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  1. Hi Harry, Thank you. I'm mostly using Gorilla Super Glue Gel XL. Because it's in some kind of a gel form, it gives me a few seconds fiddle with placement compared to a regular super glue.
  2. Some more progress with the second layer of planking. This veneer layer was a little difficult to work with because it was so thin and I clumsily nicked and cracked it on the edges more times than I'd like to admit. I had to replace some areas when that happened which was tedious. I have been following the instructions in order which meant putting the keel on during this final stage of planking but I learned quickly that it's a big pain to deal with it when trying to put on the decking layer. You will see it in these pictures but I took it off when I started the deck planking and w
  3. My first real hull planking is done. It was actually quite a bit more work than I expected. Granted there were a lot of days that I didn't have more time than to do a single plank but even so, it surprised me how much time it took to go through the process of dry fitting, measuring, gluing, fitting, sometimes refitting, sanding, etc. And this model is pretty simple compared to others so I'm thoroughly impressed by everyone who can create masterpieces much more complicated than this one. Maybe there is a smarter way to have done this but with little experience I just followed the in
  4. @Patrick Matthews Your gallery of Pilar is awesome!! The details you've added are perfection. This will be a nice reference for me (and a good way to pick out the irregularities with the Constructo model). I am definitely planning to do the black hull too. I knew going into this model that the color on the box wasn't going to be how it ended up. Your gallery will be super helpful for me with part though. I was going to get a bottle of Minwax Wipe-On Poly. Is this even considered varnish? I've literally never done it before so I don't have a builder's choice yet. I really like how y
  5. After assembling the keel and frames, I started planking the aft deck which, if we're being honest, is more like veneering. Nothing too complicated here except to be aware of the thin "planks" splintering pretty easily. They're pretty thin. And another word of warning is to make sure you're pushing the the deck into place carefully. It's a tight fit and the planks will buckle up pretty easily when they come into contact with the side walls. Or, just use a lot more glue than I did. And it's set in place. After that I formed, the sid
  6. @Ryland Craze I have a feeling I'm heading down a vast rabbit hole as well. But like you said, you never know when it'll come in handy! Now if I can only make the closest bigger. 😄
  7. BONUS LOG POST Even though this build is finished and I've already started my second, I wanted to do a quick follow up. I started to think about how this was my first experience with building model ships and, even though there is a lot of great content on MSW about the tools and material you'll need to get started, I was still kind of fumbling around as I went along. A lot of things maybe aren't really needed at this level and there were also a few things along the way that I found that I needed to modify this specific kit (like adding buoys). I was also curious to see how much it
  8. I recently finished my first build so next I've decided to start on the fishing yacht, Pilar. Why Pilar? For anyone that isn't familiar with this boat, Earnest Hemingway commissioned Pilar in 1934 and he had many adventures with it throughout his life. I studied literature in college (now completely unrelated to my current profession), which is why I think I became fascinated with his boat. I'm starting to see a pattern of the types of builds that interest me; Winslow Homer painted Grand Bank Dory's (my first build) and Earnest Hemingway's beloved fishing yacht draw a connection between art,
  9. I'm officially declaring my first build complete! This has been a really interesting hobby and I'm glad that I allowed myself this experience. I don't think that I would have been able to complete it to any satisfaction level without all of the resources available here so I dedicate it to Model Ship World and everyone who has contributed to its depth of knowledge. I'm especially grateful for the various build logs (both for this Bluejacket model and also other variations of the Dory) to help guide me further where my inexperience was a blocker. Thanks everyone!
  10. Thanks Bradley! Yes, that's right. I have selected the Pilar by Constructo as my next build. I'm hoping I haven't bitten off more than I can chew with it but I'm up for a challenge. I'll make sure to start a build log once I start digging in. 👍
  11. I thought I'd be able to finish earlier in the week but work picked up and the election was very distracting but I'm very close now. I cut the sail based on the specs, hemmed it, sewed the vertical stitches, and glued the line around it per plans: Sewing is a seriously difficult skill the master and one that I clearly have not. But that's ok. This was a great learning experience. The key take-away I learned is that I really don't like working with sailing and rigging. I think I know what my next build won't have. 😄 To create the two
  12. Thanks! I had a roll of window screen mesh left over from when we had to replace a bunch of screens in our place. It sets in there really well but it's too stiff to make the funnels like a real lobster trap would have. There's probably better material to use if someone really wanted to make it accurate. Thanks! And now I know what "kit bashing" means. I feel like I'm part of a secret club now. 🙂
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