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  1. The last two items for me to make in completing the hull are the elm tree pumps and the fixed block, the first from Chuck’s mini-kit the second a scratch build. Elm Tree Pumps The first step is applying the 7-10-7 rule to a square piece of boxwood then using that to create the octagon shape of the pumps. The jig I used won’t win any ‘pretty’ awards, I modified it to work from a different jig, but is was effective in holding the small wood piece steady while I shaped it using my favorite finger planer. Between the planer, a file, and a sanding block I was fa
  2. Very nice work. Cherry is such beautiful wood. I’ve used it on two models, I like how it ages, looks even better after a few years.
  3. Thanks for the kind comments Garthog. They really do look authentic with application of the powder. The only thing is they don’t up to a lot of handling once it’s applied, they mar easily, then it’s out with the softest brush to buff it up again. The two long guns, 6 pounders I think, do in fact have a small bore. I’m not sure if it’s accurate or a manufacturing choice. Chuck’s mini kits, of which these are, are so good I’m sure he had a reason. Maybe the brass barrel being so long and skinny wouldn’t hold up with a larger bore.
  4. It takes a little work and application, especially for the barrels, but it really is good stuff once you get the hang of it. Rusty Brown from the Doc O’Briens Weathering Powders set. Be sure to get the weathering powder brush set too. I use three different very soft brushes to apply, burnish, and buff it. I do like how they look, won’t do another cannon without it.
  5. Thanks Alex. I went to high school in Heidelberg, we lived there for 7 years. Our graduation and our prom were held in the castle, beautiful city.
  6. There are many people much better than me, both them are. I’ll use any tool I can to do my own best work. Chris Watten puts hie prototypes together with a Stanley knife. Such things are beyond me.
  7. Thanks Chuck. I’ve become a big fan of Weathering Powder, it gave such a very different and much nicer look to the carronades. Thanks for sharing that in the monograph. I am happy to have rounded my last axel for a while.
  8. Not sure what that lesson would be. I enjoy the use of all tools, including those with or without power. I don’t think something is better or worse based on the tool used. Look at the incredible work of Marslav who uses CNC with his mill. That’s also art.
  9. System crash in 2013. Everything lost. I keep backups of logs now, I didn’t then. Not for me to explain more and it doesn’t matter now.
  10. Thanks BE. I have a lot of such happy days and determining angles😳 It’s all fun though...afterwards...
  11. Is there a source for the needed Cherry wood from the materials list?
  12. Thanks Garthog, I appreciate the comment. You should get the mill. Relatively inexpensive and very handy.
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