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  1. Thanks Steve. Surprised the instructions did not make that clear. I removed the obstruction and it now looks good and the rudder will go through easily. Cheers Umberto
  2. First of all I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I'm in the wrong area and use the wrong terminology. I've just started building the Endeavour, and am in the process of laying the first planking. However I noticed something strange in the instruction at the stern of the ship where the rudder goes. The rudder 'pole' is meant to go all the way through to the deck, how the structure below appears be blocking this from happening. The instruction don't appear to explain what to do here. Has anyone who built the Occre Endeavour come across this or am I am missing something. Do
  3. Sorry I'm really new at this. What does the '4 but shift pattern' mean, when laying down the deck. I'm waiting for delivery of my Occre endeavour, so I'm doing a lot of reading in preparation. Thanks Umberto
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