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Appropriate thread for rigging

Captain Al

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I'm about to order more rigging line (thread as my kit calls it) and I can't actually duplicate the .15mm diameter thread that the kit supplied (too little of).  Would I be better off going with .13mm or .20mm?  My inclination is the larger size.  My kit also says its supplied thread is cotton.  I don't see cotton on various web sites.  Is it implied unless specified otherwise?  I see polyester but don't care for poly much.  Also manila (hemp).  Which would most look real?  For an 18th century period ship I'd guess manila.  What say you folks?

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I just use Syren line, so I can't really help you with materials, but I think that kit line is generally oversized, so I've chosen to go 'down' in size when given a choice between slightly smaller or slightly larger.


Note that there is exactly zero science behind this system, it's just my opinion based on what kit line normally looks like in my (fairly brief) experience.

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Captn Al, there are many excellent references for rigging ships for the age of sail, such as but not limited to Lever, Biddlecombe, Steel (there are several iterations), Lees, Boudriot, Petrejus, Longridge, Underhill, and Marquardt, plus more recent monographs by top modelers/authors.  I have all of these except Marquardt, but there are others.


Brian is right, go smaller if you have to choose, plus what will look right.  You might consider using wire on the small blocks.


Good luck with your build and have fun.                                    Duff

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