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  1. I'd once again wish to thank everyone for the likes, comments, and following along with my build. On I went to making the Deck Furniture, actually six mini projects and a nice change of pace. The hatches and skylight are based on Chuck’s mini-kits, the companionway was scratch-built. I first made the cross-hatches from boxwood using the Syren mini-kit. These made up into much nicer than the traditional jigsaw kit pieces I’ve used before. With the hatches made and sanded I had the measurements needed to make the frames. As Chuck points out, it’s easier to ma
  2. I join James in recommending you start a build log of your own, it can get confusing for us following to see two different models in the same log. You can learn a lot by reading others, often you learn more by sharing your own. Best of luck on your build.
  3. Likely we’ll founded, this can be tricky. A wire jig as a spacer helps but it’s about care and balance tensioning. Resist the urge to over tighten, it’s not a guitar string. I admire your going a level above on the rigging, nice work. Aside from rat lines I enjoy this stage. I have no idea how I got every historically standing and running rope installed on Pegasus, I’m hoping Cheerful proves a little easier, but I’m months from that. I mentioned this somewhere recently, my most used rigging tools are two large and medium needles with the threading end cut off, leaving a
  4. Your deck is looking great. I share your concern about keeping the guns in place. I use a dap of medium CA gel on each wheel, one of the few places I use the thicker version. Once it’s set they aren’t going anywhere. I was impressed with how much better the barrels look with the Rusty Brown weathering powder.
  5. It does get a bit tricky at this point, your eyes seem to tell you one thing but that doesn't correspond to the tick marks. You really have to trust the marks, I found trimming based on the second bulkhead vs. at the bow worked better, plus constantly rechecking the remaining distance. Your planking is looking great, nice and tight.
  6. My Cheerful coat has lots of coats. Apply it thin, hence the wipe on, it can take as long as 36-48 hours to fully dry. At any time sand it with 400 grit and apply a second coat. Generally 2 coats, but more doesn’t hurt. Just don’t let it gunk up when you apply it. Wipe on, wipe off. It’s great stuff. Doing some practice runs to get a feel for it off ship is an excellent plan.
  7. You can get that second plane with your iron. Clamp one end of the plank to your table and gently twist it while running the iron along the board, like “air ironing.” I did this a lot on my Cheerful, it’s less precise but it gets the job done. Just be careful not to iron your plank holding hand ...he said from experience... I just wet the board with my finger dipped in water. edit...what I said is essentially what BE described
  8. Not at all expensive in the US. I also use water based in some applications. I have no problem with it, but the WOP is better.
  9. Wow, nice images. You’re all in, I’ve never seen a mini observatory like that, way impressive. I miss my trips around the world for my wildlife and landscape photography. I was suppose to go back to Patagonia in March, rescheduled next year due to ... well we all due to what. It’s great you can get those quality images sitting at your house with no travel restrictions.
  10. Minwax Satin Wipe on Poly. Ronseal is a UK thing, not used in the US. I think Home Depot may have a different brand, doesn’t matter, the Wipe On Poly Satin is the key thing. Wipe On is different than other varathanes. It will specifically say Wipe On Poly on the can. It by far is the modelers choice.
  11. Your first 2nd planking looks great, nice job! The common approach used by many modelers on this forum and the one I use is Satin (not Gloss) Wipe On Poly. It seals, looks great, and can be painted over or applied over paint. Your posts don’t indicate where your from, WOP is commonly available in the US, any hardware store has it. There is a UK version, but I don’t recall what it’s called.
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