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  1. We are mailing the first 6 kits today. A bunch more are ready but pending payment. The office sends tracking numbers when kits are shipped. As the PDF instruction manual isn't yet posted for download it will also be emailed. Kurt
  2. PLEASE HELP US WHEN ORDERING Please help make it easier on the office as we are finishing the conference registration process along with the usual membership renewals, etc. by providing the following information when emailing the office about purchasing a kit. We are getting emails saying “I want to buy the planking kit” without a name or address or how you want to pay. This makes it necessary to send an email asking for this information. Also, the prices are listed here, please don’t email the office asking how much the kit is or how much the shipping is. If you want a PayPal Invoice sent, we need to know your name and PayPal address. We also need your complete name and mailing address in the email – please don’t make Mary send emails asking for this information. If you are using a credit card the best way to order is by calling the office. Or by email, please provide the name on the card, your name and address and the card number and expiration date and security # off the back side. Feel free to send the card details in a separate email. Thanks
  3. The final shipping weight was a bit less than earlier calculations so we have been able to reduce the US shipping to $10.00. Unfortunately the weight difference doesn't affect non US shipments. We will refund the $5.00 for those who paid the higher US shipping. The shipping date has been moved up to starting 10-16-19. Kurt
  4. We can now take orders for a limited number of the Half Hull Planking Kits Go to the NRG News topic area for details.
  5. We can now take orders for the Half Hull Planking Kit The number of kits on hand is limited due to the lead time for the laser cut parts. We will only take orders for the number of kits on hand. We are awaiting the basswood sheet material that is due very soon – everything else is in stock now. The kit is not yet listed at the NRG Store, and when it is, we will update this, but we can now take orders through the NRG Office. Payments by credit card or PayPal can be accepted now. Call the office directly or send an email. See the NRG web site for the phone and email. (Not listed here to thwart robots/spammers) The price is $65.00 for non-NRG members. NRG members get the member’s 20% discount price of $52.00. Prices are plus shipping. US shipping is $10.00. Canada shipping is $20.00. Other non-US shipping is $26.00. Shipments will be made as soon as the wood sheets are in stock – expected shipping is the week of 10-22-19.
  6. The State of MA has strict tax laws and vendors must have a MA Tax account to sell there that the Museum is enforcing so there will only be Train Troll a kit mfg. who has a lot of waterline boats meant for RR layouts - I am currently building my second such kit - they are excellent. Bluejacket will be there showing their products bet can not sell at the conference. There will be attending member's models on display. Kurt
  7. I wouldn't try to wood burn plank seams - unless you are a true artist with the tool. Plank the hull with individual planks. Kurt
  8. Eric: That's what I meant. No need for the box to be any wider than adequate clearance for the wheels/buckets. I think the artist might have used photos of other boats as reference for the painting and the referenced boats had wider wheels. Kurt
  9. Eric: Unless I am seeing something wrong, the painting shows a wide box but it only comes to the side of the boiler deck cabin. I think it might be a matter of the visual perspective as to how wide the box appears in the painting. You have made the paddle wheels and buckets per the wreck and the box should be sized accordingly. There is nothing gained by making them wider than is needed for clearance of the wheels/buckets. With the photos of the other boats, I think they had wider wheels - thus the wider box. Kurt
  10. I am willing to bet it has been described as "A MUSEUM QUALITY MODEL"
  11. Ordinary solder does not accept blackening agents - one of the reasons many say to silver solder. Stay-Brite does accept blackening well at least if the joints are neat. Have used Birchwood Casey Brass Black on soldered joint w/o there being any difference over the solder vs the brass - not excessive amounts of solder. Kurt
  12. Congratulations Keith. You and your fellow club members did good. Our local IPMS club has had wooden boats or ships win best boat/ship several times as well as overall best of show over some pretty good resin and plastic models. Wooden boats/ships are becoming more common at IPMS shows. Wood boat/ship modelers shouldn't be afraid of entering IPMS shows - they appreciate good modeling. Kurt
  13. Peter: First, welcome to the NRG. Thanks for your support. Send an email to Mary at the office nrghomeoffice - at - gmail.com - substitute @ for the -at- (keep the robots from snagging the email address) and provide your correct email address to her. She will get it taken care of. Take care, Kurt
  14. Here are two places that sell some hardwood strips and sheets Balsa Wood Shop - www.balsawoodshop.com - they sell Black Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Oak and Bass besides balsa. National Balsa - www.nationalbalsa.com - they sell Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, Bass and balsa. Kurt
  15. I used plastic lens Optivisors and the lenses were clean and not scratched. Absolutely no comparison to the quality of the glass lenses in Optivisors. Whatever focal length/magnification the glass is far superior to the plastic. After I got the glass lens set some local club members tried my plastic and my glass Optivisors and went out and got glass. Plastic might be perfectly acceptable for some but not for me after trying the glass. This product looks like an exact copy of the brand-name Optivisor - wonder what the origin of the product is - China maybe? At the price I would bet on it! Kurt

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