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  1. The instructions plus the photos should give you a good guide but below are a couple of on-line dictionaries that should help. If you want a good print book The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea edited by Peter Kemp is what sits on my shelf. I am not usually a fan of Wikipedia but this reference is pretty good. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_nautical_terms http://phrontistery.info/nautical.html https://officerofthewatch.com/tools/maritime-dictionary/
  2. The NRG store has been doing increased business during the pandemic. People are building and reading.
  3. Bob is right - the Bible when it comes to bending wood. This govt agency more than earns their keep. We had a speaker from the Madison, WI lab speak at the 2007 NRG Conference. After he explained what happens to wood when Ammonia is used to help to bend wood I am very sure nobody in attendance that day has ever used Ammonia again and hopefully has cautioned others not to use it. An interesting ship related item - I visited the Wood Services Product lab in Madison when I participated in a building code class at the U of W - and watched some deflection testing of wood beams. They
  4. MSW Sponsor USA Airbrush Supply has a special LETTERTOSANTA discount offer from now until Wednesday December 3, 2020. 25% off their usual prices. USA Airbrush Supply always has the lowest Badger Airbrush products prices so 25% off can't be beat.
  5. Model Expo's been sending daily emails about their sales. Sign up for their news - they are sponsors here. Check out the other sponsor's links - right side of the MSW main page. Kurt
  6. Some of the books had some pages not printed at 100%. I am sure this has been corrected for future prints.
  7. Toni: Contact Cole Seskind as he purchased Roger Cole's Alert model. If they show on the outside I would follow Roger's work - if they are not on the outside I would put my money on Roger having the right answer. He didn't do things halfway. Roger gave me one of the 6 copies he did up documenting his work on that model - unfortunately it grew legs some time ago... Kurt
  8. I found that the wire tools similar to what is shown here are finer but also a bit deeper/longer even this type makes a pretty smooth copy of the contour. A simple "fairing" of the points marked onto the piecec being made to fit will make a very close fit. The one drawback to this type of tool is the limited depth. They can also be laid into the hull at an angle making the relative depth workable. I have used these mostly to check symmetry. Have also used Klean Klay modeling clay to precisely match the contour but have found that some sort of support for the clay is needed - an unders
  9. Look at the Badger Airbrush paints. The Modelflex Marine Color line has 52 colors. Their RR Colors have a lot more. They are the exact same formula regardless of Marine or RR. These are all ready to use in the airbrush. USS Airbrush Supply is a sponsor here on MSW and note there is a discount for NRG/MSW (hoover the pointer over the banner to see discount code). Discount applies to all products. You will not beat the regular price from USS ABS - before discounts. Kurt
  10. OK. I could never get a jewelers draw plate to work on wood.
  11. I think you will be disappointed as these are meant to compress wire rather than removing material. The wire get longer as it is reduced in diameter. Search for this topic as draw plates have been discussed. Byrnes Model Machines makes a very good draw plate that works great for wood.
  12. The Turkey breast we had Sunday was very moist - use of a good instant read thermometer is a big help.
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