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  1. Good advice Ken - you have covered all there is realy. OC.
  2. What I would be tempted to do with the end fraying is to keep it taut then serve it with fine thread near where you want the end to be to stop it fraying, you would only have to do about 5 -10mm. OC.
  3. Just found this - Wow that Ice machine looks amazing - never seen anything like that before. Hope you continue on a speedy recovery Jack. OC.
  4. Saw a sign the other day saying "I Scream" I said to the admiral - "Can we add some of that to our shopping"😶 OC.
  5. Would never remember how to use one - would start then foreget..............What was we talking about😶 OC.
  6. Can someone remind me why I came here for ...............😶 OC.
  7. Mark you foregot one - The high Powered Magnet tool - that draws all the Tacks and Nails back under your foot "Ouchhhhhhhhhh" OC.
  8. Evening all, next stage in my train build - I mean wokka build is the inner side wall details - this starts with applying a few decals for the emergency exit and first aid boxes, after these were on I put a few coats of micro sol on to settle then down in to the curves of the padding on the walls, then I worked on the last section of bench seating - this was constructed to represent then in a folded up position (they needed a bit of chopping here and there) they were then painted then glued in place. They are not glued to the floor yet - just placed to show how they will
  9. Excellent work - keep it up mate - you have broken the back of the difficult stage. OC.
  10. Hello my friend - how did I miss the start of this build - excellent work, consider me well and truly following now (even brought a chair) OC.
  11. Looking forward to it bro, you are collecting some excellent stuff there - should make your build really jump out the screen. I too have a little plan for next year to bring me back into some ship building in 1/350 scale - but that wont be till late 21. I have a few builds planned for next year .........😉🙂 OC.
  12. Thanks bro, I'm sure it was a kit - a friend past me over one some years ago - but I can't remember. OC.
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