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  1. Thanks Ekis with sharing this and inspiring a novice builder to give like me to give a different type of modelling a try. I am sure that this will not be the end given how addictive this is. Waitoa
  2. Thanks, think the material mesh I am using is tulle, looking forward to seeing how it comes out as my first two went a bit cloudy but that may be as I did some sanding while it was setting
  3. Hard to see from these emails but think I have solved my glazing issue. Sure other people knew about this Glue n glaze product but has been a real revelation. I paint a piece of netting and the wipe a layer of glue across this. initially it is a while colour but as drys it becomes translucent. One happy bunny.
  4. Although already said before but this is museum quality looking forward to the port area as your posts inspire me to keep slogging away with my build
  5. Thanks Popeye very slow going but learning a number of new tricks along the way
  6. I thought I was doing well on keeping current with the Marvel universe and got some street cred as I went to Uni with one of the Directors but getting totalLy lost with this stuff and now have a budding miniature painter who is using all my gear and speaks in a language which is totally foreign to me,
  7. Oh dear, this is a whole new world to me and having to watch YouTube videos at night so I can understand what my son is talking about. I know that he is currently painting Necrons and just glad he is doing something creative rather watching screens all day.
  8. Is that not right for this period? My son is getting into Warhammer 40k and I am being roped in to help paint and he suggested the inclusion to add some drama
  9. Thanks, I have a habit of starting things and then putting them on hold, this will be a very slow build and have 3 part built boats I need to finish. One of the positives of the lockdowns is that I have time on my hands that I normally wouldn’t have as used to have to travel within Europe a bit. Just need to deal with the lack of motivation and home schooling.
  10. Trying to plan out the next steps, trying to plan it out the next steps. Will have it in sections like Ekis and want each section to be higher with the church being at the top. Have two house kits to complete and the tower after that it will be scratch building gate house and Manor. Looking at the mid1200s as it allows for the more crowded winding streets.
  11. I have seen some pictures with what looks like a stick to wedge them open, on the next building I will have them as shutters on either side. While not going for strict historical accuracy enjoying putting in different styles and building approaches.
  12. Starting to put the shutters in. Not based on any research but guessing the cost of windows would have only seen the bottom ones glazed and the upper levels being open to the elements.
  13. Thanks Ekis, enjoyed this more than the cloisters and hoping I get a good result once the doors, roof and shutters are on, may try to get the courage up to do more scratch builds like yours
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