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  1. I was very confused until I remembered that somebody posted a reference to IKEA. We have never set foot in an IKEA after our first and only visit when I told Mary we are out of here. Before I retired IKEA considered putting a store in my community. I told them no problem but there would be no deviations from the life safety & building codes on ALL exiting requirements and that included the line of sight to exits with proper markings. Distance measured in actual path to the exit not straight line before all the walls, etc. I informed the Mayor prior to the meeting that they
  2. Ken is absolutely not an artist which he readily admits. But he has a practical, down to Earth way of explaining how airbrushes work and how to use them. He is without question the most approachable and helpful ambassador of airbrushing. This video is absolutely worth the time it takes to watch. If you want to learn the basics this one is hard to beat. I recommend it to everybody who asks me how to get started. Thanks for mentioning this video Ron.
  3. Diver: I am a Badger user. But anything I say can be applied to any name brand airbrush. The rip offs sold by Harbor Freight and similar places are to be avoided as the junk they are. If you want a simple to use airbrush that will give a good finish with the lowest learning curve the Badger 350 is my recommendation. I got the equivalent model in 1960 and used it exclusively for many years and still use it occasionally. I reach for it when I have larger areas to cover and that 12" Fiat with one main color is well withing the 350's capability. It is an single action, extern
  4. Diver: First, what do you plan to paint? Miniatures or large r/c boats? I can help but you first need to describe what you plan to paint and what kind of paints you plan to use (if you have any thoughts on paint at this stage). There are great airbrushes for fine detail and there are great airbrushes for general painting. They are not often the same brush. Do you have an air compressor? There are a lot of variables that make a choice of a brush difficult. Answer these questions and I am sure we can set you up. Kurt
  5. Isn't it true that nobody sells anything for more than Micro-Mark?
  6. I agree with Eric that it is more likely a spar than any sort of cover rolled up. Way too uniform to be anything rolled up - especially that far above the deck. No sag. The roll down tarps in your photos show sag and nonuniform gathering as would be expected with tarps.
  7. A finish is applied after the parts are assembled and sanded. It is a very rare part that isn't processed in some way after being removed from the sheet. I can't think of any laser cut part that can be finished prior to sanding to some extent.
  8. Below are a couple of pick up devices I have had for many years. The small one is the one I have used the most - simply squeeze the blue bulb place over the part to work with and squeeze again to release it. Using the larger one is a matter of pushing down on the black button grab the part by releasing it and pushing it again to release the part. It came with 2 or 3 other tips. Both work great.
  9. Randy: I think the Howard Steamboat Museum still has brand new copies for sale. I got my copy there. https://www.howardsteamboatmuseum.org/ Kurt
  10. There are a couple of discussions regarding using plans in the shop that you can check out by doing a search. Many hang the plans using various means. My shop cat just sheds on the plans - and everything else in the shop. My worst problem with him is moving him if I need to view the plans that are laid out on a large drafting table - he is able to channel super power forces to suddenly be able to apply hundreds of pounds of force downward to resist being moved. I usually clamp my plans to a sheet of foam core board and set this on a large easel adjacent to my work table. Large plans
  11. Regarding using tape as a Zero Clearance fix. If you have a Preac saw and are not a machinist you can't use a Zero Clearance insert due to the saw never having had one to start with. I have at times used tape on the Preac when the stock being cut is very thin. Stock, unmodified Preac's can cut a maximum of 1/4" due to the design of the saw. The slot in the table top for the blade measures 0.088" wide. The slitting blades for the Preac range from real thin up to about 0.045 - I am sure there are thicker blades that will fit but they aren't commonly used on this saw. Most consider a 0.
  12. NEPTUNIA is a publication of the ASSOCIATION OF FRIENDS OF THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM - Musée de la Marine de Paris The NRG has a special relationship where we occasionally print articles from the other's Journals - with permission of the writers. This is essentially the only time we print previously published works due to an article being of special interest to our members. Our Editors handle translations as they publish only in French. Their web site is listed below. https://www.aamm.fr/
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