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  1. Ekis, Are those solar panels on your recent group of buildings? Ron PS Great project. Excellent execution with miniature stone as well as wood!
  2. Kool model, Chris, well done...I like it! Master/Korabel is making some superb kits. Ron
  3. Thanks Eric and PJG. Good suggestion for builders here on MSW to indicate a link to their builds or gallery photos. Here's mine Ron
  4. Eric, which model is yours? and..."PJG", which is yours? The entire calendar is very nice. Reasonably priced too! Ron
  5. Many thanks, Bob. Thanks for that link to modelships.de. I'd forgotten about that site. There are superb models exhibited there, the Xebec just one of many. The photos are all pro-level. Big sensors, studio lighting...and last, but not least, museum-quality models! Like Glenn, I also believe that Chris (Vanguard) should "stick to the ( U.K.) knitting," for now; clearly, his wheelhouse.
  6. Bob, That "Chebec model" is an extremely nice example of this class of period Middle Eastern warships. If I may ask, from where did you retrieve these photos? This model was my second build - years ago - and it is an Amati kit that I modified (Xebec-1/64). I believe it is still offered by them. This class of vessel is a radical departure from Western European ship designs. The hull designs are quite different but the dramatic visual impact comes from the multiple lateen-rigged sails(especially when they are bright red!). I've built numerous models since the one show
  7. I'm very impressed. This is a superb build log, you did a very nice job, indeed. The quality of all the kit's components looks very good too. Two Thumbs up, Egor! Ron
  8. I have always used the superbly drawn plans that accompany Chris's models, even the "old school" drafted ones that come with the Caldercraft kits. His more recent plans with Amati/Victory are CAD and excellent. I've noted only a few minor errors over the past few years in these drawings. I agree with Glenn that plans (in logical reference scales- like in the Vanguard Alert/Speedy kits) are sufficient for me; a caveat however: there are many modelers who do not have technical/engineering backgrounds, so "instruction manuals" (with explanations and photos) are an important component to building
  9. Nice-looking box art, Chris. Couldn't agree more with Bob. Jim is not only a good builder, he has good design chops!!!
  10. Chris, A question: does this machine make a lot of noise? And another: I've wondered whether or not smoldering boxwood smells like - uh, Macallan 25? 🤣 Ron
  11. Excellent alternative to my somewhat complicated jig, Michael. Your alternative here is much easier to assemble. I can think of no disadvantages; if I didn't already have my "stepped groove" jig I'd make me one of these. I believe this jig was demo'd by David Antscherl in New Bedford, yes? David's got Mega-Skills. I'll stay with my small Ibex finger plane over a chisel however; using a chisel certainly works but it significantly "ups your game" in the fine motor skills department!! Ron
  12. Glenn try this link (from the link site you went to): https://www.metmusic.com/tools/ibex-planes/round-planes/50505-ibex-flat-plane-5-225mm-blade Yes, be extremely careful with these planes. You'll need to set the blade cutting depth carefully to NOT shave off too much stock at one time; several light passes are best and safer. On larger stock sections (say, 8mm), as the cuts broaden with successive strokes you'll need to apply more pressure; this is the point when one needs to be diligent. The other rule of woodworking blades of all kinds: keep them sharp! The blade in the Ibex ca
  13. Glenn (and others who may be interested), Here is another link for a precision planer: https://www.highlandwoodworking.com/ibexluthiersflatsolefingerplane36mm.aspx Ron
  14. You are welcome. Try this link Glenn: https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/tools/hand-tools/planes/32680-instrument-makers-planes?gclid=CjwKCAjw-YT1BRAFEiwAd2WRtmihasIlb4xC1d9xPZhxLv67iKKCGoeHCizMVbLTFKd8ymx37ItkRhoCGLAQAvD_BwE I own several different finger and small planes (flat, convex and concave soles/blades), but the only one I use consistently for modelmaking is the Ibex (with a flat blade and sole). This is a personal preference because this particular tool offers me a really good feel in-hand and this helps me to control very fine movements; however, there are numerous oth
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