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  1. Thank you for explaining that - I will leave you in the hands of Lou to chat. OC.
  2. We are in Lockdown again - I need to stop being nauty. OC.
  3. Lou, think you should get an Action Man toy for Christmas - and yes in deedey none of us should grow up not till after our 16th birthday anyway.😉 OC.
  4. Evening all, so the painting begins - did about Two hours on an Officer from the 55th Ligne Fusiliers. OC.
  5. I was going to say a similar things - each stage you move through - the more impressive it becomes - changing from a model into a scale scene. OC.
  6. Thank you kindly for looking in Lou it really doesn't matter that you are not commenting on every word I write, your interest above is enough mate. Yep reinacting is something I have so wanted to do - but lifestyle makes it just a lounge chair interest, my interest in the English Civil War from the 1600's even includes my late Grans cottage that dated from that period and had Royalist troops in the house (there was an inscription carved into one of the Oak beams in the cottage) my father used to talk to me about it. I know Waterloo is different - but again
  7. Yep - they are decals on my Chinook panel looks Ok with a few coats of clear over the top. OC.
  8. Tell you what I have seen some do with the instruments/dials - drill them out and use a paper template drawn or painted and a piece of clear perspex to simulate dials - or the raised details molded on being hand painted vs pe ones that are pre-painted, preaty much varied what you can do. OC.
  9. Thank you Denis, still needs dulling down with my spray a bit - like I did the rest, but need to wait for a dry spell - its been way to wet last few days. OC.
  10. Great work you are doing there Mike, with the circular engine part - would it just be called the "Engine Bulkhead" and colour wise, perhaps same colour as the inside of the engine bay - if not perhaps a flat alum colour? OC.
  11. Well said Lou, its a hard kit to make look realistic and needs work to get there, but as I found out also a thoroughly enjoyable kit to work on - and good quality also. OC.
  12. Nah we need to pinch our admirals nail paints (but even that has to be done carefuly) and put back before they notice. OC.
  13. I think we should all start with the same kit - must build it blidfolded (no cheating) have a couple of days to build then compare - the worst one wins a prize (a goody bag of popcorn) OC.
  14. Dont worry - I have 800 jokes and gags I can throw at you guys.............. OC.
  15. Welcome Mark - I'm sure you will get bags of help to start you in the direction. OC.
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