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  1. Seems less than that to me since I was "gone" for the past three years. I did note I was mostly unhappy with myself for not keeping an offline copy, a mistake I won't make again.
  2. Actually after the Vanguard I'm never coppering another ship, with all due respect to historical accuracy 😄
  3. I used to have a lot more - I did a very long and detailed logs of my Pegasus and Fair American builds that were lost in the big systems crash a few years ago. I was not happy, mostly at myself for not keeping an offline copies. I quit building after the Vanguard and disappeared from the forums for a long while, just starting back up again.
  4. Not at all, I just posted in the Admin section asking how to do this - it was annoying me and I'm the one doing it. So thanks.
  5. OK, dumb question: I can "quote" a post in a build log so my reply that is days after the original post is connected to that post, but that adds a lot of unnecessary length to the log or I can put a reply at the end which may not make sense disconnected from the early post. Is there another way to insert a reply into a build log at the appropriate and related point - or a better way to connect replies to posts that doesn't add all the unnecessary part? I should know this, I've been a member for a long time, but I went away for four years and just now coming back. Thanks!
  6. Sorry, I've got to stop quoting - I'm posting replies several days after the original and MSW puts replies at the end but my adding the quotes is just making your log double long with the repeated photos - my bad.
  7. My first model is 15 years old now, doesn't show any aging problems with CA, guess I'll check in another 15 to se how its doing. I'm able to wipe off and if not then sand any spillage (as long as its minor) without problem.
  8. I'm in the CA group for 2nd planking, I just don't have the patience for PVA glue at this stage and don't want pin holes and I can do it fairly neatly. Using Chuck's plank bending with my travel iron gets the right shape without soaking and keeps the planks from warping and thus easy to glue on using CA. But there are as many techniques and choices as there are modelers so... My kit is pear wood (which is a HUGE improvement over walnut), but wishing I had the boxwood option. It will be a shame to copper over that beautiful wood.
  9. How did you determine the taper width on the stern? Until I saw your complete sequence of planking, from the first one I would have guessed the stern didn't need that much taper, but clearly it did. I'm starting my Speedy soon so enjoying the learning from your build.
  10. I’ve become a big fan of plank bending. I’m using a travel iron as my heat source, quieter and I think quicker. I even bent planks one way and then reversed it the opposite direction just to see if I could. It worked.
  11. I’ve had my Byrnes saw a long time, it just makes stuff easier. With that in mind I’m interested in comments regarding the new sliding table. Not being a woodworker beyond my modeling I’m not sure of its purpose. What does it do I can’t already do with the sliding gauge and slide bar? Everything about his saw (and Sander which I also have) is great, how would the addition of the sliding table make stuff more easy?
  12. You’ll find all across this forum people rave about the Byrnes saw, I like everyone else love mine. I use it all the time along with my Byrnes Sander. I haven’t sprung for the thickness sander yet, but based on the seemingly shortage of quality strip wood it may be next.
  13. It doesn't really count unless while dropping it you sliced at least one finger with an #11 exacto blade. I have band aides as an essential tool near my work bench.

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