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  1. I bought a Hardell five speed USB cordless from Amazon here in the US last month. It came with seven collet sizes and an array of do-dads for under $25. I haven't used it yet but it seems reasonably well constructed and durable. Time will tell! It looks very similar in appearance to the Tacklife mentioned above but packaged with more do-dads. Note that the motor doesn't provide a whole lot of torque, so it's only usable for light duty work. FYI, tooter
  2. Thank you Kurt and Roger. So I'm in the process of downsizing my living space to something much smaller and with less available shop space. Maybe even just a second bedroom. That said, I'm in the process of liquidating my furniture shop power tools I was once able to use before old age and health issues set in. Kurt, did the searches and am amazed at the information stowed away on this site. Appreciate the tip. tooter
  3. Setting up my model shop and seeking advice for a band saw selection. Thinking a 9 in. with 62 in. blade being about the right size. Build quality, performance and reliability all keys to my buy choice. So far I have the three Byrnes tools and a DeWalt scroll saw, but needing to slice slabs off 2 in. + thk. billets with a thin kerf so as to not waste material. Also, input for blade choices for this to mill Swiss pear appreciated. Guidance from the masters please? tooter
  4. Hi all! A newbie here to this ship modeling gig. Planning a scratch Bluenose POF build for my first project and made an initial wood purchase from Joe V to get started assembling the keel and fabricating frame members. I just want to share my thoughts about this first time buy experience: - Easy to do business with - Timely response interactions and order fulfillment - Quality product; the Swiss Pear sheets I received are simply outstanding - Cut/surface finish condition top notch, that from a true craftsman I simply can't be more pleased! A shoutout to Joe! Tooter
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