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  1. Very realistic! Can you make it smell too? Might worth to scratch it a tiny bit with steel wool or some brite pad (aka the scratchy side of a dishwashing foam pad) to lighten the edges a bit. Though it definitely needs some experimentation first
  2. Very fine quality work! And a nice photography as well Thanks for showing your milling setups, some of them are quite creative! One question though: when you milled ladders by using a double sided tape and a block of wood - how do you attach that block of wood to the mill table? I do not see any clamps there. Another layer of a double sided tape?
  3. Greg, druxey, thank you both for the input! Will definitely try the "clean" look too
  4. Håkan, you are lucky, we have a number of suppliers who sell it (I use Arkowood from Germany). It's not cheap (they sell custom milled sheets (50x500mm) with good surface finish for around 8-10€ for 1-2mm thickness, 13€ for 3mm, 15€ for 5mm, 19€ for 8mm), but not prohibitively expensive considering the size of your models. Beware - once you've tried it - you may be hooked
  5. Alan, putting glue into each hole would be quite messy and complicated, every second counts here since it's quite a lot of treenails. The holes are a bit oversized to allow for glue (otherwise it is very hard to push, and such a thin treenail breaks easily). The oversizing is small though - instead of a "proper" diameter of "the third smallest hole on Byrnes drawplate" I use the second smallest hole. The end of the treenail is dipped into a small puddle of fresh glue and inserted, then trimmed with scissors immediately. In 5min glue get slowly sucked into the hole, I had no issues wi
  6. Carl, I'm not denying the history or suggest to remove Cromwell from all the books. I just don't want him anywhere close such a intimate thing like a model that you put hundreds or hours and elbow grease into In the same way as I would never build a model of Herman Göring's yacht. And, as Brian mentioned, I am lucky to have a choice - the ship was captured, slightly modified and renamed, it's not too late to pick the version to build. So back to the modelling! Roughly 1200 holes were drilled, the Buzzr did its job perfectly with zero broken bits! 💪
  7. It's actually smaller than a penny (16.25mm for a euro cent vs 19.05mm for a penny). (Pardon, crawling back under a pedantic rock). What giampieroricci is doing is incredible, can't imagine that accuracy on such a small scale, looks like an ultimate challenge! 😲
  8. I have a shameful confession: since the beginning of the build, I've never actually read who Oliver Cromwell was further than a basic summary. "Some aristocratic British dude, whatever, I like the model". In hindsight that was not the smartest thing, it's like picking a rare name for your child without googling it first 🤦‍♂️ Over the last year I found more and more articles about him and his legacy, and it started to smell pretty bad. History (and the present) have had enough brutal authoritarian tyrants, and Cromwell was a pretty dedicated one. I started feeling shame and disgust when op
  9. Great subject! I had the opportunity to help a bit to prepare it for the winter (just a few times, it's on the opposite side of town for me..) It was a nice way to spend a weekend, the smell of tar and the joy of helping Great for kids as well!
  10. Looks like you got through that steep learning curve! I cheated and started with some midship (square) frames before approaching fore and aft. Paid in bruised knuckles, but it paid off. Starting "the right way" looks much harder Great build, pulling up a chair!
  11. Hi Hans, Hope things are ok for you! Have you figured out the transom geometry?
  12. Nice to see it taking shape! Everything is so crisp and neatly shaped, I am in awe Glad to see you back on track!
  13. Time to install top railings. Daria learned how to use a blade for scraping to turn rounded edge to a flat one: Installed: Also added an extra layer of wood for whales, etc. .... And then we had a long break .... She finally got a rabbit that she was planning for a long time, we started mountain biking together, and her baby sister needed attention too, etc etc (excuses, excuses). Modelling was a bit on a backburner for a while. ... A year later we got back to it. - Hm, daddy, I think we haven't been building our ship for
  14. I would seriously challenge the idea of a shop vac for our hobby (assuming you are not doing a full scale woodworking on a side). I am using a regular household vaccuum for 4 years already, though a bit of a fancy variety (Bosch ProSilence, HEPA filter included). It's quiet. The airflow is more than enough, I rarely use it on a highest setting. It's quiet, nothing is ever getting clogged, no dust is spread inside. Its guts are clean as new, and dust bags are cheap and readily available. I also used if for small-scale woodworking, from cutting quite a lot of wood on a table saw to thicknes
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