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  1. This started with you saying I was wrong, not sure this photo of a mizzen mast sheet is as definitive as the Peterson diagram specific to the main sheet on a cutter that I used as my reference. However, I’m sure there was more than one way to do things and I’d ask we just leave it at that. My log is about my build and not a debate on sailing practices. And no I have not read the debate on the longboat. I just enjoy building, I’m no expert nor care to be on sailing. I had to get a nautical dictionary just to interpret some build log posts. Back to building.
  2. I don’t see any reference to the main sheet or cutters at all in my copy of Lee’s. Does he have more than the one book? What page did you find it on, I’d be interested to see?
  3. I’ve been here since the 80’s. We’ll just have to disagree, I don’t want to hijack this thread to discuss Texas weather.
  4. Not true, most thunderstorms cause little to no damage. They don’t all include high winds or hail. Odd for you to feel the need to make such a statement on a friendly forum.
  5. Glad you realized that, you definitely can’t. First to clear the throat halyard, second because there will soon be a lot of rope passing around the mast below that anchor point. I made it fairly easily from a piece of flat brass. The hole needs to large enough to accommodate a hook and as long as shown on the plans. Your work from what I see is more than fine, you have every reason to share it. The thunderstorms missed where we are for the most part. As long as there is no damage and I’m at home, I kinda like rip roaring thunderstorm.
  6. As I stated in my post I followed the diagram in Petersson’s. It is as it’s shown there.
  7. Well done! This is where I am at the moment, you’ve done a nice job getting the dead eyes in line. As you note, jigs are nice but equal tension is the challenge however and whatever we use. Don’t I know it. I’ll be glad to be past this step.
  8. Thank you BE, your comments are very much appreciated. As often as I’ve removed or replaced things I feel like I’ve built her twice and there are times, like now, when I’ve slowed to a crawl on progress. What speed I’ve gained comes in large part to having great logs like your Cheerful build as a ready reference and example.
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