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  1. Hi all, I am starting the framing on my Syren and I seem to have run into a problem which I have yet to figure out. Long story short, the templates that came with the kit do not fit my hull or my plans. At first I thought I really messed up on the bulkheads but after I measured everything a couple times, I have concluded that I am either blind or the templates are wrong. I am including a rather poor picture and I would appreciate some comments. Overall the templates are almost 5/8 inch short compared to what the plans show they should be.
  2. Hey, thanks for the info on the coils and I appreciate the pictures. I will get to this point in my build eventually and I can use this. I thnk your Syren looks great. Keep posting pictures. Charley
  3. Looks so great. I am just starting my Syren and all the build logs are so helpful. I' really new at this - mind if I ask how you did the rope coils? Charley
  4. Thanks for the input Chuck, I guess its just first ship jitters. Anyway, I just did it the way that felt right and its turning out pretty good. At least I finally got rid of the wicked twist/warp. The filler blocks took care of that. I must say I love the kit and I am having a blast Thanks
  5. Thanks for the advice Augie. This is the way I was thinking but its nice to get some confirmation. I found this site right at the end of your build log and have really picked up a lot from yours as well as all the other Syren builds I have found. What a great service.
  6. Ok. So I started my Syren a few days ago and things are going well except for a few small difficulties. I had a nasty warp in the bulkhead former which I struggled with for a couple days. I finally got most of it worked out with some water and an old sealing iron I use when covering the RC aircraft I fly. However, there is still a little twist I need to get out towards the stern. I have been closely following and reviewing the great Syren builds that are up on MSW and they have been great. However I have a question I would appreciate some help with. I am about to attach the bulkheads
  7. Hey Richard Ive been following all the Syren builds while I wait for the UPS guy to bring my kit. Just wanted to say hello. Really enjoying your build log. Im picking up all kinds of ideas from evryone. Charley
  8. Hey Dirk, I just signed up with MSW. I ordered my Syren last week so it should be showing up at my doorstep anyday. I have been reading and re-reading your build log for a couple days. Learning lots of great stuff. I cant wait to get started. Keep it up! Charley
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