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  1. If I'm not modelling I like to get photos of my fave predator Buteo Buteo Common Buzzard, this scene really caught me - Two having a fight or an aggressive mating - not sure. OC.
  2. I agree with HH those ropes look darn nice and the canons do - all coming together mate. OC.
  3. I often used to fall asleep on the bus home from work - I used to do that nodding dog motion or fall against the passenger next to me - would often have passengers laughing at me - on a couple of occasions I would go past my stop and have to walk back. OC.
  4. Indeed Ken "Barking" orders at his troops to take the farm for "France and La Emperor" OC.
  5. I agree with the others - Beautiful work - please do some more - your talents are superb in this field. OC.
  6. Excellent work - I will take inspiration from your work when I start my buildings on my dio. OC.
  7. So its not just me having a hard time with incompetent delivery companies who can not read when said item says (((Fragile))) OC.
  8. "Marshall Ney's on his way - but he nearly fainted - cuz some tall giant with a brush got him mearly painted" so a few more areas of detail painting to the horse including my signiture weathering - now I am starting work on Mr Ney - first I gave his coat a few layers of dark Blue, then I primed and did his trousers next in the normal French White - still a fair bit of work to do - oh he also glued down now using CA. OC.
  9. We had our first walk out to our closest park took my camera - took the normal pondlife Ducks, etc but then saw a Watwer Vole the first one I have seen - OC.
  10. Thank you kindly Denis - thank you for all the likes - I was watching them tot up from you, I will return back to Chally - but in the mean time I am back on my Waterloo dio and working on Marshall Ney and one of his many horses that day. OC.
  11. Indeed mate, I will mix them up abit a few 95th rifles firing down from the wall near the sand pit, and the rest more 2nd KGL. OC.
  12. Yep I am thinking the same - I couldn't believe it when I saw them - they only came out last year. OC.
  13. I remember that scene brother - that was quite a kick and the damage to that water container, chumly was well impressed. OC.
  14. Oh - progress - nearly forgot, I have nearly finished painting Ney's horse (well one of them as he got through Five during the day) I have painted the saddle cover and trim and even done some brass braiding around it - and have painted the other bits and pieces and given him Three white socks - he still needs a bit of toning in and weathering - then I will concentrate on Marshall Ney. No pics as I forgot. OC.
  15. Evening all, I was searching through ebay (as you do) and I came across these bad boys - they are what was missing from my dio from the very first - they have only just come out mid March 21 and they will do brilliantly for my mixed 2nd KGL and 95th Rifles - so I brought a pack. OC.
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