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  1. But dont foregert most digital SLR cameras can record in digital movie mode, some of them can work remotely without needing wires everywhere. OC.
  2. Lighting rigs with units into light boxes or umbrellas are quite straight forward with lots of kits available, video cameras are a little more complex - again lots of them around in the digital market. OC.
  3. Thank you kindly Edward, I'm going to have to be careful with my building/painting work on the base as it will be the lower part of my case when it arrives, Im hoping I can get the maker of the case to mask the decorative edging for me to save any damage to it from working on it. OC.
  4. I like the paint finish and the canopy - came out really well. OC.
  5. Thank you Denis, it is plain MDF and will need constructing and painting, I will add my own flavour to it - basically add stuff as I work through it. OC.
  6. Another addition ordered to go on my dio - some dirt/shingle roadway, the chap I brought it off is making it the size I need 3 x 12inch sections, and straight runs with cart wheel ruts. OC.
  7. Thanks mate, yep I think that chaps display cabs are rather nice and really reasonable as well. OC.
  8. Do you know - I think I will get them, they will give the build a bit of an extra lift. do love me dio's me do.😁 OC.
  9. Just thinking ahead (as you do) should I get these figures to go with my Chally? would give it a bit more interest I guess. OC.
  10. Evening/morning all, I have a bit more progress - I have ordered my display case it will take about a month to be made (cant wait) also I have ordered some made to measure dirt road scenery resplendent with cart ruts, also I have been having another bash in Paint ot show where I will be cutting back on the rear part of the farm - just showing the rear part as a Two dimensional aspect (I will include the stables roofs but they will be Two dimensional also not sloped) - OC.
  11. Evening all, thank you for all the likes and replies, a bit more progress this evening - next was the rear indicator units, these come as a base that has Two transparencies on each and cage over each. OC.
  12. I have been looking out for one of these kits - Suzi RF 600R but can't find one anywere. OC. Pic of the net.
  13. Thanks Ken, its actualy a pleasure to work on at this scale - never used to be that way back in the day of less light and no magnifaction, I actualy feel like I'm working on a Giant - its really relaxing work tbh. OC.
  14. I think thats how we all learn on our own models, its so hard not to accept our build as being a test for our next one, but guess its the way it is as we learn and improve with everyone built. OC.
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