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  1. Far better than my drop test, looks good by the way and there is always more room for these builds. Kevin - thanks experimenting with various ways o building so good to get your comments
  2. Interested in how Kevin and Ekis do their walls. I tend to zig zag my bricks laying a course of bricks for each length of wall. This means that different parts of the walls are at different heights which hopefully shows what I mean. This stops me from getting bored but also allows me to run a file across the top so it is relatively flat for the next layer. Also it has allowed me to weave the various bricks in on the corners and has made it quite strong. Accidentally dropped it and other than a few bricks it held together. Ekis and Kevin - your thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the kind words, looking forward to getting this one done as only when looking at it I realised it is a pretty big job to tackle as a first attempt
  4. Thanks Kevin, I try to lay a complete row of bricks and then sand it down so it is more level. My corners are bit rough but have often carved bricks so the joins match where the levels are out. This gives the brickwork more of a rustic look and using the bricks of the old kit means that with the differing colours highlights this. The effect is kind of growing on me. most recent update with inner courtyard finished and now onto the outer walls.
  5. Always look at your posts with a mixture of awe and envy, awe as I know that this type of modelling is harder than it looks and envy as I my efforts will not reach the same heights.
  6. In comparison to me this is rapid progress. Where the bricks extend out I have found it easier to trim with a modelling saw prior to fitting and then refine with sanding later on.
  7. Thanks, It may take awhile but using this log as a way of motivating me
  8. Not putting them in place just building them from kits for a change of scenery..... My plan, which I am failing miserably on is to, finish the courtyard area and then start to brick the monks accommodation. Most likely will tile the roof of the cloister while I do the main building and will at least layout the garden area. Given the amount of dust I crest the actual plants and flowers will be at the end.
  9. Hi, Been busy with work but started to get the scenics ready,
  10. Welcome to the brick building brotherhood, visited Stari Most many years ago after the Bridge was rebuilt but many of the buildings were still in ruins
  11. You will have to share recipes, with the lockdown I am trying to master American style bbq, not great starting this in the middle of a UK winter
  12. Glad I took Ekis’ advice and went with the sandstone pillars, pleased with the result. The grass square is just for contrast as when finished will have a walled monastery garden.
  13. Hi, no no it is the royal blue, it’s a Matt and I have found it covers quite well, been watching your build and really impressed with the quality of the painting. You can always join in the fun once you have finished your current build but need to warn you this can get quite addictive.
  14. Making slow progress, trying to use the worse bricks on the pieces that are less visible
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