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  1. Next stage started is the Stable block, after viewing an over head view of the farm complex it became apparent that this kit is too long one way but corect the other - its supposed to be a square more or less, so I placed the stables sections on the table and looked at any ways to reduce the length of the one stable, I found out I would be able to trim it down with my sharp blade and ruler and create another slot, I did a similar thing to the outer wall of the one stable by trimming the end, this reduced it by about Three inches and will make the whole thing more square in shape. OC.
  2. Evening all, the farmhouse is now finished and weathered - just some basic wash and a wee bit of dry brushing. OC.
  3. Excellent work Kevin of an unusual subject that has turned out very nice indeed. OC.
  4. Yep the Bismark stood out having the wider beam roughly same length as Hood (I think) wasn't Yamato the largest in size of all in service Battle Ships? OC.
  5. Thank you Alan, its all a learning curve - firstly the figure building and painting, then the buildings, then the scenery trying to make that look lifelike. This project always was set out to be an accurate Diorama and not a wargaming set piece, thats why I will be placing the figures off thier bases and glued down by the feet (same with the horses). OC.
  6. Thank you for looking in Roger, to be honest I think you might be right about the riflemen firing from the dorma windows, I just made the figures up using the rifles that came pre made like that - I will adjust that though, Major Barring had the Red Jackets (5th KGL) with muskets firing from the farmhouse, they were the smaller contingent but still quite a few of them where in and around the farm complex, but the majority were the Green Jackets 2nd Light KGL with rifles. OC.
  7. Superb work, don't think it will be the same unless we see more of your fine work. OC.
  8. Thanks Craig, still a long long long way to go yet - that is just the tip of the iceberg. OC.
  9. Really nice work mate - really got me anxious about my Flyhawk build (when I start it that is) as you know I am not a airbrush owner/user and so far have not been pulled in to needing to get one, my intention for my Hood build was to try to get away with using the closest colour I could find to 507A in Tamiya rattle cans and the same for the anti fouling, and something for the semtex/corticene on the deck, I also have the wood deck coming with the kit as I brought that seperate from the same company. Its just the inconvenience of rattle can painting - needing to paint outdoors at the mercy of the weather - dust/flies etc, needing to man handle the parts carefully, finding a place for the parts to dry and de gas before being able to get them out on the table - I always said this takes the enjoyement out of the build. So - some thinking of what to do. OC.
  10. Next job - make some flashing to go around both gable end chimney stacks, then paint/weather them, do a bit of a wash on the lower house walls, and a bit of dry brushing, then on the outside wall dab White the stubs that where glued in the wall. OC.
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