot of Ash I harvested myself. So if I can use it for this would be a bonus.
  3. Is ash a good wood for the frame?
  4. I received my plan and started a blog. If I have questions should I ask them in my blog or in here?
  5. I want to thank everyone for their warm welcome and encouragement, I am anxiously awaiting for my plan to arrive
  6. I am a new member. I am a retired machinist/millwright, I am going to attempt to build a Lady Nelson ship. Am I going to be in over my head? I have lots of wood working experience, as I have been building furniture for 30+ years but no modeling expertise.
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