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  1. Thanks. I’m making good progress yesterday and today. Back to photos soon.
  2. I was scheduled to be in Southhampton for a cruise to Portugal and Spain this September. We arranged our trip to be there a day early, I pre-purchased tickets to see HMS Victory (and still have the non-refundable tickets). Thanks to Covid, no trip - cruise canceled. I really want to walk aboard HMS Victory, maybe someday. As to the model, I'm sure its amazing but I barely found a place to display Vanguard, so I'll just have to enjoy it through other's build logs.
  3. I’m still here both enjoying and being frustrated by this build. I just ripped off both fashion pieces after staring at them several days and have ripped off planks below the wales more than once, my first drop plank and my desire to do the best possible work hasn’t proven to be a good combination thus far. I’m hoping there is plenty of 3/16ths wood, based on the number of pieces I’ve cut and rejected I'm going to need a lot. To be clear it’s the builder not the model that’s the challenge. Seems everything I do is something I never did for a kit, so I get to learn on the job....good stuff. Here is one recommendation I’ll pass on. My first layer of wales must be a tad low because the fashion pieces, cut exactly to the plans, turned out about 1mm short - which is why I ripped them off to make them longer at the bottom. My counter also needed the fashion piece bent out a little, no two models will be exactly the same. Three months ago I couldn’t rip planks worth a darn, now I’ve ripped 5/32nds at 1/32nd thick, .79mm, which is thin...so yay. So no pictures worth sharing. Patience and perseverance...
  4. Nice work on adding the nets. The location of the chimneys seems peculiar, seems like all the smoke would blow right in the helmsman’s face.
  5. It would be hilarious to put a 1:64 chair on the kitchen counter with a note that says “how many more chairs do we need”
  6. You’re doing a great job. We all make those mistakes. I took off the same plank three times yesterday on Cheerful, just couldn’t get it right. I always try to remember dry-fitting is our friend.
  7. Sand that puppy smooth. The stern looks fine, your ready for the next step
  8. Lou, My most current logs are Cheerful and Nelson, both linked in my signature line below. Next up for me on Cheerful is below the wales planking, with a single planked hull and scale length planks I’m in for an all new adventure.
  9. My post included the link for Lady Nelson,, just click on the ‘here’ hyperlink. It and my other build logs are also linked in my signature line below. However the.pdf I’m referring to is the one created by Chuck on lining the hull which is linked at the beginning of this thread. Clicking Here should also get you there. Welcome to MSW. One suggestion is to select, by click, hold, and drag, text and then on the quote selection block that appears to generate a reply for things you want to comment on as I’ve done with your reply. It keeps from repeating to much text but also generates a notice to the person you’re asking something of and helps them to follow the question. I use it all the time, easy and quick way to get your questions and comments before the forum. There are lots of great people here ready to help you out. If you haven’t selected your first model I highly recommend Vanguard Models which you can find Here @chris watton is an active member of this site he maintains a thread on MSW with his latest product news Here Chuck Passaro also has great models, they are a bit more advanced, but great to visit and follow Here Find some build logs you like and follow them. I’ve learned a lot of what I know from those logs the rest I learned by doing, screwing it up, re-doing, and doing it again. Hope all this helps, again welcome.
  10. Lou, I’m sorry, just seeing this now. I ported over my Lady Nelson log Here I explained in a little detail about how Chuck’s method worked for me there. I’m about to start below the Wales planking on Cheerful Here (which I started instead of Speedy) so I’ll be using it again soon. Hope you’ve found what you were looking for

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