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  1. True. Syren's woods are restricted to only 15" lengths, which can be problematic. However, the restriction won't be a problem for 80% of builds. I've been spoiled in the (recent) past with Hobbymill's 24" lengths which I found ideal for my needs. My takeaway: Chuck's 15" boxwood is better than 24" unavailable boxwood. BTW: Syren will mill strips. Do check out Lumberyard as an alternative. Ron
  2. Unfortunately, Crown Timberyard has become an unreliable source for high-quality milled hardwoods. I recommend going to Syren Ship Models for boxwood; there are other sources but this one has inventory, reasonable prices, decent quality and is owned and operated by someone who is running a real business and not just a weekend gig hobby. Ron
  3. Greg, the photo in my earlier post is of the HMS Agamemnon [64], 1781. This is a kit model from Victory Models (Amati) that has been highly modified to resemble a "dockyard model." Paul Goldberg of the Connecticut Marine Model Society (this year's host club) was inspired by open frame models he saw at the NMM in London several years ago. Paul won both a People's Choice Best of Show and a First Place/Sail at the Northeast Ship Modeler's Show in New London a week ago. Here is a photo of him at the show with his model as well as a couple more I shot of it under better lighting circumstances..:-). There is no MSW build log. It took Paul approximately five years to build it.
  4. Here's an update for the upcoming Northeast Ship Model Conference & Show on April 27th in New London, CT The demonstrations at the event will include the following: Ron Neilson - “Making Realistic Set Sails” (CT Marine Model Society) John Marinovich - “Making Small Boats For The Schooner America” (Ship Model Society of New Jersey) Marc LaGuardia - “Realistic Wood and Weathering Effects” (New York Shipcraft Guild) Todd Wardwell - “Making Acrylic Display Cases” (Philadelphia SMS) Robert Baart - “Gold Gilding On Model Ships” (USS Constitution Model Shipwright Guild) If you've been thinking about going but haven't yet registered, you can still do so by downloading and then mailing in your info and check(see above posts for details and forms). At-the-door registrations for the Conference will also be accepted if you've missed the earlier deadlines. "See you there, mateys!"
  5. Fascinating. Thanks Druxey for starting this thread - other MSWers for posting various links to get into this substantial archive. Out of curiosity I went to the "end" of the scrolling inventory at the principal link and discovered that there are numerous architectural as well as civil engineering plans. Interestingly, there are numerous drawings for constructing canals and locks with detailed closeups on mechanisms. Per the period, most of these drawings are superbly executed illustrations. The Dutch weren't the only ones having to deal with water incursion and inland navigation! If there is a member who speaks Danish and would post a few translations to help facilitate browsing, that would be great! As Druxey said, it seems to be only a "browsable" site. However, opening a file on a large monitor (27" ) one can take a pretty decent sized screenshot (only 72dpi). So many beautiful ships...so little time. Ron
  6. Anyone got a bottle of "Whiteout?" This is a note of interest to MSW members who comprise the Joint Clubs group who sponsor the Annual Northeast Ship Modelers Show & Conference. An interesting invitation letter was recently found in the "archives" of the Connecticut Marine Model Society club, this year's show sponsor. The annual Northeast event began in 1967 — more than 50 years ago! As seen below, the ship model show started with the membership of four modeling clubs; the first show was in Mystic, Connecticut at the Seaport. The entry fee was $1.75. You'll also note on the "Spring Outing & Banquet" letter addressed to the "Combined Ship Model Societies" that following a tour and illustrated talk, that dinner was held at the restaurant in the Mystic Motor Inn. One had "a choice of Lobster, Beef - or Steak - with 3 vegetables, dessert, coffee and gratuity was $5.25." You gotta' love the prices and the faded, typewriter written text, which - incidentally - is where the term "typo" originated. A few years following this letter, the errant typos of mechanical typewriters were revolutionized with IBM's self-correcting Selectric typewriters that featured a semi-automated backspace with a spool of white correction tape. Back To The Future, Gentlemen!
  7. To MSW members who plan to attend the Annual Joint Clubs Northeast Ship Modeler's Show and Conference this April 27th in New London, CT. Demonstration Workshop Announcement: Making Realistic-Looking Set Sails There are several tabletop demonstrations at the Conference and this April's show will be no exception. At this writing, some of the joint clubs haven't decided on their demo topics; however, the Connecticut Club (this event's sponsor) is announcing their demo now. Connecticut Marine Model Society (CMMS) & MSW/NRG member, Ron Neilson, will be demonstrating the techniques he’s developed to create realistic-looking (and scaled) set sails. The Nautical Research Guild's Quarterly Journal (Winter 2018 Vol. 63. No. 4) published Part II of Neilson’s 3-part build series, "HMS Swan" diorama. He will show his step-by-step approach with all the necessary tools and art materials. The HMS Swan diorama (featured in the earlier 2018 Fall issue of the NRG Journal) will be on display. Attendees from last year's Conference will be seeing this model once again, but in the context of a detailed demonstration technique for it's build, it's presence will be a handy visual reference for workshop members. Demo times for the Workshop(s) will be announced the morning of the event.
  8. The Connecticut Marine Model Club, sponsor of this year's 37th Annual Joint Clubs Northeast Ship Modeler's Show and Conference, is offering a valuable door prize: a Foredom Drillmotor kit with an adjustable chuck handpiece, a value of more than $300. This tool is used by numerous builders and is -"the best way to move up from a Dremel tool." Plan to attend this upcoming, major East Coast ship modeler's Conference and the opportunity to win this prize. Every registrant gets one free prize raffle ticket. Additional tickets will be available for purchase at the event registration table. Registration is only $37 (deadline March 18; after this date, but before April 17, the fee is $43.00/person.
  9. The Connecticut Marine Model Club, sponsor of this year's 37th Annual Joint Clubs Northeast Ship Modeler's Show and Conference, announces that the featured speaker at the luncheon will be: Paul J. O'Pecko VP, Research Collections Director, G.W. Blunt White Library Mystic Seaport Museum His topic will be: Models and Model Makers from the Collections at Mystic Seaport Museum Further details on tabletop workshop/demos and an exciting raffle door prize will be announced soon. A reminder that the Registration Fee for the full Conference, including the light breakfast and tasty luncheon, is only $37.00 if paid by March 18; at the door on the day of the event it will be $48.00
  10. Links to download a Registration Form and the general announcement (PDF's) are available here at the bottom of the first posting.
  11. Got ahead of myself by a full year: this IS the 37th Annual Conference, NOT the 38th as shown in my ad banner above. New banner, accordingly:
  12. The 37th Annual Ship Model Conference at the Port 'N Starboard Convention Center in Ocean Bach Park, New London, Connecticut will be held on Saturday, April 27th, 2019. The Connecticut Marine Model Society (CMMS) is hosting this year’s event. Per previous conferences there will be a large model display area with hobby vendors, an excellent luncheon, a featured speaker, various tabletop demonstrations, unique raffle prizes as well as several awards for model entries. The cost is $37.00 if registered by March 18. $43.00 by April 17, and $48 at the door. The hours are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM with model setup's starting at 8:15 AM. Directions to the venue can be found at this link:http://ocean-beach-park.com/contact/ Additional details on the speaker and demonstrations will be posted soon. Limited admission to the Model Exhibit Area only will be available at the door for $5.00. We anticipate that there will be nearly 100 models on display. The Registration Form can be downloaded at: www.ctshipmodels.org RegstrnForm.pdf Anncmnt.pdf
  13. A warm welcome Ab, Thank you for your posts. Your work and your son's is excellent. What is his name? You will experience a very sincere and friendly group here. Like many other members, I look forward to seeing and reading your future contributions. Ron
  14. Rob, Thanks for your compliment, pleased to help. Convincing looking sails in proper scale, are not easy to replicate accurately. Same goes for water! The publication to which I'm referring is not a newsletter but is the "Nautical Research Guild's Journal," which is printed quarterly for members (and now posted online — go to: www.thenrg.org). The NRG is the owner of this forum and I recommend looking into an NRG membership which will give you access to the quarterly. Sail on. Ron

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