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  1. Can't go wrong with that combo. Being a double action brush you must practice more than with a single action brush - but it is a lot more versatile than a single action. Like any tool - you are not a master with it in 10 minutes.
  2. There will be two more dates for this offer - but stock can be an issue - if you need more time. 7/30 to 8/2 and then 8/6 to 8/9 - same prices if the item you want is available. They will sell out of some of the more popular items.
  3. Actually the hose if of adequate length does a good job of removing pulsation as a problem. The test is - take the hose off the compressor and if it doesn't have a tank there will be some pulsation evident. Reattach the hose and w/o an airbrush check the air flow from the hose. The pulsation should not be evident. This works better the longer the hose, but the 6 or 10 ft braided hoses work fine (not at all sure using the thin plastic hoses). If there is pulsation evident from the end of the hose then adding a tank can help. In all my years of airbrushing using a decent air regulator off the compressor like the photo below with a 8 ft hose I have never had a pulsation issue regardless of the airbrush being used. The regulator acts as an in-line pressure control valve and I would never attempt to use any compressor for airbrushing w/o a pressure regulator. Don't use a regulator in-line closer to the brush but some do but my set up is compact and easy to adjust at the compressor. I now use a TC910 - below that has a tank but I got it more for the slightly extra capacity than for a tank. If you have a pulsation issue putting a storage tank in-line would solve any pulsation issue. Kurt
  4. Don't worry about the names for the photos - one needs the model name and the view - per the list of required photos. Make sure you have renamed the photos to match one of the naming descriptions Eric mentions above - from what your files list it as - a bunch of numbers that might include your name. I am forwarding Eric's post to our web master to check out and fix.
  5. Badger Airbrush Co. is making a special offer for a limited time. This offer will be repeated again - watch their Facebook posts - in case I don't get them posted. Read the info in the box below - note the dates and the requirement that orders from outside the US will need to respond to the email that will be sent upon receipt of the order - limited time to respond. Badger is making this offer because they have not and will not be attending any shows during 2021. The prices shown are what the products would sell for at the shown - prices include shipping & taxes (except foreign supplemental mailing charge). Note the compressor prices - many here have been shopping for a compressor. I have the TC910 unit and it is quiet and will handle any airbrush. Also have the TC908 and it's pretty darn quiet too. http://www.badgerairbrush.com/Special_Offers.asp http://www.badgerairbrush.com/images/NonCon20202021header.jpg
  6. There doesn't appear to be much of frame 11 there now. I would plan to reinforce both forward and aft edges of the joint of frame 10 to the hull planks with epoxy - fill in the gaps. As this is obviously a r/c boat and the outside planking has or will be fiberglassed I would think about a layer of fiberglass on the inside of the hull between frames 10 and 12. If the interior of the hull has already been covered with epoxy or resin the joints of frames 10 & 12 might already be strengthened with the application of resin or epoxy making the joints stronger than they appear. And even the addition of fiberglass might be overkill. Either way take the frame down as low as you need.
  7. Tom: Thanks for the answer on the scale - I completely missed it in the title of the build log. Duh! Kurt
  8. Ed: Not discounting the Starrett idea, but the kit tool is not a bad tool. Match the proper holder to the drill bit and it should tighten down just fine. I got that tool when I built and reviewed the Yankee Hero kit when it came out. I still use it. I think I had commented on the quality of it when I reviewed the kit. Most "everything included" kits have junk tools. Bluejacket is a quality company - they don't provide junk. If it doesn't tighten at all call Bluejacket - you might have a defective tool.
  9. The model exhibit at the Science & Industry Museum was completely reworked just about 2 years ago. Models cleaned and repaired, some new and models put into dioramas. Big improvement. Kurt
  10. The cylinders shown are small but one doesn't need a gas leak of any size. My little torch is set up on much larger tanks. Tanks should always be turned off when finished.
  11. Go with the tried and true Smith Little Torch. Quality w/o questions of reliability.
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