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  1. Well I havent had a chance to get to it yet. Will keep you guys posted. Coming soon in the next couple of weeks mb even this sunday, we shall see if I have time.
  2. I have been debating with that. Will be experementing first to see what works better. This weekend should be some progress thou.
  3. Originaly I wanted only 1 chain attached to the lids. Since they were metal and I had to drill them out, corner holes were best option
  4. It will be very time consuming per canon. I need a rope/chain entry in to the hull. Driling a hole wont suffice. I have started on some decor-square pices to mount to run the chain thru. Not much luck yet on production. I will need around 46 entry points. Pieces I am trying to make arpund 1 mm thick Very hard to cut identical thikness. Almost imposible to sand after as they are tiny
  5. Very nice! Ver6 close to what I had in mind. If you look above in to my gun port lids, u will see I have attached 2 rings. So im thinking top part will function like u have in ur discription. Only it will be 2 chains going above in to the hull. And hooked up to the cannon/cariage and 2 lines coming ouy from the port and hooked back up to the gun port lid. That way closing or opening it should pull the canon in the right direction
  6. Yes, I have looked at that ship when I was doing my research. Havent had much progress. Working on a gun port system. Some how have to make them open and close and move the canon at the same time
  7. Trying to create some windows and doors decorations here. Let me know what you guys think. Would they look good or not
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