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  1. Jerry, this is Harry again with another question. What kind of glue did you use for the 2nd planking? I’m worried about glue gooshing out as the planks are pressed down.
  2. Well, it was my first time planking and yes it will be covered by a thin veneer second planking. Because it was my first time it isn’t perfect so I’ll need to smooth it out and fill some cracks with something.
  3. Hi, thanks for the glue advice. I used super glue to attach the first planking. Now I need to use some kind of putty to fill the gaps and sand it nice and smooth before adding the second layer of planking. Can someone advise me on what kind of putty to use? I have looked at other comments on this website and I have seen many different kinds of putty have been used. Too many! Thanks Harry
  4. Chuck, I have seen your videos regarding using an iron for edge bending planks which I have done and it worked quite well. How do you yourself do bending in the other direction? In other words to follow the curve of the hull of the ship from bow to stern. I have seen articles on steam, hot water and I have heard of using a hair dryer. Thanks, Harry
  5. Thanks Jerry. It sounds like you used something. I picked up a water based varnish made by Saman which I just applied on the main deck and yes it got sucked right into the wood and seemed to dry right away. My only worry is that by applying a varnish to the deck now makes me wonder if I can glue any of the many things that will be on the deck later. I made a mock up using some of the deck planks and I glued them to a piece of wood I had previously applied a polyurethane to. I used a yellow wood glue made by Evergreen and they are stuck on there real well! I suppose I can use a crazy glue if I
  6. Hi, your ship looks great! I am doing the same model and have just finished planking the main deck and looking at your model I have a million miles of go! Did you use a water based or an oil based urethane or any other kind of finish on the deck or the hull for instance? I’m wondering if I should give everything a coat or two of something. Thanks, Harry
  7. Hi. I am going to start La Niña by Artesania Latina soon. My dad was a Lancaster pilot in WWII and over the last four years I built plastic models of four of the planes he flew starting with the Tiger Moth and ending with the Lancaster. I built a wooden ship a few years ago and now I am going to build another. I apologize for this dumb question. I bought some yellow wood glue but I’m not convinced it’s the right kind for the main construction of the model. Any ideas out there?
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