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  1. I have seen some diagrams and drawings of her showing flat bulawrks between decks and not the curved / rounded profiles, not sure it the difference is from a modification to her or just confusion. OC.
  2. Great start, sorry for late reply was a bit more difficult finding you. OC.
  3. This will be good, are you going to build her with the Flat Bulkheads seen in some drawings or the rounded ones? OC.
  4. Something festering in my head - after I have sorted a few things out with a few peeps at christmas, I was thinking of re visiting my old school boy fave past time Battle of Waterloo (no I dont mean visit Belgium) I was thinking about doing a Dio of a scene from the battle centered around the constant attack of the Farm Building. I have seen several 28mm very accurate soldiers and even a wood kit of the Farm, after doing a fairly good attampt at my Dads dio of the Mossie, I am getting the hang of painting figures and if I am right 28mm is very close to 1/48 scale. What do you think would it be worth doing and show in the forum? OC.
  5. Right then a few layers of paint - shading/highlighting and top coat - here we have dad up the ladder. OC.
  6. Evening all, next on the build - let me introduce my dad working up on a ladder, just assembled waiting on paint/weathering. The figures come as seperate pieces - torso, right and left legs, arms and seperate heads so they can be multi position. OC.
  7. Question - can you catch it off someones Fart???? OC.
  8. We are slowlyyyyyyy getting the hang of it, trouble with us old folk we like consistancy and regularity, change throws a spanner in the works. OC.
  9. I always thought the Mighty Hood looks great as a waterline model due to her unique shape and freeboard on her rear deck (constantly wet) she has that slim lined look also makes her look really elegant but also deadly. OC.
  10. Figure making time - to be precise the Pilot, after making him and painting/weathering he came to life but wanted to play with the tractor first, then He stood up on it wanting his photo taken, then "play time over" so he made his way to the Mossie ladder. OC.
  11. Now were talking Mark, those ladders look bang on the money, very very nice mate. OC.
  12. Thanks Mark, yep it will be quite busy - I have a few more bits and pieces to add then the figures. OC.
  13. Evening all, more progress this eve, first I found some thin grey-ish wire I cut it into lengths that seemed about right, then I drilled a small hole in the end, then I pushed it over a plastic pole protruding from the front part of the starter, then I coiled it around the handle and added a touch of ca to hold it in place. Next I assembled the oil bowser tank, after painting I did the same with the hose as I did the wiring earlier, this time I coiled it round and looped it around the drum of the bowser and connected it to the feed assembly. So here is a family photo showing all the bits done so far. OC.
  14. Evening all, another item was made earlier in the shape of a ground power unit - basically a power transformer in a box with a handle on wheels, I still have to come up with the power lead - this I will make from some 5amp black wire. Next up will be a oil tank. OC.
  15. Afternoon all, after more progress with the tractor - now we have Two vehicles finished. OC.

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