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best way to do the rabbet line/bearding line

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hello everyone


thank god i start to work on the rattlesnake (model shipways)

now i need to make the rabbet/bearding line and is my first time to do it (my privius ship its of mamoli and ther is not bearding line )

with the rattlesnake model its recomanded to glue the keel with the center keel befor cuting the rabbet line so i did it like it says on the constraction 


i have all the tools from hobby knife til dremel... 

but i not have a chisel and i cant find smal chisel in my cantry :( only from ebay but it will take a while until i will recive the order from the ebay


please help 

best regards


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No, because it will not make a straight line.

I clamped an xacto blade to the piece of wood which was pushed to the keel and slided to make a cut. Worked! Can try to dig up some photo... Should be somewhere in my Oliver Cromwell build log. Sorry, hard to find a link, replying from the phone now

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Why don't you try to do, what I suggested in here earlier on:



After marking the bearding line by joining the tips of all temporarily installed bulkheads (no glue yet), carefully cut off the lower section of your keel (made out of basswood in this kit) and replace it with the one you made from solid hardwood (remember to add a bit of wood to its thickness, allowing for the loss of basswood  keel that you cut off, due to the kerf of your blade).

Before joining (glueing) both pieces together, file off their edges  - you'll end up with a nice rabbet after you join them. If you are careful enough, you can gradually change the angle while filing off the edges in various sections of your keel, thus making this rabbet better shaped for the lowest planks which you later on tuck in there.

After glueing both pieces of your keel, secure them further with several thin pieces of wood (eg. treenails, or such) glued into predrilled holes through the lower keel and into your bass keel.


This is exactly the way I did with my Rattlesnake (MS) model. I used a piece of cherry for my lower keel and planked the hull also with cherry planks. Looks much better than basswood, in my opinion.

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