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  1. Even the most expert modelers started as newbies. Their first models were not equal to others that followed - each one was an improvement over the previous models. The more experienced one gets the more time they take to do each step. When each step is done at a comfortable pace the build progresses faster due to not screwing things up and having to redo them or make adjustments to subsequent assemblies because the earlier steps were haphazard / rushed causing fit issues later.
  2. No. Just took me a bit to find my link to the company. They are in Poland and ship quick and the shipping costs were very reasonable. A lot of product can fit in a #10 envelope. Steve Wheeler and I purchased a lot of parts from this place. We would pool our orders together - it gave us an excuse to get together. Everything we got was of very good quality and they are quick to get the parts in the mail. https://www.rbmodel.com
  3. I have scratch built turnbuckles but I found a source for very well made brass turnbuckles at a very reasonable price and will not scratch build another turnbuckle. These are for more modern boats than steam riverboats where I will still have to scratch build them.
  4. I use Badger paints exclusively and their Anti-Fouling Red Oxide matches the old Floquil color of Boxcar Red / Red Oxide as close as my eyes could match them. I usually apply the Anti-Fouling Red Oxide over black to achieve a slightly darker color. Barns and steamboat decks were painted red because red was the cheapest color and readily available. The color varied from region to region based on the available red clay in the area. So one red isn't any more accurate than another - within the range of colors available in the region. Boats built in the same area or refurbished in the same area would have very similar reds vs a boat from another area.
  5. Basic membership level - and all other levels of membership. Basic Membership Levels: Digital Journal only = $40. Print Journal only = $55 Digital and Print Journals = $65
  6. As previously stated - every page of every issue is reproduced exactly as originally printed. They are PDFs and can be printed for shop reference. I have the digital sets of course but for serious research and reference I use the digital files to look up data and then if it's what I want I go to my bookshelves and use the print copies for reading. If I need copies for the research file I download the digital pages to my subject files. I will not get rid of the print copies I have because taking the laptop to the john just isn't for me!
  7. I know what you mean - about who they are acting like. I wrote to a company to alert them to piracy of their work and they never responded. This seems to be common. Just don't try it with anything that has a "MAC" in it - one of our neighbors by us will have a team of lawyers knocking on your door saying they don't care if it's a widget and not a hamburger but you can't use those 3 letters in anything -- according to them and they are so big it's fruitless to even consider going against them - the other extreme.
  8. But they are still protected which you obviously know - just mentioning it here for those who think because they are OOB that it's free pickings. I share your opinion of the company - they went OOB multiple times - I think it was twice before the final time. Those of us who subscribed got shorted any issues still remaining on our subscriptions and had to resubscribe in order to get those we were shorted in our previous subscription. I did this twice and before the third and final time I was able to purchase my mentor's (Dana McCalip - longest serving NRG Director at his death in 1998 - 25 years) collection when he passed away. I got a complete set at that time minus the issues he had articles in that the family wanted to retain. I was able to get copies of those issues by trading some copies of multiple issues I had on hand. Only lack a few for the complete set and at this stage I am not looking to complete the set. Kurt
  9. Authors who write for the Nautical Research Journal provide us (within our writer's agreement) with license to publish their work in the Journal and also exactly as we printed it originally in the collections we publish on disc/flash drives and on our website. Authors do retain their copyright and are free to publish it elsewhere 90 days or more after our original printing it in the Journal. I wrote many articles for Ships in Scale (94) as well as Model Ship Builder and they had almost identical agreements as the NRG. I retain all my copyrights to these articles and have resold some later. Kurt
  10. Also, not listed is the new complete collection of Ships in Scale magazine - on a flash drive for $99.95 plus shipping. Everything from the first issue to the last. Must call the office until the store section is updated (pending).
  11. Thank you Matt. And Thank You on behalf of the MSW Staff who do such a great job.
  12. With your help, we stay on course. Dear Friend of the Nautical Research Guild & Model Ship World, Since the beginning of 2021, our shared passion for model ships and maritime subjects has brought serious ship modeling hobbyists together in previously unimaginable ways as we have tried to keep our unique pastime viable and vibrant for you, the members of the NRG and our Model Ship World forum. The NRG’s directors – along with other volunteers – have been working harder than ever to connect with you as well as keep you informed and focused on the future of model ship building. It’s been a privilege t0 engage many of you in online activity and to see so many new visitors to the NRG and MSW web sites; our broad resources are now more accessible than ever before with a dramatically expanded and improved internet presence. In order to sustain and increase our ability to respond and to plan for the future, we need your help. Your support enables us to ensure we can continue to expand our offerings, a new scholarship program as well as more diverse modeling projects. It’s for all these reasons that we ask for your help right now. Please make a gift to Model Ship World for 2021 so we can do more to support this hobby that you and other members enjoy. MSW is part of The NRG which is a 501(c)(3) not- for-profit corporation. If you are a U.S. taxpayer, your donation is tax deductible; of course, all donations are appreciated no matter where in the world you live. Thank You, Can we count on your support? The Directors of the Nautical Research Guild & The Administrators & Moderators of Model Ship World For your convenience, donations may be made online at the following links: DONATE NRG and on the MSW homepage, use the PLEASE HELP SUPPORT MSW box on the upper right area of the MSW home page. Donations can be made with PayPal or your check made payable to the NRG,** and sent to our office: The NRG 237 S Lincoln St, Westmont, IL 60559 *Checks must be issued from a U.S.- based bank. **If you wish your donation to be used for maintaining our MSW forum, please make a notation on the check or on a separate piece of paper to indicate this preference. If using the NRG donate button there is an area there for comments. Please Do not make your check payable to ModelShipWorld!
  13. I can attest to Model Expo changing to making the boiler from thinner material. I was building the kit from early parts and providing feedback that was used to make some minor corrections in the text and to thin down the thickness of the SS used for the boiler. Ken Foran is a big guy with big hands and had no problems with the prototype boiler material but even though I have big hands I only got the boiler material formed into a cylinder because I have a small metal roller that was just big enough to do the job on the boiler.
  14. Last year I replaced all the windows in my house with those expensive, double-pane, energy-efficient kind. Today, I got a call from Home Depot who installed them. The caller complained that the work had been completed a year ago and I still hadn't paid for them. Helloooo,........... just because I'm a Senior Citizen doesn't mean that I am automatically mentally challenged. So, I told him just what his fast-talking sales guy told me last year-- that........ these windows would pay for themselves in a year--- Hellooooo? It's been a year, so they're paid for, I told him. There was only silence at the other end of the line, so I finally hung up. He never called back. I bet he felt like an idiot.
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