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HMS Trafalger Class Attack Submarine by Old Collingwood - 1/350 Scale - Plastic

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I am awaiting a new project to arrive soon in the shape of an Airfix  Trafalger class RN attack submarine, it is in 1 350 scale and will be based on one of those that was based at Plymouth Dockyard UK.

I have worked on a quick drawing  here it is not colour accurate as the real ones are generally a combination of very dark greys and different black colours.




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Right then folks - she has arrived and on first inspection all I can say is how small she is when compared to my Warspite :o there are not many parts to her so less work I guess ;)  Warspite is my on-going long term extra careful build, but this one should be a month or so :D


Here are a few pics I took of the version I want to build,  she will be a later version than HMS Trafalger  with the :Djet propulsion system instead of the conventional screw. 


On the real subs they have roughly one foot square thermal tiles, but how on earth could I replicate them, at a scale size of less than a millimetre.....






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