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  1. Just brought some Ammo to go with Chally - got the rather excellent set by Accurate Armour. OC.
  2. I have a little supprise - I want to try my hand at doing a part internal simulation - way to hard to scratch and nothing available as an update or super detail kit, so what I have found is another modern AFV kit that includes a Full intenal detail set - its the Rye Field Model 1:35 M1A1 / A2 Abrams, I know they are different tanks but I am sure with having the basics for the intenal parts there I can re-work them a bit to get close to the Chally's interior. The other bonus I will then have the M1 kit I can build latter and in that I could show the Engine compartment as its
  3. Evening all, a bit more progress this evening, more details were added to the rear panel, then I moved to the front where I attached the front gearbox units and the various tie down lugs aswel as some details along the bottom. OC.
  4. Yep we are a nutty breed - mine extends to logging serials/registrations, and under lining them in cross reference books both mil and civil, I have a system now of trying to get a photo of every aircraft I see (especially those civial airliners flying over on airways). Its a cool hobby. OC.
  5. This is where I am getting my purpose made roadway made - so recomend this chap he makes everything him self and does to order scenery aswel, he has been sending me pics thtrough Ebay to show me his progress with my roadway. http://www.ebaystores.co.uk/DandS-Gaming OC.
  6. I love the Three seater arrangement - that so should have passed on to other super car makers. OC.
  7. Evening all, more progress this eve, "Yep bendy metal paper thickness thingy time" we call PE😁 these are Two cages that after doing the normal origami - were glued in place with Gorilla Super glue (how fantastic is that stuff) so after attaching Two of these cages I then made the Fuel can frame and glued it in place. OC.
  8. My roadway is in the process of being made by the scenic builder making it for me. OC.
  9. Indeed, as a spotter (airctaft enthusiast) I once spent a weekend traveling all over the East coast in a mini coach/van with a group of other spotters - it was a mad Two days but so much fun. OC.
  10. Looking good edward, very busy build area - just like mine. OC.
  11. Ita a small world also - my late farther was an Erk and was based at RAF Downham Market, RAF Marham, and RAF West Raynham. OC.
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