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  1. I cut, removed, modified, replaced, tossed, enough wood on my Cheerful to feel like I’ve built it twice. Just keep making them until you have 2 you like. Wait until you get to the boom crutches, there’s some real fun to be had there.
  2. The rigging looks great as does the model. When I get to Flirt your log will be my constant reference. Let’s make sure our wives don’t learn how much we’ve influenced each other’s tool purchases. btw, it’s Cheerful, not Alert😁
  3. I love my MF 70, it is a great machine for modeling wood and brass. I can’t imagine though it would meet the specs you listed. That’s pretty heavy duty work. I’d highly recommend the MF70 to a model builder but not an iron worker.
  4. Thank you for the comment. I’m sure there’s an equivalent on Amazon UK. 😊 Cuticle cutter
  5. The Masting & Rigging Begins A new stage of building has begun. With the hull complete its time for the masting and rigging, beginning with the bowsprit. I kind of enjoy this part of the model, and once again (he said again), Cheerful is taking me into new territory. The bowsprit bobstay and guys, or as someone with my level of nautical knowledge calls them, the bow stringy things, require both served line and thimbles. So there was a pause while I assembled the Syren Serv-O-Matic I’d purchased a long while ago. It was time consuming and not at all fun
  6. Your workmanship is topped by your knowledge of all things nautical. Always an enlightening story to read.
  7. I didn’t taper any planks at the stern. The model is so well designed I had a perfect fit with using the standard width around the tricky curve there. I did, but I don’t think anything drives you to at this point. The key is to have the back end flush with the counter before painting either the counter or the fashion pieces, since they are painted a different color. I think my log discussed how the fashion pieces, square tuck, counter, and planking all come together, and ultimately a trim piece later. Up to you though how to make that happen. Matching them to the w
  8. Just pull it through a stick of bees wax. One stick will last a life time of model building. It eliminates fuzz and helps the rope hang better. It’s all you need, I’ve used it for over a decade without issue.
  9. You’re moving quite quickly, I’m enjoying your progress as I have this on my shelf to build as well. Excellent work and insights as always.
  10. Not sure I buy that comment. The boxes on the shelves are all labeled. I don’t even have any sanding stick sponges🤣😂
  11. Thank you for saying so, but the collection will only be mine I’m sure. I doubt I could part with it after being so long together with her.
  12. Thanks Garthog! There’s still more fun to be had and more things to do for the first time, I can’t stop now😁
  13. Thank you Chuck. I also love the color and tone of the yellow cedar. My focus on detail and willingness to do it over until I get it right is a tribute to your elegant design, instructions, and guidance.
  14. Thanks Derek. I’ve tossed and replaced so many things all the way back to planking I feel like I’ve built it twice.
  15. I thought about it and replaced the ones seen in the photo with 24 guage wire versions but from clean deck it would go to cluttered deck in my opinion, especially with the rigging to come.
  16. Two posts back to back. Thank you for the comments, hope you also enjoy the completed hull photos.
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