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Greetings JP....


Did you frame all around ports before applying planking? Typically, if you drill a series of small holes around, and just inside, the finished perimeter dimension of the ports you can cut them out with a #11 blade and then file to final size using the frame as a guide.



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Greetings Jpar...


Don't give up the ship, she looks good. As a suggestion:


1. You will need to make all ports the same size and parallel across the top and bottom. Accordingly, determine which one is the largest and make all the rest the same size. Plus, this will allow you to insure that they are all parallel. You 

2. Initially, do not cut the openings to finish size. Cut them about a 1/16" under sized all the way around.

3. Next, pack the space between the inner and outer planking full of good wood filler, or model filler. Let this completely harden for a day or so.

4. Then, using needle files, sanding sticks, etc. open up the ports to final size.

5. When you are done, you won't have to frame around the ports.



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Hi JP,

Another trick to help with the gunports. Look at the plans and determine the size of the ports. Take a square piece of balsa or some other soft wood and cut it exactly to the dimensions of the port. Stick a belay pin in one end. Now use this as a guage to cut the ports. Once the guage fits snugly in the hole you are done. They will all come nice and square and the same size.


Vince P. :dancetl6:

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