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I'm building the POF model Armed Virginia Sloop.  The vessel had two elm tree pumps to keep the bilge dry.  Would those low-tech pumps have required a lower deck well to protect the bottom end from damage as a chain pump would require?  I'd like to add one to the model, combined with a shot locker.

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The elm tree pump was just a hollowed log with a valve in it.  The valve would let water through on the down stroke and lift it during the up stroke.  The "tree" part of the pump, i.e. the pipe or body goes all the way down to the bilge and doesn't usually have a well or other structure associated with it.  The pump body or tree doesn't necessarily have to be of elm although that was the traditional wood used.  Any hard, rot resistant wood would do.  If the pump was set up as a wash pump it would go through the hull and would probably have had a separate well structure to keep the water out if the pump had to be removed for repairs.

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