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  1. Since my last update, I added the interior paint over the primer which turned out being slightly darker than the primer itself although honestly not a whole lot different. I thinned it a little but I had more than enough to get me through with extra to spare. I also added the mahogany band: In the instructions it looked like where the band meets the stem and stern, it was kept blunt but I decided to sand them down so that they curved with the hull: After that I glued in the seats and installed the oar locks. I painted the oar lock w
  2. It's been a few weeks because I have not had any days off from work until today. I did manage to chip away at a few things whenever I had a little bit of time at night which I'll outline in this log entry. When I left off, I had finished attaching the stem to the stern and had cut off all the frames even with the gunwale. The next instructions for "The Upper Works" comes at you fast and furious; install seat risers, make cap rails, paint interior, attach mahogany band, and drill cap rail for oar lock pins. It's a lot of stuff crammed into just a few sentences. So I star
  3. @pwog Wow, it does sound like quite a process! Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Are you also cutting the paint with an enamel thinner? I'm guessing that the more thinner used, the quicker the paint could potentially dry? Either way it, sounds like I should just plan on 1 coat === 1 day.
  4. There's some great information on this thread. Thanks to everyone for contributing! I'm wondering if anyone could give their experience with drying time. I realize the answer is probably "it depends" but I'm just trying to estimate what kind of time I should expect from a basic wood model that will take a primer coat and couple additional coats of enamel paint. Are we talking something like 8 hours for each coat (so like 3 days for primer, coat 1, and coat 2)?
  5. @AON Yes that’s a really good point about them snapping off. It’s funny because I managed to do it for just about everything until the very last thing (the stem overlay piece). I was able to get it to glue overnight and about mid morning the next day (after I had posted my last update), I started to hear a slow creaking and then snap! Snap! Snap! Three of them came clean off. 😅 But my stem piece was already glued down and they snapped clean off exactly where I would need to trim them to anyway so win-win. It was a close call though!
  6. I've made some progress over the last week. When I last left off, I had added the frames and was about to start attaching the gunwale strips. The plan asks that you plank the boat up side down with pins stuck through the stem, stern, and frame ends to help shape it. I actually found this to be a little difficult to do because either my pins were too weak or my cutting mat was too tough. I could not get them to stay put. It was a constant source of frustration as I was trying to attach the gunwales. I ended up having to put weigh ton the top of it to keep it down:
  7. I made a little progress today. I gave everything a nice sanding and attached the hull pieces. The one step I had trouble with though is how to attach the transom/stern cleat assembly. I couldn't quite see in the instructions where these parts are supposed to sit on the hull. Was the narrow transom bottom supposed to go flush on the back of the hull? Maybe the narrow end should sit outside? And which side of the cleat assembly should be attached to the hull? The longer side or the shorter side? Pointing to the longer side of the stern cleat. In the end, I did what
  8. This is my first build so I'm not sure how it will turn out but I'm excited to give it a go. I've gone with the Grand Banks Dory by BlueJacket which I've read here is a good introductory kit. I also really enjoy Windlow Homer's work so it just seemed like a great introduction. I had a little bit of confusion about what was supposed to be included in the kit because the listing suggested that there's a paint kit. I reached out to the BlueJacket team and they responded right away which was really nice. In the end I had to put in an order for the paint because it's not included. Not
  9. Thank you, @Nirvana! That's very helpful of you. I'll be sure to look through those videos. And thank you everyone for the warm welcome!
  10. Hi everyone, I thought I'd make an introduction since I finally decided to create an account. I've been looking through everyone's build logs and discussions with a lot of envy. I have been considering getting into builds myself but am still firmly in the research phase of my journey. As a kid I did a number of plastic car builds which were really poor in the end but I thoroughly enjoyed the meditative nature of them. Now many years later I'm looking for something to occupy me in the coming winter which we all know is going to quite solitary with covid and model ships seem like a g
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