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  1. Thank you Mark, yep I am able to tackle more in one go now - and the airbrush so speeds up the priming, I find with each pot on the airbrush about 3/4 full I can spray about Five figures before I clean it and re-fill and do some more. OC.
  2. Thank you Alan, the faces are the most difficult stage as you can go either not enough or over the top, after this stage I relax more with the uniform painting. OC.
  3. Blimy mate - you have some work there - should be an interesting project - with a nice set up when finished. OC.
  4. Evening all, a little bit of progress - painted the faces, starting with a couple of flat flesh colour coats then some pink for the cheeks , then some wash using Agrex Earth Brown wash, then a mixed flesh/pink to the highlights like the noses and foreheads, folllowed up with a few "toshes" and hairs painted in Black/Dark Brown and light colour. OC.
  5. I agree with every one else - I think you steped up a gear and creating some beautiful work. OC.
  6. Hope your Right to Left or Left to Righ cross eyed soon recovers, other wise you will be sticking bow pieces and the stern wrong way round and vica versa. OC.
  7. Looking the bussiness Denis - loving the contrast of the stripes and the undersides - really nice mate. OC.
  8. I used to drive my mum nuts - soldiers all over the carpet - can here her now " can't you play upstairs in your bedroom with your soldiers ......ouch ouch" as she treads on them..... OC.
  9. Thank you kindly Edward - so nice of you to say, it takes me back to the seventies painting those 1/72 Airfix soft plastic Napoleoinc soldiers from the farm set - and this little boxes of additional figures, just this time they are slightly better. OC.
  10. Deffinatley Craig, It is so nice to use even under full pressures it puts on such a fine layer, getting the hang now of how to back off abit if I need to - I compared it to hand priming a lst figure and you can see the difference. OC.
  11. Thank you for sorting that out Craig, I didn't get as far as to fully understand what it was all about. OC.
  12. Here is the other link that gives the other link (if you get me) its a forum by the look of it talking about them - I agree its not very clear yet who the kit maker is etc. OC. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/90466-new-132-f-4-phantom-family-coming-in-2022/
  13. I did a Google search mate put in "F4 Phantom 11 new models" and a site popped up with that link. OC.
  14. Anyone seen this - OC. https://www.sbmpics.com/sbmimages6/F-4Announcement.mov
  15. Evening all, bit more work done - I completed putting together my group of 2nd KGL - including one chap who was shot and is falling back and another dead fellow who will be lying on his front with his rifle undeneath him. OC.
  16. Hi Mark, yep - they will be on the outside of the farm attacking and retreating on the Left side of my Dio. OC.
  17. So plan for tomorrow - carry on making as many 2nd KGL as I have (think there will be about 50-60 in total) then start on the rest of my 5th KGL (think there will be about 40-50 of these in total) then I will prime then with my airbrush then start painting them in batches of about Six at a time. Then it will be time to fix the Building down to the base and start work creating the scenery around it - that in itself is a project. OC.
  18. That is looking so nice Mark - the detail and build of it is really inspiring - you can see its going to be a Great build. OC.
  19. Evening all - some more work done this evening - some more 2nd KGL made including one who was shot and will be falling back. OC.
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