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  1. Well being in lockdown is providing some motivation, the intention is to keep building and ordered some terracotta bricks from a company called Juweela to add some layers for contrast. More Roman than Medieval but hopefully will provide some more inspiration.
  2. Hi, As long as you don’t laugh too much. Only started on the Church and has gotten a bit battered as my hobby area has moved around the house. On YouTube there is a guy Medieval Modeller that is building a number of similar kits which is worth checking out. Waitoa
  3. Hi, What you are doing with this kit is a joy to watch. I have a slightly battered version of this model that I need to dust off and complete but very jealous as I can get nowhere near the quality of your build. Rgds Waitoa
  4. Hi Small update as been very busy with work and travel. Losing motivation a bit so painted the upper deck although this still needs more work. Will try to work on some of the smaller tasks so I keep going while I build up the courage to do the stern.
  5. Truly an amazing build, this was the first ship I built and what you have done with this kit is great
  6. With the Bristish summer ending decided to get back to the boat building. As per the previous post the metal was broken and far too small so having to scratch build the stern. Keen to get suggestions on how to build the windows as not sure what to do.
  7. Hi, I am building the Mamoli Surprise and did away with the white metal frames. The extra boxing wasn't fun but happier with the end result. Looking forward to your build. Waitoa
  8. Thank you for posting yours as I will be borrowing some ideas from it, I am enjoying this build even though I have made a number of mistakes. Each one though I have learned some new techniques or really had to think my way out of a self inflicted issue.
  9. Starting to progress with painting, doing this more to keep motivation going as avoiding scratch building the stern as not 100 per cent sure how I will tackle this. Waitoa
  10. Thanks for the feedback,started painting the hull this week so will post some more photos later, will have to scratch build the stern which I am not looking forward too
  11. Hi, making a a bit more progress, glad of the advice and feedback from Mayohoo and SColeman as the other fender - rubbing strake was a better fit. Decided a while ago to paint the hull and glad as some of the bow is a bit messy. Will sort the upper deck planking out once that deck is down as this is the area that I have kit-bashed as this model is not really based on the Surprise but is a re-box of another kit la Glorie. Waitoa
  12. Thanks Mayohoo, very jealous of your build and trying to use some of your ideas on mine even though different kits, tried the soldering iron trick tonight and got a better result than just soaking and clamping so appreciate the tip
  13. Thanks, I have been enjoying your build and impressed at the finish you have achieved, next build is the Santa Maria so I can not hide my mistakes with a coat of paint so trying to get some practice on this one

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