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  1. Absolutely beautiful. This is a very inspirational build. Thank your for sharing your construction methods. I hope you don't mind if we share your build log with our customers. Sharing the link, at least.
  2. Hello Everyone, We just wanted to let folks know that we are still open for business and shipping regularly in this odd reality of the COVID-19 outbreak. As we posted on our own blog last week, while we are taking measures to keep both employees and customers safe, we shut down our showroom to the public. Also, while we have a very large inventory of kits, fittings, and supplies, some imported items are running low or are out of stock. Given the problems in Europe, we're expecting it may be some time before we get some of these shipments in. Fortunately, w
  3. Hello folks, exciting news for us! Ages of Sail is now carrying the line of 17th century Dutch wooden ship model kits from Kolderstock of the Netherlands. We're pretty excited about being able to provide these kits here in the U.S. and abroad. The Kolderstok Line of Kits Batavia Duyfken Statenyacht The Expedition Ship of Willem Barentsz Zeven Provinciën, Flagship of Admiral Michiel de Ruyter These kits are designed for experienced ship modelers:
  4. We haven't posted here in a while, but have a big savings announcement for all you fans of Amati Models. Ages of Sail has been in discussion with Amati about distribution and pricing and have negotiated a more competitive pricing structure, which allows for some major savings on all Amati kits, including their popular Victory Models line. All Amati kits we sell have been reduced in price – many have seen a BIG reduction. This is not a sale, it's our new regular pricing. Here are some examples: AM570 Coca was $129, now $111.95; $18.05 drop! A
  5. Happy 4th of July MSW! To celebrate, we're offering 10% off on selected OcCre kits: HMS Terror, HMS Beagle and, for those who want a non-ship model project for a change, the San Francisco Cable Car. You can see photos of the Terror and the Beagle in earlier posts, so I'll just add the 1/24-scale San Francisco Cable Car kit photo here. HMS Beagle and HMS Terror regularly sell for $209, so for a limited time, you can get them for only $188 each. The San Francisco Cable Car is on special for $170. The prices are discounted on our website, so there's no need to
  6. HMS BEAGLE KITS NOW IN STOCK There were some awfully long delays in getting these kits from OcCre, but we order large quantities at a time, so perhaps OcCre wasn't quite ready for us. In any case, they are here at long last! Thank you to all who were patiently waiting for your pre-orders, they have all been shipped and you should be receiving them shortly. This is listed by OcCre as a low difficulty build. The fact that this ship features a square tuck stern should help a lot for those who have a bit of trouble with planking those tight curves. But, we
  7. Thanks for everyone's patience. These kits should be coming in soon. OcCre seems to have taken longer to get our order together. Perhaps they weren't expecting us to order such a large quantity at one time, but it saves us on shipping costs. We're hoping these arrive this week, along with a replenishment of our supply of HMS Terror kits – we're down to our last one!
  8. Just got the exciting word today that our shipment of OcCre's new HMS Beagle kits is on its way. And, while it IS a little dramatic, here's OcCre's release video... OcCre's HMS Beagle is a 1/60-scale kit that's based on the 1825 refit of the 10-gun Cherokee-class brig. To celebrate, we're offering a discounted pre-order of the new kits. Order now and get a 10% discount. The regular price will be $209, so you can get yours for $188.10. The order will then ship out as soon as we get them in, which is expected to be about 2 weeks, possibly less
  9. Just an update on availability and pricing on this kit. We were out of stock for a few weeks and just recently got the new shipment in. However, OcCre had apparently raised prices on the kit to €119.95. We have to cover the cost of shipping them here to the US, so as you might notice, our list prices at Ages of Sail are unfortunately higher. We just adjust pricing to $209 for the regular price on this kit (note that it's now the same price as expected for OcCre's upcoming HMS Beagle kit). However, the owner agreed to a limited offer price break of 10%, so you can get it for $188.10
  10. For all those who will be in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend, MSW member Clare Hess (catopower) will be manning our table at the local IPMS chapter event. The event, called the 2019 Silicon Valley Classic, takes place Saturday, March 16th from 9:00am at Napredak Hall in San Jose. Address is: Napredak Hall, 770 Montague Expressway, San Jose, CA 95131. Here's a web page for the event: http://www.svsm.org/contest/svsm-2019-classic/ Our neighboring table will be manned by the South Bay Model Shipwrights club, which is based out of Los Altos, CA. They'll b
  11. Yes, HMS Beagle, and a much better representation than the only other wooden kit we're aware of, so we're very excited about it. Still no word on price or release date, but stay tuned. We'll probably be getting a bunch of them as soon as they're available, along with a restock of the popular HMS Terror kits, which have been sold out for a few weeks now (probably doesn't help that the Terror kit sells for only $149.99). Really hoping to get them both in soon! In the meantime, we've just added a big selection of tools to our website from ModelCra
  12. And, while we're at it... Here's a new kit from OcCre of Spain coming down the line. We don't have an exact release date or price on this kit yet, but we're expecting it to show up sometime in March or April. We'll be accepting pre-order for it as soon as we can get shipping weight and price from the manufacturer. We're very excited about this kit, especially since the only other kit of this subject was apparently just a modified HMS Bounty. The kit is made at 1/60 scale and measures a little over 28" long and just under 19" tall. Do you know what it is?
  13. Hello All, While I've posted a separate topic on MSW Specials at Ages of Sail, I decided I'd better revive the idea of posting Ages of Sail news, so I started a new topic here. First off, we have some new task lamps from ModelCraft's LIGHTCRAFT line. One particularly interesting is a portable LED lamp that is rechargeable, so that you can unplug it to put it right where you need some extra light without any power cords to get in the way. It's $30, fully dimmable, includes USB power cord, and is said to run for 3-4 hours on a charge. Edit: This is a product
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