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  1. Ship Ahoy Models has exactly what you need. He makes a conversion set with a larger motor and everything you need to make the saw more powerful. Kurt http://shipahoymodels.com
  2. You can always call the office and provide your card number to Mary. 585-968-8111. Kurt Wayne: The problems you describe do happen - a lot. We had to add a notice to the last page of the Journal because of this problem. What confuses me is why we get a Journal returned with "NO SUCH ADDRESS" stamped on the cover (they discard the Journal and make us pay $0.61 to get the cover back) from a member who's been with us for years and we call or email the member who says that's his address and he's still there. We send another Journal and all is well. The other thing is the USPS system that has to verify addresses (used by the bulk mail center) rejects 6 to 8 every time we print the Journals. We check with the member and the address is accurate but the "system" rejects it - this happens with most colleges for some reason - and we have to mail these from the office. We send they by periodic rate from Westmont, w/o a problem, but we are not automated here. Nobody I have checked with at the PO can tell me what's wrong with the addresses. We now mail almost 50 from the office due to this issue and they all get delivered but the automated system will not accept them. And you are correct that you do your best - the horror stories of foreign mail delivery make our system look very good in comparison. We find it almost impossible for our members in the Philippines to get their copies. Kurt
  3. We ask for a phone number - not a cell phone number - but what is important is your email address. When we get Journals returned with a bad address (caused by postal errors) we need to be able to contact you. Without a phone number or an email address it doesn't make sense to try to contact you by letter with an address that has been deemed bad by the post office. So we wind up waiting for a disgruntled member to ask where their Journal is - now that we have contact we can deal with the problem. We do need the email section filled out. Kurt
  4. Go to the link below and you can download the instructions and parts list for the kit to preview the entire build. https://modelexpo-online.com/model-shipways-pride-of-baltimore-2-1-64-scale This is a pretty small kit at 1/64 scale and in my opinion smaller kits are harder to rig. Have you looked at their Glad Tidings kit? It's a larger scale but not a large model when completed and the rigging will be easier at a larger scale (at least in my opinion). Kurt
  5. Please check the copyright information for this kit. If it copyrighted making a copy to send to another is not legal. Copyright infringement is prohibited here on MSW. Kurt
  6. Anybody joining or renewing for 2 years to get the free HMS Winchelsea access, please send an email to the NRG office after sending your payment to let Mary know that it is your intent to get access to the project/plans. It will save time by her not having to email you to determine if you want the access or not. Yeah, believe it or not some are just joining or renewing w/o wanting access! NRG Office email - nrghomeoffice@gmail.com Take care, Kurt
  7. HMS WINCHELSEA - SPECIAL OFFER For a limited time, MSW members who join the NRG will be given free access to the plans here on MSW as our thank you for joining the NRG and supporting MSW. For the same limited time, any current NRG member who wishes to renew their membership for an additional two years will also receive this bonus. Your membership does not need to be getting ready to expire to take advantage of this offer. Use the MORE button at the top of the MSW home page to access the NRG web site to join / renew or this link https://www.thenrg.org/join-the-nrg.php Offer expires on September 30, 2019.
  8. Kevin: Check out this video - he makes it look simple - but I can attest that you can't go wrong if you follow his advice and techniques. Paul is a MSW member. Kurt
  9. Digital subscribers can access their Autumn - 64.3 Nautical Research Journals now. The print copies will be mailed late next week. Kurt
  10. They are a MSW sponsor and would not be allowed to be a sponsor if they sold pirated kits. Kurt
  11. Yeah, I realized that later. But when you do I know you will be incorporating the extras I didn't included.😀
  12. Russ: Glad to see another Chaperon on the building ways. I am almost tempted to build another and do some of the things that I didn't have time to do before (and meet the magazine deadlines). Eric and others have added the details and I hope you follow suit. Have fun... Kurt
  13. There is an opening on the front end of the belt guard. There are flats on the shaft for a 3/8-inch open end wrench to hold the shaft from turning. Kurt
  14. Bruce: I meant to include this drawing inmy previous reply. It was made to illustrate a single planked hull and how to check for fairness and the need to possibly shim some areas or sand others to get a fair run of the planks. But it shows how the planks can run straight between bulkheads. The kit this drawing was referring to had plenty of bulkheads for single planking - a rare kit - but the idea works to illustrate my point from earlier. Good luck on your build and please do a build log. Kurt

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