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  1. Hi all i dont know if anybody uses this brush cleaner / preserver but my son got me some at christmas this year and i have been using it with pretty good results so far (no connections to company) its really easy to use , i dont know where he got it (off the internet i expect) he and his friends use it all the time because they paint a lot of war game figures and they use good/expensive brushes , so they want to keep them in good condition. If you cant make out what it is from my poor photo its called ORIGINAL B &J THE MASTERS brush cleaner and preserver it cleans oi
  2. Hi allenyed good call on the exacto handle i know exactly what you mean, so thats my next job for this stuff, i dont see a problem with it sticking to the round profile of the handle but just to be on the safe side i might file a couple of flat surfaces as insurance cheers sticker
  3. Hi all not long ago i sent for somthing off of a well known auction site ,this was some thermosetting plastic .I wanted to try and mould a handle on to my scalpel ,now the stuff i got arrives as beads but when you put it in hot water above sixty two degrees it changes its state from white beads to a clear squishy lump it only takes a few miniutes , then pour off the water and then mould it around the handle ,after a few mins of manipulating it starts to reset itself , then when you are happy with its shape either leave it or run it under a cold tap and viola! A handle tha
  4. Hi oliver thats a shame , we could have compared notes by the way whats your main project? Cheers sticker
  5. Hi oliver did you ever get started on your granado ? I just wonder ,because if you did then that makes us two the only people i can find that are doing / done this kit, if you havent started then it seems to be just me .i have started my kit this winter and i must admit the plans have had me scratching my head a little ,but ill get through , there dosnt appear to be any build logs anywhere ! unless you know any different and i cant do one myself ( dont have a smart phone ) cheers sticker
  6. Thanks uss frolick will give this a go i always have my radio on while working on models and i have read the books twice so far, cheers sticker
  7. Hi davebaxt in your first post you mention the videos, is that amatis official videos ? i ask this because i had a look for myself and saw that a chap called Davaoshipmodeller has done a series on amatis bounty , he does models for a living and it maybe worth a look ,there do seem to be a few issuses with this kit but he shows you how to get round them, good luck with the kit you will get there ! bluff bows = test of patience cheers sticker
  8. Hi there Davebaxt personally i would not use nails on first planking or nails at all for that matter i think its not a good idea to push into the edge of your bulkheads plywood and MDF (horrible stuff ) they dont take the pressure to well and a line of pins running down from top to bottom cant be good even if its glued just my opinion cheers sticker
  9. Hi there Davebaxt treenails ie nails made of wood/bamboo as opposed to metal ( brass/ copper nails) . To use , drill through plank where it touches the bulkhead (and also into the bulkhead aswell ) side then you would use a glued wooden pin pushed through the plank, because the treenail is tapered it will lock the plank in place ,you should thin down youre pva glue so it swells the pin and dosnt push back out on insertion .Some sort of clamp is a good idea while the glue sets or even a spot of super glue on the inside an a quick spritz of activator for a real belts
  10. Hi there have you thought about treenails youknow from toothpicks by the way which model are you doing that first planks in walnut as this is usually the second planking ? It seems that most models use cheaper wood for first planks which you would just glue down ,but i may be wrong and thats something my wife tells me a lot cheers sticker
  11. Hi all i have the box set of hornblower the tv series and have watched it several times over the years its very enjoyable ,i also have the full set of obrieins books which i have read twice so far ,the books were a hard read at first until you get into patricks style of writing . Ocasionally you have to go back over a sentance (or two) to understand whats going on ,but the second read was a lot better ,think i will try forresters books just because i need to have something to read at night if i dont read i dont sleep well cheers sticker
  12. Hi all the other day i decided it is time for a new model (as i tend to make them in the winter months) this years is bomb vessel granado by AmatiVictory ,but unfortunately i seem to be the only person who is building this version ,most make the caldercraft .But my wife got it for my birthday . So it was time to sort my glues out ,cos i have found that c/a goes off after a year or so .A quick trip to my local model in leeds(yorkshire) was required to replenish my sticky stuff then i can start gluing my fingers to my model /bench/chair /clothes etc .So after filling a tin
  13. Hi reg i had a similar with my model marie jeanne on the gaff jaws the kit just had ropes ,but i like parrel beads .finding somthing like this is not easy ,but then i had a little idea .i have a shot dispenser for fishing and some of the smaller sizes pinched onto the rope and a tiny spot of ca to fix looked just fine and it occured to me tha that alot of the different size shot could substitute for cannonballs of different weights and the colour is spot on as they are a dullish dark grey so if you know someone who goes fishing maybe you can ask them hope this helps sticker
  14. Hi bob ,you may find that the plastic from a 2 litre pop (soda ) bottle is very thin and is easy to get ,,,, great work so far coming along nicely
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