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In the course of Montanes construction for production of details I used  available for me jig saw (table saw) - self-made "minifactory" for thin laths and an interline interval, FET PROXXON for thickness to 20 mm and MJ10200J Feida for thickness to 40 mm). I have come to a conclusion about necessity of construction jig saw, deprived, whenever possible, lacks of the listed units (the design features sometimes essentially complicating operation; time and the efforts spent for maintenance of accuracy of a cutting; the big noise etc.). In particular, at FET saw a disk – tightening the screw constantly so gets jammed the extremely unsuccessful knot of fastening that I already two times had to cut off its head, differently a disk was not to remove (the same lack marked also others modellers).

Initial ideas of construction were:

- The basic range of a cutting – wood in the thickness from 0,5 to 20 mm;

- Accuracy of a cutting 0,1мм;

- A cutting under various corners;

- Table adjustment on height;

- Reliable knot of fastening  a cutting disk and simplicity of its replacement;

- The stock of capacity excluding (reducing) overheat of the engine at long work;

- Noise reduction. 

As a result of viewing and the analysis of a considerable quantity of descriptions industrial and self-made jig saw at me the design shown on a photo  has turned out   http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/82-montanes-by-garward-occre/page-33.


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