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  1. The rigging line in the kit is better than the typical kit line but I got spoiled with Chuck's rigging line. There is no comparison between Chuck's line to any kit's rigging line. However, if I had known that Chuck was dropping the rope I probably wouldn't have mentioned it. In fact I have now edited out that sentence.
  2. I was in a store the other day that had big X's on the floor for distancing. I told the guy ahead of me in line who was standing square on the X "You must never have seen Roadrunner cartoons or you wouldn't be standing on that X" - I was standing well clear of the X where I should have been standing. He looked at me with a look on his face - what wasn't hidden by the mask - that showed he didn't understand my comment at - turned back around and then it dawned on him what I was referring to - he turned and gave me a thumbs up. I think under his mask he was smiling.
  3. Below is the entire bit in the original Shop Notes that was initially referenced. Below that is the original published in the Secretaries Newsletter Vol 3 - pg 25. It is an exact copy of the referenced text that I found in the #3 SNL file on the CD. It was a shop note in the SNL - no other related info. Kurt PLANKED DECKS by John J. Flynn (3-2) If one is at all apprehensive about an individually laid planked deck opening up, make allowances for a double deck. The lower planking should be laid at a 45 degree angle to the center of the ship. In the past I used
  4. This has been discussed here - you can do a search and see if your questions have already been answered.
  5. Just shear alone will not be an issue with models. What will break a joint is a sharp rap to the piece - deck house on deck bumped from the side.
  6. C/A glue doesn't have a lot of shear strength - but I don't anticipate planking being subjected to much in the way of shear force. Or decking, or deck furniture. As to hiding the glue on bare wood that I commented on earlier... The Journal currently at the printer features on of Steve Wheeler's models. There is a photo of the hull showing the glue marks in a photo before finish was applied. The photo that shows the marks best is the exterior of the hull but the interior had similar markings and the photos of the finished interior show none of the marks after the finish was applied.
  7. Master modeler Steve Wheeler used thin C/A on bare wood and never worried about the C/A marks as he applied Floquil's F110015 Flat Finish Matte (the jar is also marked as enamel) as an over spray and the C/A marks disappear completely. Steve showed before and after photographs in several articles he wrote for both Ships in Scale magazine and the nautical Research journal. He only ever used this particular product and it is no longer made but any petroleum based clear should work - acrylics were tested and don't work. The marks were made with thin C/A and no build up of C/A - the thin soaked
  8. Reading the instructions all the way through can head off situations like this. In my writing I always advise right up front that reading the instructions completely is the single biggest step one can take to assure a good build.
  9. If you ever have to repair the model or repair a model made by another you will wish the masts have not been glued in place.
  10. One of our club members purchased one when he built a violin and he continues to use if for model ship building. He's very happy with the one he purchased.
  11. And with digital photography you see immediately if the exposure was good or not - no need to figure the exposure factor for the tube or tubes used.
  12. I have an old Champaign bottle - nice and heavy. Fill it with water and soak plank for 2-3 minutes and if it needs more to bend use a hair dryer to heat it - clamp in place and glue down when dry.
  13. At the 2003 NRG Conference here near Chicago Fred Hocker the Vasa curator was talking about their studies of the colors it was painted. He said that he was aware that Vasa builders would argue that the blue used on their model was more accurate than the other guy's paint. He conclude it with a scientific explanation of how the polluted waters of the harbor had chemically changed the original paint and that the studies showed that it was RED not blue!
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