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  1. All of the gunports and guns are finished. I also added the spears to the transom figures. Next up is to construct and fish the anchors, complete the course rigging lines and touch her up. She will then be completed! Maybe 2 more weeks at most. I will have 5-1/2 years into her. 😁 Vince P.
  2. Working on constructing the gunport doors. Made from scratch of course. There are 4 gun decks and each deck has different sized gunports. I did not use the door hinges supplied in the kit because they are chunky and only one size is provided. Different sizes are needed for the various sizes of gunports on the 4 decks. Hull preparation 1. I used small eyebolts and pieces of 1mm brass wire which were blackened, to make the hinges on the hull above each gunport. 2. The rain gutters are placed on those ports that require them. I bought these and blackened them as well. Door construction I start out on each deck with measuring the opening of the gunport in the hull. 1. A piece of 2mm thick walnut plywood is cut to size and painted dark red to match the inside of the bulwarks. 2. Planking strips are placed over the plywood to match the outside of the hull and trimmed to the correct size for the ports. 3. Hinge plates are glued to the outside of the doors and cut down eye bolts are placed for the pull open ropes. Smaller ports have 1 and larger ones have 2. 4. Pull closed ropes are attached to an eyebolt on the underside of each door. ( This is a feature that is left out of most models because of either scale size or the fact that they can't be seen easily.) Door placement 1. The pull open ropes are attached to the hull above each port. 2. The doors are hung in the open position and the pull open ropes are secured to the eyebolts on the doors. 3. Once all of the doors are placed on each deck starting from the top, the false guns and blackened and mounted in each port. Vince P.
  3. Finally finished the mizzen rigging and the poop deck flag. I have tied my last clove hitch on this baby. Other that the lower corner lines on the fore and main course, the rigging is essentially completed. That was a major project. The amount of rigging thread used, even though I am not wasteful, was at least 4 times what was supplied. It seems most kits short you on the rigging thread. Next up is to construct and place the open gunport lids and the guns. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A couple of months and she will be completed. Vince P.
  4. The stern lanterns are constructed and mounted. I used some 0.8mm brass wire for the side brackets. The main supports came with the kit. I painted the lanterns so it looks like candle light in the windows. Next up is to finish the mizzen shrouds and backstays. Vince P.
  5. Finally finished the standing rigging for the mainmast. All that is left are the corner lines for the main course sail. They will be added at the very end of the build. Currently working on the stern lanterns and the lower shrouds and backstays for the mizzen mast. Vince P.
  6. The mizzen mast is completed with all of the running rigging and the poop deck flag pole is installed. The lower shrouds and backstays will be completed later. Next up is to complete the main mast lower shrouds and back stays. Vince P.
  7. The mizzen mast is stepped into the ship and now awaits the standing rigging and the belay of the running rigging. Vince P.
  8. Hi Martin, The latest version of the kit is 2008. If you contact Mantua, or Ages of Sail, they may be able to get you a new set of plans. You can go to the Mantua Help Website (WWW.mantuahelp.com) and download a new instruction manual for free. Also, the drawings for the templates can also be downloaded and you just have to enlarge them to a 1:1 scale. All of the newer plans labeled 2008 are drawn to scale. 1:1 Good luck, Vince
  9. The mizzen mast is completed and is ready to step into the ship. Vince P.
  10. If you run into any specific problems, and I am sure you will with that kit, just shoot me a message and I will try to help you out. Like I said, I have been through all of it. Vince P.
  11. Me too! Mark and I are builders of Euromodel ships. Mark did a fabulous job on his Royal William, and I am still in the process of finishing mine. You are quite correct about Peter Coward (Pirate Pete). He is the man to count on with any and all questions about Euromodel ships. Good luck, Vince P.
  12. Hi Kytara. I completed this model and have a complete build log and a gallery post on this site. The build log goes in to great detail the problems I encountered and how to fix them. Vince P.
  13. The mizzen mast with the crossjack and the lateen yard and sail. Vince P.
  14. I am constructing the mizzen mast, the last one to go. As usual, I will complete it off ship first. Vince P.

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