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  1. hi Popeye yes when finish needs protection. i will do. thanks for the kind words
  2. sometimes I'll take the model to the lake and whenis stopped at home I'll do a protection type an acrylic box I still do not know. thank you for joining the topic
  3. Hello some more updates they are images from hull construction and crane, rangefinder, gun mock-up study model etc.. enjoy
  4. Crane chassi and motor views by Estaleiro Netuno. body guard is not glued. i stoped to do the hull now
  5. some hull planking pictures i have more progress on planking but i still don't take more pics
  6. Bob my first model ship HMS KGV 1:160 i do all from wood. inlcude the superstructure but the thin plate from warp in some parts so' i decided do rebuild(the superstructure from styrene who was a new material for me. I like so much styrene for big scale models. is impervious and you can paint with automotive paint (in my case). but i like the wood for hull. i know with your ability you will do great styrene constructions. just start
  7. Hi Yves firstly thank you by the sincere words. yes few time to do..... well Bismarck is my last battelship of WW2. they are very wonderfull but the work is much more tha the modern navy actually saying. so i pretend do comercial vessels like oil tankers i love, cruisers or modern frigates. thats my second battleship. takes me many years to do. About the crane plan i redraw myself after a german ship modeller friend of mine giveme the original drawing of the DEMAG Crane so its a perfect scale i am doing or trying - perfect only God. the drawing is in portuguese. thanks a lot and wait for
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