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  1. Hi all i have the box set of hornblower the tv series and have watched it several times over the years its very enjoyable ,i also have the full set of obrieins books which i have read twice so far ,the books were a hard read at first until you get into patricks style of writing . Ocasionally you have to go back over a sentance (or two) to understand whats going on ,but the second read was a lot better ,think i will try forresters books just because i need to have something to read at night if i dont read i dont sleep well cheers sticker
  2. Hi all the other day i decided it is time for a new model (as i tend to make them in the winter months) this years is bomb vessel granado by AmatiVictory ,but unfortunately i seem to be the only person who is building this version ,most make the caldercraft .But my wife got it for my birthday . So it was time to sort my glues out ,cos i have found that c/a goes off after a year or so .A quick trip to my local model in leeds(yorkshire) was required to replenish my sticky stuff then i can start gluing my fingers to my model /bench/chair /clothes etc .So after filling a tin
  3. Hi reg i had a similar with my model marie jeanne on the gaff jaws the kit just had ropes ,but i like parrel beads .finding somthing like this is not easy ,but then i had a little idea .i have a shot dispenser for fishing and some of the smaller sizes pinched onto the rope and a tiny spot of ca to fix looked just fine and it occured to me tha that alot of the different size shot could substitute for cannonballs of different weights and the colour is spot on as they are a dullish dark grey so if you know someone who goes fishing maybe you can ask them hope this helps sticker
  4. Hi bob ,you may find that the plastic from a 2 litre pop (soda ) bottle is very thin and is easy to get ,,,, great work so far coming along nicely
  5. Hi bob dont worry about the symmetry , only you will spot it! the sails and the various colours and patterns on the deck will distract from it , it looks fine from here ( yorkshire) 🙂
  6. Hi bob remember in my post a little while back i think i mentioned that its your model you can do whatever you like ,the pic on the box is really a guide ,its not a jig saw .ithink what youre doing looks just fine ,my models are not perfect and they have my own touch , the people that see them are never going to pull them down because of inaccuracies ,they just wouldnt know . Keep it up ,youre doing great
  7. Hi bob so it looks like im going to have to upgrade my phone (wife won,t let me use hers ) to one with a camera ! Not kidding its one step up from two cans and some string wife calls me a luddite, cheers bob stay safe!
  8. Hi bob i didnt make any build logs because although i work on the maintenance of some quite high tech automated machinery for a large popular retailer here in the uk im quite useless at computer stuff ,i would love to do one for my next project but im apprehensive we,ll see .Reguarding the marie jeanne instructions they were so bad they kind of encourage you to give in ,but luckily im one of those types that if im told that i cant do something then come hell or highwater i will do it or be proved wrong and then sulk for a week .I do my models over the winter months just to pass
  9. HI bob, last winter i built AL,s long boat and quite enjoyed it ( first wooden ship model ) the instructions were good, with a full colour booklet, and good quality wood but alas no name plate .I tried contacting AL but no joy .So any way this winter i bought an old kit of the mari jeanne ....what a contrast simillar instruction as yours ie heres some wood and string, now off you go build a boat .but ive just finished the boat and i happy with it. I made a few alterations ie i left off the dingy it looked wrong .like others i found the transom hard but you get by ,both kits had p
  10. May be that the builder of that particular mast thought it may be a good idea to fit the band but never actually gave it a name. if it wasnt a common thing would it ever gain a name?
  11. Hi horschtl i myself built the long boat and for a first timer i found it to be a good kit not to difficult to do ,and if you have the latest version of the kit with the dvd it should be a pleasant build , but beware of glue spill on the inside of your planks it can be seen on the finished model .also the ribs are exposed so the plywood edges are visible you should have more of the thin second planks than you need so you could lay some of these on the surface for a nicer finish ( i didnt but wished i had ,but i covered all the other surfaces of the ply . it just looks better) one
  12. Hi marcel im building this at the moment and i must admit it throws up some interesting problems ,i.e the transome but you get round it eventually if you dont mind id like to point out a useful video set on YOUTUBE its by a guy called davao look for davaoshipmodeller, he does a full build with visual comments ive found it very usefull so far .... happy modelling and dont be afraid to do your own thing ,its your model it dosnt have to look exactly like the box pics
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