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  1. And good that you have had a comment form Jack and the Box (Cough cough)😁 OC.
  2. Thanks Ken, he couldn't be more helpful over the phone when he rung me - he said he was not going to let me down felt bad about all the messing around and wanted to make sure it was sorted by himself - and Brilliant news that he is taking the crate pieces away with him as they would have been akward to have disposed off as our dustbin men would not have taken them. OC.
  3. Thanks Mark, thats why I advertised him on our forum - I think he is a gem and will do all he can to get things right. He is a pilot also and helps out his local Air Cadets. OC.
  4. Not long got off the phone with the cabinet maker - some positive news, we are scrapping the idea of a courier delivery company - instead shawn is driving the 3.5 hr journey on sat evening he is going to pick the broken case up - take it back repair it then drive back to me on the sunday with the repaired case, then he is going to unpack the case and even take the wood crate away with him. Cant complain with that - its above and beyond service all at his cost. OC.
  5. I have just emailed him again regarding the broken case - I said I think the problem is with the base inside the crate being slightly wider (all round) than the glass case, when the drivers have picked up the crate and turned it over to handle it (single handed) the glass case will have fell against the inside of the wood crate making it smash, I said I think the only answer is more packaging/styrene corners/more bubble wrap till the glass case has no room to move and is so insulated inside the crate - it can withstand handling and shocks, also said I think the top needs better indicatio
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