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  1. It’s the beige 0.15 mm and brown 0.25mm I’m sure on my next build I may get chucks nothing like running out and having to use something different to finish it off with
  2. Hey JD she is looking great. I’ve been working on this same ship on and off for a few years From what I see your making tremendous strides As for the stern castles I believe they are called the cast ones are crud. I veniered over mine and they turned out ok Hope you enjoy your build
  3. Al is out of business ? No wonder I can’t find parts for my ship When did this happen? Any ideas how to get the sting for the constellation I’m running out and am finding it impossible to find some
  4. Hello everyone its been a long time since I made a posting A lot in my life has changed and it took me away from my initial project I started my shrouds and fixed the broken bowsprit that mysteriously was broken while at my ex in-laws house Funny thing is one of the anchors was also damaged No one knows how the damage was done Anyways it’s all a matter of a billion knots now and adding the sails and final rigging and this beast is done I’ll try to keep everyone appraised as I move ahead
  5. Hello Mark I am sorry to hear about what’s happened I recently got divorced and I can somewhat feel your pain We and your ship will be here when you are read Good luck my friend
  6. Great job You managed to not only save the build but did an excellent job bringing it to life
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