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  1. Very impressive model! meticulous and meticulous, detailed to every millimeter. Masterpiece!
  2. E mới xin bác tên cuốn sách thuyền buồm tiếng Đức trên group mô hình giấy đó ah
  3. Hello everyone! cordially come from Vietnam ^^ This is the boat I just completed. 1: 200 scale, built out of cardboard. In Vietnam, I call it "bat wing boat" because the sail is like a bat's wing, haha. Just kidding! This is a unique boat type of East Asia (China, Japan, Korea) and Vietnam. However, each country will have a different sail style. See more at my youtube channel : https://bit.ly/3cPSoLR
  4. Hello everyone! Send my cordial greetings from Vietnam! The ship I just launched - USS PC 461 CLASS. It is made from cardboard, and painted with acrylic. Scale 1 : 250
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