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  1. The seams can be filled in and the etched lines between planks can be cleaned up. Not real visible after this is done. If you plank over the decking make sure you transfer the markings for structures and pieces to be located to the new planks and open up the holes in the deck you will be covering - eliminate the need to measure and cut holes after doing the planking if done as you fit each plank.
  2. I just came across this topic when Chris directed a new comer to MSW to it. I was unaware of it till today and now that I am aware of it, I will be providing the link to those writing to me asking if I can identify or fix their model. It will be a real time saver. I have also provided the link to Mary - our NRG Office Manager - so she can send it to people who contact our office asking for help. This will save her a lot of time and will also save me time (again) when she doesn't direct the questions to me. Like David I wish I could see the face of some who said "OK but how much would you charge to fix it". Kurt
  3. You picked a good brush. Practice and you will soon be doing good enough to feel confident to lay paint down on a model. Good luck Kurt
  4. Yes I have built a few of theirs with more to go. They were vendors at the 2003 NRG Conference and they sold a lot of kits there. The Edmund Fitzgerald in 1/700 was not their best but a lot have been built. There was a problem with warpage of the hull but they replaced it w/o question. I have their USS Panay PG45 - one of the best resin kits I have ever seen - I sure hope I get it built someday.
  5. It's a Turbo I It's now several years old and I think the Turbo II is quieter.
  6. The Fein hose is very flexible. I want to add a small cyclone pre-filter to mine. It resides under a bench with drawers so I need a smaller unit - like would fit on a 5 gal pail. Everything else I have needed comes with the unit.
  7. Multiple light coats is the way to do it. With acrylics one can keep laying down coats until there is good coverage. By the time the second side is shot the other side is ready for another coat.
  8. Fix it. If you don't you will look at it sometime in the future - near or far out - and wish you had. The voice of experience.
  9. The dates are set for the 2021 NRG Conference. October 21-23, 2021 at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum.
  10. Could you please provide the procedure to follow for purchasing Building Chaperone?  

    1. kurtvd19


      The eBook is available for $13.99 on CD or $15.99 on a flash drive.  Postage included for US addresses.  PayPal is the preferred method for payment.  My PayPal address is kurt@modelshipyard.com   Please send an email to me at the same email to let me know you have sent payment by PayPal - so I am sure to see it right away.



  11. I can listen to the TV or stereo in the shop with the vac operating - not silent but quiet enough. Some are more quiet than others - check the specs on their web site.
  12. I have a very quiet Fein shop vac that I connect to my Byrnes tools. The OD of the Fein hose is 1 3/8" + a few thousandths - metric for sure. The thickness sander with it's port on top I just set the vac hose into it w/o worry about the gap and let gravity hold it in place - works fine. With the disc sander I use a rubber adapter that goes over the vac hose and slips into the sander's horizontal port pretty tight - the same with the saw that has the exhaust port as it came from Jim. The other saw I got long before Jim provided an exhaust port - I had a club member who had a machine shop cut a hole in the side piece where Jim attaches the exhaust port that the vac hose fits into. I had a cyclone hooked between the vac and the hose but it was big and it lives in the wood shop now. Will get a smaller cyclone soon for the model shop. 100% of the dust is grabbed from the disc and thickness sanders. Nothing catches the saw dust that comes off the top end of the saw blade (of any table saw as far as I know) - but it's minor compared to what comes off the bottom end and is caught up by the vac. Just like full size saws there is a lot of sawdust that has to be vacuumed out of the saw between uses from the corners.
  13. Compressors are not all that expensive. Unless you need the absolute smallest compressor - which the "airbrush" compressors sold by Badger, Iwata, etc are . There are many sold by Home Depot, Menard's and some chain auto parts stores that are quiet and will also pump up a car or bike tire that are less expensive than the small airbrush compressors. I have even used an air tank that one fills with a gas station compressor - completely silent and adequate for most model jobs. As to paints as long as it is a hobby paint with finely ground pigments, not house paint, most any hobby paint works. I use badger Modelflex Marine paints myself. Do a search for other posts I have made about these paints. Hope this helped, Kurt
  14. The 350 airbrush is adequate for most -BUT stay away from the air cans - expensive and they always run out just before the job is done. I started with an earlier version of this brush in 1960 (Christmas of my 8th grade year) with the air cans - and I never got to be any good until I got a compressor. This was the brush I used for a long time and still use it occasionally. I know of 3 models that took gold medals in the advanced class at the WI Maritime Museum's competition that were painted with this brush (Steve Wheeler and I - can't remember the other guy but I do remember the model). As to fine lines - how often does one need to do a fine line on a ship model? Almost never. I can do a pretty fine line with it - but there are other brushes better at that. Kurt The 350 is a good first airbrush - I got my Grandson started with one when he was about 10. Both of these are available from MSW sponsor USA Airbrush Supply This is the 350 set with the air can adapter - $39.60 This is the set for use with any compressor - $44.00

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