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  1. Bob, I have a large number of photos in the MSW Kit galleries; search on my handle/avatar or enter "HMS Swan" or "LeTigre." Also, the 2021 MSW Calendar had my LeTigre privateer pictured for March. I have no plans at this time to do a full-on Build Log (per se) of HMS Camilla, however, I am thinking about showing how I'll make sails (with added sail rigging) and how I create my "open water" dioramas. By background, I am a photographer and writer and in tackling a detailed Build Log it would easily add another several months onto my project: I like to keep all my models to under a year in the workshop. Thanks for your interest and encouragement. Ron
  2. FYI: For my Sphynx-interested, kit-watching colleagues, here is a rendition the HMS Camilla. The artist is John Thomas Serres, (Mad) King George III's official Maritime Painter. Studying this painting, there are neither quarterdeck nor foc'sle built-up bulwarks apparent (and the absence of related weaponry); also, the quarter galleries are suspect since I believe Chris' reference drawings would indicate his design to be more accurate. Ron
  3. In California it's called the "CAT" (California Added Tax).😂...if the kit wood has too much residual resin, it could combust in UPS trucks. Ron PS I'm "From" California, so I know the ropes.
  4. My Sphynx (nee' "Sphinx") arrived this week in good condition and very quickly indeed (I'm on the East Coast, US). I've been poring over the plans and the myriad of goodies in Chris' 13+ pound box: there's very nice laser cut pear throughout; the PE brass looks excellent as does the resin cast stern decoration form and a kool figurehead. It'll be no surprise to Chris that I'm making/bashing his lovely Sphinx as HMS Camilla, essentially a sister ship. Camilla had an astonishing 45 year active service life with a long list of prizes under several distinguished captains. I intend to paint her name on the stern over a new piece of shaped pear. Related to the above conversation (jasseji), I am also considering building-up the bulwarks and adding carronades as Camilla's later life had her very active post British/American war and well into the French Revolutionary era. I may copper her, however not much of this addition will be seen since I also will place her in a diorama with set sails. As I have also done on all my recent models, I'll likely give her a (minimal) crew. I'm presently thinking the diorama's "place setting" will be off the Brittany coast, in the Channel - and in hot pursuit of a naughty French corsair... The lovely box with keel and bulkheads await me. In today's vernacular, this is an awesome kit. I'm pumped! Ron
  5. SOLD Selling various kits from my stash. Too many models, not enough time! This Bismarck kit is new, and in the original box: $300.00 In addition, I am selling the two (2) aftermarket Pontos Bismarck "Detail up sets" as follows: 23001F2 Version 2: $224; & 21001F1 "Advanced Add-On: $150. The Pontos aftermarket kits are mainly P/E & machined brass, but also a stained wooden deck, brass propellors. If you have the space for this HUGE model (52.00"LOA), this package is regarded as the ultimate build of this model. I'll make a *deal* if all three items are purchased together. PM me if interested. Ron
  6. Unfinished oak. Good quality, light sanding required. Routed profile base with vertical and top rails. Includes all hardware (wood screws, rubber feet). New. Requires 1/8" glass (not included). New = $350. Shipping, add $20. U.S. only. If interested, please private message me here. Ron
  7. LOWERED PRICE! $350 - Master Shipwright Kit (Limited Edition #1 of 20). Boxwood. Building sister ship HMS Flirt and don't need two. Shelf new. Shipping from the East Coast. (plus shipping). Link for model details:https://vanguardmodels.co.uk/product/hms-speedy-master-shipwright-version/ If interested, private message me here.
  8. Thanks Captain! A little late here on my acknowledgement, but 2020 COVID put quite a few things on the back burner! Haven't checked into my gallery in a while. Ron
  9. Kool. Nice build. Love that you decided to display your model in a diorama setting. A lot of "extra work" but IMHO, worth it! Ron
  10. Chris, I just noticed that this model has spirketting on the bulwarks; am I correct that this is a first for your kit designs (Vanguard)? One other question: is there a reason to NOT include properly spiled, laser cut hull planking? Your progress is impressive. Many are going to be interested in building this model! Ron
  11. Excellent. I like the diorama, the added detail (especially sails and sail rigging) to make the ship more resemble it's larger wooden cousins. Very impressive. You appear to be a photographer (D300 and proper lighting), yes? Ron
  12. Nice shot! Well done on the sails!
  13. Ekis, Are those solar panels on your recent group of buildings? Ron PS Great project. Excellent execution with miniature stone as well as wood!
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