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  1. On 4/24/2020 at 3:21 PM, BETAQDAVE said:

    supported the main boom and the gaff at the mast.

    There is a lift for the gaff, it is visible in the stern photo. While I may be wrong, there isn’t a lift for a boom on a cutter by design and definitely not one shown on the plans.  For the sake of model stability, although supported by the proper rigging, the yards, boom, and gaff are all pinned to the mast.

  2. Thanks for the comment.  I worked very hard to make this ship as accurate as possible.  While the kit came with copper plates, I didn't care for the look. It is likely according to my research it started with "white stuff" on the hull and was coppered a few years after commissioning - plus it looks so much better.  Even the rigging has my best attempt at the right knots.  I added lines that weren't on the plans based on research I did.  While the sails aren't on it, the ropes that they would be attached to are.

  3. Thanks for the comment.  I'm particularily proud of this model, there is not a drop of paint on it anywhere.  The colors were all achieved by variations in high quality lumber choices.  There are eight different woods used; cherry, boxwood, ebony, walnut, basswood, redheart, holly, and pear.  


    Much more precision required when you don't have paint or wood filler to cover mistakes, it and Pegasus are my best work.

  4. First, apologies for the dusty photos.  The model was completed in 2009 and had been included as a build log in MSW 1.0.  I should have dusted it off better before taking the photos for this gallery.


    This is the Lauck Street Shipyards Fair American.  There is no paint anywhere on the model.  It is made from cherry, boxwood, ebony, walnut, swiss pear, holly, and rosewood and finished only with wipe-on poly along with unpainted brass and metal fittings.  I wanted to challenge myself at the time to "paint with wood."  The wood mostly came with the kit, but it and the supplemental wood I used (like ebony for the wale and rosewood in the cabin pattern all came from Jeff at Hobbymill.  The hand sanding on this model probably had some part to play in the shoulder surgery that sidelined me for a long while:-)

  5. I should point out I completed this model in 2010, my last work.  I had a very detailed and log build log on MSW that was lost along with the rest.  While I still have the build photos, along with more of the completed model, I didn't keep a copy of the text that went with it.  


    I appreciate the feedback on the completed model, it will serve as motivation to get me started again on the Vanguard that has long been sitting in my closet.  

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